RG2E Takes You into The Creative Kingdoms of Some of Today’s Hottest Romance and Mystery Authors with D. D. Scott’s Muse Therapy!!!

Happy Thursday, RG2E Peeps!!!

Throughout our RG2E Birthday Week comments, many of you have told us you luuuvvv getting Behind The Scenes – Stories Behind the Stories – Scoop on how authors create the stories y’all are luuuvvvin’ to Eread.

To that end, I’ve got another RG2E Birthday Week Treat for ya…

In my #1 Amazon Bestselling On-Writing Book – MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL, I treat y’all to fantastic and at times roll on the floor, laugh out loud anecdotes I gathered – either interviewing or attending workshops given by the romance and mystery genre’s hottest stars!!!

You’ll hear from:

Allison Brennan
Jennifer Crusie
Cynthia Eden
Janet Evanovich
Jennifer Greene
Nancy Haddock
Gemma Halliday
Linda Howard
Eloisa James
Marcia James
Jayne Ann Krentz
Debbie Macomber
Nora Roberts
Karen Rose
Tawny Weber

Here’s what a few of them have had to say about MUSE THERAPY:

“Had a blast doing this. Love your idea!” – Jennifer Greene aka Alison Hart

“Fun…and will help people.” – Eloisa James

“Love your subtitles :)” – Allison Brennan

“I have to find a time I’ll be home long enough to take the whole course!” – Nancy Haddock

“I’m so excited…and know it’s going to be amazing. I’ll send people your way!!” – Tawny Weber

“This was fun. :)” – Cynthia Eden

“I really like your “voice” and humor.” – Marcia James

So what exactly is MUSE THERAPY?

MUSE THERAPY utilizes and showcases fun and fabulous tools used to inject life into writers’ tired and/or stressed out muses.

By showing you how authors can analyze their muses’ funks, rein in their creative divas and ultimately up their page counts, I’ve created a writer’s go-to-manual for “muse disorders” and a superfab fun reader’s peek into the mind and life of a few of your fave authors. 

Why do I help writers the world over and let you readers in on our production secrets and methods?

Here’s the scoop…

Once upon a time my muses weren’t ticking. They were ticked off. Why? Because they were too damn tired and stressed out trying to find their way on the Yellow Brick Road to Publishing Oz. Screw the Happily Ever After. My creative divas couldn’t produce past page one.

Saying that writing-for-publication is tough is the bolder-than-bold-faced understatement of the new millennium. And with today’s huge economic and technological changes, it ain’t gettin’ any easier…okay, maybe a smidgen, but that’ll be our little secret.

But once I show you how we writers/authors recognize, acknowledge and accept our muses’ afflictions and let you in on my tricks, tips and “trips” we use to treat the word witches of our writing worlds, you’ll see how we crank out pages with gusto.

So who all would like a Kindle, Nook or Smashwords Gift Copy of MUSE THERAPY?!

The Best of Ereading and Muse Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

P.S.  There’s a ton of superfab fun Bitchy Signs for ya in this little gem too!!!


68 thoughts on “RG2E Takes You into The Creative Kingdoms of Some of Today’s Hottest Romance and Mystery Authors with D. D. Scott’s Muse Therapy!!!

    • Just sent ya a Kindle Gift Copy, Julie!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”…Muse Therapy that is!!! LOL!!!

      And cheers to you across the pond, my friend!!!

  1. Are you kidding? I’d LOVE a Kindle copy! This has been on my to-seriously-check-out list for quite a while! YES!

    • Bitchy Signs do indeed rock, Barbara!!! Cheers to that!!!

      Just sent ya a Kindle Gift Copy!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”…Muse Therapy that is!!! LOL!!!

    • Oooo…I haven’t seen those Muse Therapy Bookmarks for awhile either, Liz! LOL! Sooo tickled to hear you still have yours!!!

      Just sent ya a Kindle Gift Copy of the book too!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”…Muse Therapy that is!!! LOL!!!

    • U betchya, Ginger! And welcome to The RG2E! We’re thrilled you’re now a part of our RG2E Ereading Community!!!

      Happy Ereading and enjoy “therapy”!!!

      • I’m very excited! Thank you. And, I’m crossing my fingers on the ereader giveaway! This is such a fun group. Happy to be a part of it.

    • Fabulous way to use “therapy”, Denea!!!

      Just sent ya a Kindle Gift Copy!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”…Muse Therapy that is!!! LOL!!! And Welcome too to The RG2E!!!

    • Just sent you a Kindle Gift Copy, Rhonda!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”…Muse Therapy that is…LOL!!!

      And TGIF to all of our superfab RG2E Peeps like you!!!

    • Sorry to serial post. If giving me a Smashwords copy is cheaper for you, DeeDee, please do that. I know how to get a Kindle copy from Smashwords and transfer it to my Kindle.

    • Just sent you a Kindle Gift Copy too, Catie!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”…Muse Therapy that is…LOL!!!

      And TGIF to all of our superfab RG2E Peeps like you!!!

      P.S. Y’all are welcome in my Muse Therapy Online Classes anytime. Here’s the scoop on those (and they’re “perpetual classes” meaning your one-time fee of $20 is good forever…you don’t have to worry about class ending before you’ve had a chance to finish it…and I’m always adding new lessons and features to the group too)!!!


    • It’s not just one Bitchy Sign either, Jill…Muse Therapy is full of ’em!!! Cheers to that!!!

      Just Kindle Gift Copied you!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”!!!

    • My optimism and enthusiasm keeps me and my muses goin’ too, Kristine! In fact, as y’all will find out in my Muse Therapy book, it’s because I needed “therapy” myself that I developed it!!! Oh, and I could also finally use my psychology degree for something…LOL!

      You’re Kindle Gift Copy has been sent!

      Welcome to “therapy”…D. D. Scott-style Muse Therapy that is…:-)

  2. I would love to read about how those “muses” can enhance creative writing minds. I am always in awe of writers and their ability to weave stories for us as readers to enjoy. I love reading, and really appreciate those talents in authors.

    • Thanks Bunches for the sweet message, Kathy!

      I totally believe in muses and that you can pamper ’em into some major superfab fun productivity, and nothin’ beats knowin’ those creative gems treat terrific readers like you and all our RG2E Ereading Peeps!!!

      Just Ebook Gifted you!!!

      Welcome to my Creative Kingdom of messed-up but highly productive muses!!!

    • You are not too late at all, Jennette! In fact, I just Kindle Gift Copied you!!!

      Bitchy Signs do indeed rock, my friend, and can totally get our muses out of one crazy funk after another!

      Welcome to “therapy”!!!

    • Pick you we did indeed, Lyn!

      Watch your email ’cause your Kindle Gift Copy is on its way!!!

      Welcome to “therapy”…Muse Therapy that is!!! And Welcome to The RG2E too!!! 🙂

    • Gotchya a Kindle Gift Copy on its way, Rebekah! No worries…your muses won’t be in hiding for long… 🙂

      Welcome to Muse Therapy and Welcome also to The RG2E! We’re thrilled to have you join our Ereading Community!!!

  3. I would love to read Muse Therapy for kindle … I definitely need some therapy of the fun kind! Thank you for offering your book! 🙂

    • U betchya, Marcelle! And I needed fun “therapy” too…that’s exactly why I wrote the book and developed the classes!

      Welcome to my Muse Therapy Creative Kingdom as well as Welcome to The RG2E!!! We’re looking forward to getting to know you!!!

      • Whoopee! I just downloaded my copy of Muse Therapy that D.D. Scott so kindly offered! Many, many thanks! From this newbie to rg2e. 🙂

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