Today’s EOTD include Meredith Bond’s Magic in The Storm and Kristine Cayne’s Deadly Obsession

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In the mean time…let’s take a look at today’s EOTD, which feature Ebooks in the following genres/sub-genres:

Romance (Historical/Paranormal)

Mystery/Thriller (Romantic Suspense)

Let’s dive right into today’s EOTD…

Romance (Historical/Paranormal):

Author: Meredith Bond

On Amazon , B&N Nook and Smashwords

Price: 99 Cents

Word Count: 106,000

Morgan Elswich is trapped.  Tied to a place where he does not belong, unable to access the magical abilities he is destined to have — this not the life he should be living.  He knows that his true life is about to begin. he is only waiting for the word, the merest hint, that it is time to charge forward and start living.  He is ready.

Adriana Hayden is just barely living.  She was born to paint the natural world with a passion and vision unknown in her time but is fenced in by the conventions and morals of 19th century English society.  Forced to conform to society’s rules by her domineering guardian, she is trapped.

Brought together by the forces of nature, their love fanned by the winds of fate.  The only way to fulfill their destinies is for each to unlock the powers of the other — through the magical tempest of their love.

***Note from D. D.: Meredith is also running a contest today thru March 3rd where you can also win a copy of her books by leaving a comment on her blog ( or liking her page on Facebook ( or following her on Twitter. Oh, and the lucky winner will also get a $25 gift card to Amazon.

Mystery/Thriller (Romantic Suspense):

Author: Kristine Cayne

On Amazon , B&N Nook, Smashwords , All Romance Ebooks , Kobo , Apple

Price: $3.99

Word Count: 121,000

When an Oscar-winning movie star meets a department-store photographer…

Movie star Nic Lamoureux appears to have a playboy’s perfect life. But it’s a part he plays, an act designed to conceal a dark secret he carries on his shoulders. His empty days and nights are a meaningless blur until he meets the woman who fulfills all his dreams. She and her son are the family he’s always wanted—if she can forgive a horrible mistake from his past.

A Hollywood dream…

Lauren James, a widowed single mother, earns barely enough money to support herself and her son. When she wins a photography contest and meets Nic, the man who stars in all her fantasies, her dreams, both professional and personal, are on the verge of becoming real. The attraction between Lauren and Nic is instant—and mutual. Their chemistry burns out of control during a photo shoot that could put Lauren on the fast track to a lucrative career.

Becomes a Hollywood nightmare

But an ill-advised kiss makes front-page news, and the lurid headlines threaten everything Nic and Lauren have hoped for. Before they know what’s happening, their relationship is further rocked by an obsessed and cunning stalker who’ll stop at nothing—not even murder—to have Nic to herself. When Nic falls for Lauren, the stalker zeroes in on her as the competition.

And the competition must be eliminated.


***Note: Later each day – around noon or so – you can also go to the pages on The RG2E site for each of your fave genres and find even more terrific scoop on each of today’s EOTD as well as great info about their authors too!!! These pages also include all the previous EOTD too…so you’ll never miss out on any of our EOTD!

***Note: All prices listed are as each Ebook was priced at the time its EOTD Post was created.

Okay, Y’All, that should give ya some superfab Ereading for the day!!!

See you tomorrow for more Ebooks to fill your Ereaders!!!

The Best of The RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


29 thoughts on “Today’s EOTD include Meredith Bond’s Magic in The Storm and Kristine Cayne’s Deadly Obsession

  1. I would really like to read Magic in the Storm by Merideth Bond and Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne on my kindle.

    • It’s one heckuva great mix, Kathy!

      We’ve got one Free Kindle Gift Copy of Kristine’s superfab book headed your way!

      Happy Ereading!!!

  2. Either “Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne” from Kobo or “Magic in the storm by Meredith Bond” from smashwords would be great

  3. Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne for Kindle please.
    This sounds like I will immediately be obsessed with the story and its characters!
    My kind of read.

  4. Both sound intriguing-however, today I am leaning towards Deadly Obsession for my Kindle, since right now Mystery/Thrillers seem to be satisfying my reading appetite. Big thanks to Greg Carrico for clueing me in to this site!!

    • Nothin’ satisfies the appetite like a great Mystery/Thriller, Michelle! Cheers to that!!!

      We’ll have a Free Kindle Gift Copy comin’ to ya shortly!

      Happy Ereading and Welcome to The RG2E!

      P.S. And thanks bunches to Greg for gettin’ ya here!!!

      • Yay! So glad Greg linked me up with this site! Absolutely incredible! Thanks so much!!! Looking forward to many hours of happy ereading!!!

  5. Omigosh, I would love to read both of these books you’ve posted today! Would it be too greedy for me to request Meredith Bond’s Magic in the Storm AND Kristine Cayne’s Deadly Obsession for my kindle today?

    Have I told you lately how much I really appreciate you, RG2E?! Because I do! 🙂

    Thank you, once again, for making my day!

    Gena Robertson

    • U got it, Kristi!

      Watch your email as your Free Kindle Gift Copy will be on its way shortly!

      Happy Ereading and Welcome to The RG2E!!!

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