Today’s EOTD includes Sharon Hamilton’s Underworld Lover…and Here’s More RG2E Birthday Gift Winners Too!!!

Happy Monday, RG2E Peeps!

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Okay then…let’s take a look at today’s EOTD, which features one of our regularly featured authors here on The RG2E – Sharon Hamilton, who writes one heckuva terrific…:

Paranormal Romance (Erotic Guardian Angel Romance)

Author: Sharon Hamilton

On Amazon and B&N Nook

Price: $2.99

Word Count: 85,000

Joshua Brandon, a legendary and powerful rogue dark angel, meets a human woman whose soul he cannot take, and finds something he has not experienced before: love. At the same time, a new director comes to power in the Underworld, who asks for a test of Josh’s loyalty by delivering this very woman to him.

Melanie Worthington is back among the living, after reeling from the suicide of a close friend. She has no idea she is to become the pawn between two powerful dark angels, one who would command her as his personal concubine, and the other who would set her free.

Will their love survive the battle between the two dark angels, or will Joshua risk his own immortal life to protect the woman he loves?


***Note: You can also go to the pages on The RG2E site for each of your fave genres and find even more terrific scoop on our EOTD as well as great info about their authors too!!! These pages also include our previous EOTD too…so you’ll never miss out on any of our EOTD!  By the end of this month, we should have them all completely updated…so stay-tuned for more amazing scoop about all our RG2E Featured Authors!!!

***Note: All prices listed are as each Ebook was priced at the time its EOTD Post was created.

Okay, Y’All, that should give ya a superfab fun and steamy way to start the week!!!

But wait…there’s more…

We’ve got 3 RG2E Water Bottle Winners to announce…and after you read Sharon’s books, you’ll need to cool off!!!  🙂 

The Winners are:




Congrats, Y’all!

Just email us at rg2e(at)live(dot)com with your physical addresses so we can get your bottle on its way!!!

See you tomorrow for more Ebooks to fill your Ereaders!!!

And thanks bunches for makin’ our RG2E 10th Week Birthday Party over the moon fun!!!

The Best of The RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


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