RG2E’s First Ten Weeks…A Look at Who We Are as a New Ereading Community!!!

Welcome and/or Welcome Back to The RG2E!!!

And Happy Birthday to us…we’re 10 Weeks Old!!!

How superfab cool is that?!

We can’t believe what a wonderful new Ereading Community we’ve built in just our first 10 Weeks!!!  And we can’t wait to see what we look like after the next ten weeks!!!

To re-cap a bit as to Who We Are here at The RG2E and what we’ve been up to…take a look at the following stats:

1.  By the end of this month (April), we will have Ebook Gifted around 2000 Ebooks!!!

2.  And by the end of this month too, we’ll have given away 3 Kindle Fires!!!

3.  From our superfab RG2E Reader Polls, we’ve learned the following about each other:

a.  71 % of us use Kindles to Eread, 8% use Nook, 4% use either a Sony or Kobo, and no one has claimed to be Ereading on an iPad

b.  48% of us own 1 Ereader in our family…but check this out…29% of us have 3-5 Ereading Devices in our family!!!

c.  50% of us read 1-5 Ebooks per month…23% read 6-10 Ebooks per month…12% read 11-15 Ebooks per month and a whopping 15% of us read 16+ Ebooks per month

d.  32% of us reported that Romance was our fave genre…followed by 24% Mystery and then 17% noted other genres as faves (paranormal, thrillers, humor, non-fiction, sci-fi, etc.)

4.  We can’t keep up with our Ebook Gifting Requests each day (and, in fact, will be hiring a Summer Intern for that 🙂 )!!!  So hang in there y’all, we’re doin’ our best to get all your superfab Ebook Gift Requests sent out to ya!!!  And keep those requests comin’!  We luuuvvv treatin’ y’all to great Ebooks!!!

5.  We’ve now featured over 150 Ebooks and have EOTD (Ebooks of The Day) Sponsorships booked into 2013!!!

6.  We’ll be bringin’ y’all a ton of new features – more Reader2Author Interviews, more Behind the Scenes scoop on what inspires our RG2E Featured Authors to write their superfab Ebooks, Audio Book waaay fab fun stuff and tons more surprises yet to be announced…

In the mean time, we also want to hear from you…

First, here’s another waaay fun poll to help us determine which of our features y’all luuuvvv the most (vote for all that apply to you):

Now then…

Please tell us in today’s comments what you’re luuuvvin’ about The RG2E as well as what kinds of features you’d like more of or even things you’d like to see us do differently.

Here at The RG2E, we’re working hard to treat y’all to great Ebooks by authors new to you as well as your faves too!  And we’re building a superfab fun Ereading Community that we can’t wait to continue building together!

So, Happy Birthday to all of us!!!

And what’s a Birthday Party without gifts, right?!

How’s this for a little Birthday fun?!

One Lucky Commenter today will win an RG2E Coffee Mug!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

P.S.  Today, we’ll be catchin’ up some more on all your Ebook Gift Requests too…so be watchin’ your Email Inboxes!!!


23 thoughts on “RG2E’s First Ten Weeks…A Look at Who We Are as a New Ereading Community!!!

  1. Happy Birthday to all at RG2E!!! I love the Free Ebooks via Ebook Gifting, this gives my a chance to try a work of a new author to me and if I love their story, I will get more of them. The Genre Pages allow me to find something new to me in that particular genre. I enjoy you guys having the Ereader Giveways, which gives me a chance to Win an Ereader. I don’t own a EReader, I use my PC to read the ebooks. I enjoy the Story Behind The Stories and Reader2Author Interviews, these let me learn more about the authors being interviewed. Thanks for all you guys to and provide. Keep up the good work.

  2. I really love this site! I look forward to it each & every day, as you have so many interesting things going on, plus a great chance to win a Kindle Fire! I enjoy the e-book choices, the author/reader interviews, lots of different genres……gee!…….what’s NOT to like! Thanks SO much for all of your hard work to make this such a cool site!

  3. Hello there, D.D

    De-lurking after tweeting the link which I do every single day to wish you continued success. The polls are incredibly interesting too. I’m thinking of linking your free books into pinterest since I’ve a ton of people who follow me and ‘like’ me there. Whatdayathink???

