An RG2E Reader2Author Interview Featuring Superfab Reader PJ Schott and One of Her Fave Authors Scott Nicholson

Reader2Author with Scott Nicholson and Pj Schott 

by Alicia Street

Today is the first of my Reader2Author Interview series for RG2E. In each one I’ll do a Q&A with an author and one of his or her readers. And they’ll get to question each other as well.

Of course, the subject is — reading! 🙂

Welcome Bestselling Author Scott Nicholson. Scott has written twelve thrillers, sixty short stories, four comics series, and six screenplays. His home in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina often features in his fiction. (And I luv that he is an organic gardener.)

Our reader today is Pj Schott, an American businesswoman from Boston, Massachusetts. A futurist, a creativity/technology professional, and problem-solver, Pj is known to those with whom she works as an innovative thinker, a visionary, and the soul of a group.

She is also a reader with a capital R. (She reads even more obsessively than I do.) And Scott’s books are among her favorites.

Alicia: When did you first become an avid reader? As a child or an adult?

Scott: I remember Dr. Seuss and being read bedtime stories. I was always reading as a kid because I loved to escape, and I kept it up because I liked discovering new voices and ideas. I probably read less now than I ever did, mostly because of time constraints, but I am usually reading several books at once.

Pj: As early as I can remember I’ve been in love with books. My mother read to me when I was a baby. Part genetics too. My paternal uncle was a professor of philosophy, religion and literature, and we shared a passion for books and knowledge. I love to look at them, touch them, smell them, talk about them, as well as read them. An astrologer would blame it on my having four planets in Libra.

Alicia: Where do you read? And how often?

Pj: I read almost constantly all day long, every day. Many of my “real” books have gone to my local high school library. I have books on my Kindle, PC, iPad, iPhone. Written and audible. So in the car, on a bus, home, office, waiting in line for coffee … even if I only have a minute or two. Books, blogs, billboards … I don’t care. I am totally enamored with the written word.

Scott: I read a lot of books on Kindle, including while I am waiting in the car line at school. I also listen to audiobooks in my car, and I read on the Kindle for PC, and I still like a paperback in the tub or in bed.

Pj to Scott: If you could only take three books to a desert island what would they be?

Scott: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Robinson Crusoe, and This Perfect Day.

Scott to Pj: Do you have specific genres you prefer, and what do you find appealing about them?

Pj: Depends on my mood. When my brain is fully functioning I like political thrillers and non-fiction. Semi-engaged mind, I like mysteries. When I want to relax, or if I don’t feel well I go for the chick-lit/romance.

Alicia to Scott: Do you read across genres?

Scott: Yes, I read widely, partly to see what people like in certain genres and partly because it is a big world and we should always maintain a sense of wonder. There are many talented humans on this planet.

Scott to Pj:  What book first got you hooked as a reader?

PJ: Now don’t roll your eyes, but the first thing I read that totally sucked me in was a pamphlet I picked up at age 6 in a Lutheran church. While reading “The Apostles Creed” the bits about the Holy Ghost compelled me to memorize it.

Alicia to Pj: How did you discover the first Scott Nicholson book you read? How did it affect you?

Pj: Strange story. I’m a bit of a psychic/medium. In 1987, I had a dream about a place in North Carolina. So when I got to it on my Bucket List, I put the word out in The Universe and found Scott on Facebook. Then I got to know him through the Writer’s Guide to ePublishing (WG2E). The first book I read, and continue to re-read is Write Good or Die. I just loved him as a person, so I added books I wouldn’t ordinarily read to my collection, starting with The Skull Ring. I was immediately drawn to his main character and his sense of place. Much of what he writes is more classic suspense than horror.

Scott to Pj: What draws you to a book as a reader? Cover, word of mouth, familiarity with the author?

Pj: In the past (i.e., when we used to go to bookstores or the library), I searched by genre then, if the cover caught my eye, I read the book jacket. With the advent of social media, I’m now drawn to books written by people I like.

Alicia to Pj: Do you often contact an author? If so, what prompts you as a reader to do that?

PJ: I keep in touch with Scott and a few other authors on Facebook and in blogs. But only the ones I truly like. Someone once said that if you like a book, don’t meet the author. The love of some books has been lost due to such. Not the case here of course.

Alicia to Pj: Is there something you’d like to say to most authors? Something you wish they’d understand better about readers?

Pj: Yes (to many of them): don’t try to keep up a public persona. Just let the readers see who you really are and what’s in your heart as well as your mind. To know you is to love you.

Alicia to Scott: What was the most satisfying response you’ve gotten from a reader? The most unusual?

Scott:  I like when someone tells me how a book affected them or even changed their outlook or mood. That’s really what it is all about. I’ve never really gotten hate mail, but one reviewer accused me of being “sick” because they disagreed with some fictional ideology I presented.

