Who Wants to Win a Kindle Fire from The RG2E?!

Who Wants to Win a Kindle Fire from The RG2E?!

That’s the question!!!

To jump start our TGIF with a little extra oomph, we’re launching our first RG2E Ereader Giveaway!!!

Between today and midnight on February 29th/March 1st (2012), you’ll have multiple chances to win a Kindle Fire.


All entries made through Rafflecopters and random selections will be pooled and the 1 Kindle Fire winner will be randomly selected by The RG2E on Thursday, March 1. The Winner will be announced on this blog and on The RG2E’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We will attempt to contact the winner directly as well, but it is the winner’s responsibility to claim prize by March 10 or an alternate winner will be selected. Some Rafflecopters may be replaced during the contest due to technical limitations of entry counters and to update any links, but all entries made on all Rafflecopters will be stored and pooled for the prize drawing. Entries will also be randomly collected from Twitter searching the #RG2EEreaderGiveaway hashtag and added to the prize pool for drawings. No purchase necessary, contest is international.

Okay…so there are the rules…now then…

How Do Y’All Enter?!

Here’s the superfab fun part!!!

Thanks to Big Kindle Boogie, we’ve stumbled across this waaay fun contest widget called Rafflecopter.

So c’mon over to D. D. Scott-ville and check out this baby and start entering to win…it’s sooo much fun to just use the darn widget!!!


For example, you’ll see on the Rafflecopter widget (luuuvvv that name, btw) that you can enter our contest EVERY DAY between now and March 1st by simply tweeting once per day about our Kindle Fire Giveaway…and don’t forget to use the hashtag #RG2EEreaderGiveaway .

Other ways to enter to win that the widget will also tell you about are:

1.  Sign-up to receive The RG2E via Email (the only mandatory To Do)

2. Like The RG2E on Facebook

3. Follow The RG2E on Twitter

4. Like today’s RG2E Blog Post about the contest

Nothin’ too hard, right?!

So get to entering y’all…our first RG2E Ereader Giveaway Winner could be YOU!!!

The Best of The RG2E Ereader Giveaways Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

P.S.  We’ll get back to a ton more EOTD (Ebooks of The Day) over the weekend!!!  And wait till you see how you can win ’em this time!!!  Superfab fun!!!


9 thoughts on “Who Wants to Win a Kindle Fire from The RG2E?!

    • I know, Greg!!! Aren’t those Rafflecopter widgets a hoot and then some?!

      And woohooo’s and good luck all-around, Y’All!

      Our first Kindle Fire Winner could be YOU!!!

      Happy Ereading!!!

  1. You are great.
    I’m in money saving mood now, so no purchases for me except a must-learn workshops.
    Now thanks to you I got 3 ebooks free.
    I’m even afraid to think how wonderful it can be to win Kindle Fire in March (my birthday is in March). I have a Sony eReader bought in 2009, but longed for a Kindle for long.
    Anyway thank you for great idea and making your idea work!
    Wish you the best,

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