  4. Congratulations And Happy Birthday. I like almost everything.The E-reader giveaway for a chance at a Kindle, since I don’t own one. Free Ebooks via Ebook Gifting,because you do get to see new authors you may never have heard of. Genre Pages to see what’s new. And learning about new authors and what inspires them.

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    I love RG2E for so many reasons:
    I enjoy the Reader to Author interviews.
    I enjoy getting to know new authors and their works.
    It is so much fun learning the back story of how an author is inspired and completes a work.
    I have learned about the behind the scenes of bringing a book to market from the cover photo /release / marketing of product.
    I learn something new from this site daily and it challenges me to continue learning.
    I start my day on this site!
    DD’s passion is inspirational, and her generosity with the daily book giveaways and monthly Ereader giveaway is over the moon (DD phrase)
    Thank you for all you do!

  6. Happy, happy birthday! Would so love a mug to raise with you! I usually raise mine about 6 a.m. Pst! So enjoy the free books, and all the information you give us. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Birthday, RG2E! Whew, what a busy 10 weeks its been. As the 1st Kindle Fire Winner I certainly have enjoyed this site very much. (Will be sending a pic, soon) And the e-gift books have been wonderful, too. Wishing you guys all the best and hope you continue to do this. Seems everyone is enjoying it as much as you.

  8. Happy Birthday. You gals have done an amazing job. No cake for me, but I’m celebrating. DD, I’ve tried posting to you off loop – please contact me, k? All good, just need to talk.

    Because of all the coffee I drink, I NEED THAT MUG!

  9. Happy Birthday, RG2E!!! I love this site and all the hard work you and Alicia put into it. I love all the features. Right now, I’m especially loving the Kindle Fire giveaway. I really really really w Saving up my money but hoping I get lucky! 😉 I may not comment all the time, but I do read the
    posts every day ant one! LOLCurrently I read eBooks on my computer so I sure could use one.& I usually share them on fb & twitter. Since my computer has slowly been going kaput, I know the last couple of weeks I haven’t been as consistent. But now that I have a new one, I’ll be back to full participation. It’s so much easier to comment when your keys aren’t sticking along with a myriad of other issues and your eyes aren’t crossing from a tiny screen. 🙂 I love sharing this site with others and bringing indie authors to their attention. I just think this site is so awesome! Thank you for everything you do.

  10. Congratulations, RG2E! This is a great reader site and it works because it’s unique. And since people like the site so much, they tell their friends about it so it keeps growing. Keep up the good work, and the super high enthusiasm. Love the cup!!

  11. I chose on the survey that I loved RG2E because of the “Stories behind the Stories, but I love RG2E for all the reasons in the survey. Of course I love the giveaways and the free e-books, but I enjoy reading the Aurhor interviews. Because of the interviews and the stories behind the stories, I have written down new authors whose books I want to read. My biggest challenge is checking in to read and i’m afraid because of my schedule, it’s not every day…Thanks DeeDee for all you do…I don’t know how you keep up with everything! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RG2E!

  12. Happy Birthday, RG2E! And…Many More…
    Thanks for all your hard work, it’s very much appreciated! Love finding out about new, and new to me, Indie Authors. Hope we all have a FAN-tastic Birthday!

  13. Congratulations and Happy 10-week Birthday!!
    I love this site for so many reasons. Not the just free e-book gifts, but the Reader2Author interviews, being able to browse by genre, the convenient links to authors’ websites, author backgrounds, Kindle Fire giveaways…. so many reasons. Great job & continued success with this wonderful blog site! I’m glad a fellow poster on another discussion forum recommended you to me.

  14. Thanks sooo very much for all of your wonderful Happy Birthday RG2E Greetings!!!

    I luuuvvv spending each day with y’all here in RG2E-Land, and I luuuvvv sharin’ the luuuvvv of new authors and their superfab books too!!!

    Stay-tuned for our T-shirt winner…to be announced tomorrow!!! Along with our first RG2E Coffee Cup Winner too!!!

    And of course stay-tuned as we continue to catch up with all your Ebook Gift requests and offer you wonderful new choices too!!!

    Our new RG2E Ereading Community rocks…because of all of YOU!!!

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