Alicia to Pj: What kind of heroine or hero do you usually like to read about? One that you will go back to again and again?

Pj: I like my heroines nice and my heroes tough. Attributes I aspire to. I keep going back to them seeking role models, I suppose.

Alicia to Pj: Which of Scott’s characters is most compelling to you? Any that you don’t like?

Pj: I like characters with whom I can identify. Julia Stone (The Skull Ring) and Anna Galloway (Creative Spirit) are my favorites so far. I can’t say I disliked any of Scott’s characters, although Richard Coldiron made me a bit nervous. He’s as wacky as I am.

Alicia to Scott: Is there a character you’ve created that is your personal favorite?

Scott: Richard Coldiron in As I Die Lying is pretty weird, and it is the only first-person novel I’ve written. Ronnie Day in The Red Church is personal to me.

Pj to Scott: What book(s) provided the most exciting research excursions?

Scott: Beyond Therapy, which I used in the Fear series, a report by the President’s Council on Bioethics about the use of pharmaceuticals to change our moods, memories, and minds.

Alicia to Pj: What is the reason you continue to read Scott’s books?

Pj: If you read the author quote on Scott’s Amazon author page, it kinda says it all. “I love hearing from you! My writing is a journey of faith and exploration, and I am always willing to tackle the big questions with an open mind and willing spirit. I believe we all have the opportunity to make this world a more beautiful, powerful, and peaceful place by embracing the mysteries and power of our hearts. And I believe the customer/reader (you) is always right. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.”


How superfab cool is Alicia’s one-of-a-kind Reader2Author Interview format?!

We are just totally gaga over ’em here at The RG2E!!!

What superfab fun and A-mazing scoop!!!

The conversation continues on Alicia’s Blog, where you can read the complete Interview:

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38 thoughts on “An RG2E Reader2Author Interview Featuring Superfab Reader PJ Schott and One of Her Fave Authors Scott Nicholson

  1. Good Morning
    After reading this interview, i found myself wanting to read Scott’s work.
    This site is so informative, and opens your eyes to new ideas.
    May I request The Skull Ring for Kindle please.

    • Aren’t these Reader2Author Interviews over the moon terrific, Barbara?!

      We’re thrilled you’re luuuvvvin’ The RG2E!!! We sure luuuvvv hangin’ with y’all!!!

      Be watchin’ your email for a Kindle Gift Copy of Scott’s superfab book!

      Happy Ereading!!!

      • Hi PJ,
        I truly enjoyed your interview.
        It is great to get to know a new author (new to me) and his work.
        I liked the interview format, and enjoyed the interaction between you, Scott and Alicia.
        I immediately found myself investigating additional works by Scott.
        Thank you so much for your participation.

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  3. I enjoyed reading the interview and find Scott’s work to be very interesting. I would love to get a copy of The Skull Ring for Amazon Kindle.

    • The Skull Ring is only available on Kindle right now, Stacey…but we’d be happy to send you that version to use with the Free Kindle Apps…

      Just let us know…

      Happy Ereading!!!

    • Thanks Bunches, Pj!!!

      And wow so did your interview with Scott and Alicia!

      Well done and thanks sooo much for being our first RG2E Reader2Author Interview “Reader”!!!

      Happy Ereading!!!

  4. This is such a great idea… be able to read some interviews between an author & a reader! Thanks D.D. for all of your cool ideas & sharing.

    • U betchya, Jeanne!

      We’re over the moon to hear you’re luuuvvvin’ The RG2E and our Reader2Author Interviews too!!!

      Happy Ereading!!!

  5. I just want to thank D.D. for supporting my crazy idea for these Reader2Author interviews.
    E-chatting with Scott and Pj brought up so many interesting thoughts about what makes reading so important in our lives!

  6. Sounds like a great book. I would love to read it. I don’t have an ereader… can’t afford one on our limited income. I do have an Amazon Kindle Cloud on my amazon site, and I have an epub reader on my linix computer.

    Pamela Jo

    • We’ll be glad to Ebook Gift you, Pamela Jo!

      Be watchin’ your email for your Free Kindle Gift Copy, which I think you can read in the Amazon Cloud…let’s try it and see if it works that way…

      Let us know…

      Happy Ereading!!!

    • Thanks bunches, Vicki, and Welcome to The RG2E!!!

      We’re thrilled to have you as part of our brand new RG2E Ereading Community!!!

      Happy Ereading!!!

    • If you have a Kindle or use the Free Kindle Apps, let us know, and we’ll be glad to Ebook Gift Copy you Scott’s superfab book, Amanda!!!

      Happy Ereading and Welcome to The RG2E!!!

  7. Terrific interview, Alicia. I enjoyed the format. Of course, I snort laughed when I read PJ’s comment on mimicking Hemmingway, but only succeeding with the drinking part. And I loved to learn that Scott is self-sufficient on his farm. These are the details I love to discover about fav authors. 🙂

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