RG2E Wants to Know Where You Are Finding the Ebooks You’re Ereading! Plus, We’ve Got Birthday Gifts to Announce!!!

TGIF, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!!!

And let’s start with The Gifts!!!

It’s RG2E’s 10th Week Birthday Party this week, and boy do we have some waaay cool gifts for you!!!

First, we’ve got our first RG2E Coffee Mug Winner…

Who’s the new owner of this beauty?!

That would be…CC MacKenzie!!!

And how ’bout our first RG2E T-Shirt Winner?!

The RG2E Peep soon to be seen in this waaay hot T-shirt is…

Redkat Kathy T!!!

***Okay, you two Lucky Peeps, just email us your physical addresses so we can ship these babies to ya!!! Email us at: rg2e(at)live(dot)com

But wait…there’s more…

Participate in and comment about today’s RG2E Reader Polls, and you could win one of three RG2E Water Bottles!!!

Yes, we should probably get off our butts on occasion and exercise…yeah, I know… Ereading is much for fun!

Oooo…but here’s an idea…on Kindle at least, you could use Text-to-Speech and have your Ereader read to you while you’re walking!!!

Okay…here’s today’s RG2E Reader Polls:

Oh, I ’bout forgot…

Would y’all believe that in less than the first week of our April Ereader Giveaway, we’ve just about surpassed March’s Number of Entries?!  (***Note: We may have ’cause that’s as of me writing this post Thursday at noon!!!)

We had 1266 entries in March, and we already have 1156 in just the first week of April. And that’s after 515 entries in February for our first Kindle Fire Giveaway!!!  WooHooooo!!!

So, get to Entering to Win our next Kindle Fire Giveaway!!!


The Best of The RG2E Ereading Community Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


14 thoughts on “RG2E Wants to Know Where You Are Finding the Ebooks You’re Ereading! Plus, We’ve Got Birthday Gifts to Announce!!!

  1. Good Morning,
    I enjoyed the Bubble Twead last evening.
    Sorry I came late to the party, I was on Bootscootin’ instead of the Box Set – Silly Me.
    Looking forward to the next session.
    Keep the ideas flowing!

  2. So, why wasn’t Kindleboards listed as an individual source to discover ebooks/authors? It’s a very popular and active site for readers and authors. Most of what I discover there isn’t through “ads” or even necessarily through “promotional” efforts, but instead through interactions with the authors and readers. I’ve read many similar comments from other participants there as well, so it is a pretty common way of discovery, I believe.

    • Duh, Randi…you’re absolutely right!!! And I’m very active on KindleBoards too…to be honest, I simply forgot to include both Kindle and Nook Boards on the poll (I luuuvvv and am active on NookBoards too 🙂 )! So, I apologize for your apparent angst. Cheers to you and Welcome to The RG2E!!!

      • I will go on record to say, however, that I do feel the KindleBoard moderators can be a wee bit harsh when peeps violate some rule on the Boards (which are tough to find, btw).

        For example, when my Boxed Set came out…which is a totally new product (separate from my other releases) with its own Amazon page included, I had a terrific thread going on The Boards with tons of comments from both my regular readers and new readers too!!! Great enthusiasm and build for a product that within just a few days made both Amazon and B&N’s Top 100 Paid Titles…anyhoo…The Moderators took down my thread and said since each book had its own thread already, this wasn’t a new book to share…which I totally disagreed with and politely sent them a message about that “rule”. I did realize at the time that Boxed Sets were a totally new product…so maybe now they’ve changed that rule. I never did get a response from them either.

        I’ve actually done several Guest Blogs on Request about using the Kindle Boards because peeps do find them sooo confusing and intimidating.

        All that said, I do enjoy them and have found a bunch of great books and author and reader peeps there…so again…I apologize for not including them in my poll.

  3. Like someone above said, I could only select one answer, so I chose Amazon because it’s the one that I use the most. However, I would have selected all of them except “Other Ereading Device Stores (Sony, Kobo, iPad)” I find books and authors just about everywhere! LOL I love to read and I love this site. Thanks for all you do, DeeDee! You totally rock!

  4. Woo Hoo! I’ve won a mug and when it comes, I’ll post a photo and show you! Been in my writing cave.

    As the peeps are saying above, I could only select one answer and chose Amazon too. I find books all over the place too. I love this site and I NEVER win anything, so thank you Dee Dee!!

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