Today’s EOTD include Jamie Salisbury’s Blood Lust, Colin Falconer’s Aztec, Jen Talty’s Rekindled and Bob Mayer’s Atlantis Devil’s Sea…All Free Today for Amazon Kindle!!!

Happy Hump Day, RG2E Peeps!!!

Ohhh yeahhh we’re gonna have one heckuva middle of the week Parrr-tay…RG2E-style, which means…more Free Ebooks!!!

We promised you we’d let y’all know when we come across Free Ebooks that we think you’ll luuuvvv…well, today is one of those days!!!

Here are 4 Kindle Ereads you won’t want to miss!!!

And they’re all Free today on Amazon!!!

***If you don’t have a Kindle, no worries…just download the Free Kindle Apps for your PC, Laptop and/or SmartPhone…that way you can get these Free Ebooks too!!!

Here we go…

Author: Jamie Salisbury

On Amazon

Blood Lust is a story of love, deception, revenge, murder and William and Katherine’s determination to expose William’s brother Benjamin for the evil, self absorbed man he is. A man who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, including murder.

William Spencer is one of his brother’s casualties as he realizes that Benjamin will go to any length to keep what he feels is rightfully his, including stealing William’s title and lands.

As unlikely as it seems, Katherine, Benjamin’s betrothed may be his one chance for reprisal. As Katherine learns the ugly truth about her fiancé, she uses her knowledge and along with William’s childhood friend Damien, the three set out to beat Benjamin at his own game and restore William back to the nobleman he once was.

Author: Colin Falconer

On Amazon

The daughter of a prophet and the child slave of Spanish adventurer Hernan Cortes, the life of the Aztec princess Malinali is one of the most enduring legends of Mexico. Her role in history divides opinion even today. Reviled by some as a traitor responsible for the destruction of the Indians, worshiped by others as a heroine and symbolic mother of the nation, hers is the most extraordinary story in the history of the Americas.

The legendary Aztec civilization is here brought to life in blazing colour, as the author traces the story of the enigmatic Malinali who held for a moment the future of an entire country in her hands. Contradictory, sensuous and fiercely intelligent, Malinali became the key to Cortes conquest of Mexico. It is a story of impossible odds, unimaginable cruelty, extraordinary courage and craven betrayal. Who were the heroes and who the villains?

Today the Aztecs are a distant memory. But Malinali’s name lives on. This book spent four months on the best seller lists in Mexico, re-igniting debate yet again about the true heritage of a people and the very nature of western colonisation of the natural world.

Author: Jen Talty

On Amazon

“Talty knows how to twist romance and mystery to make an excellent read” Long and Short Reviews

For the last nine years, Kaylee Mead has been running from her past. Now she’s running for her life. Her only chance at survival is to return home and patch things up with her father. When she returns to her home in Thief Lake, Minnesota, she finds her father dead and herself becoming the cop’s best suspect for his murder. Assistant Police Chief Blaine Walker has been trying to put his ex-wife out of his mind for years, but when he finds her hovered over her father’s body, he knows that battle is lost. She becomes his only suspect in a case that doesn’t make sense. He vows to find the answers and then hopefully rekindle the flame that has never quite died out in his heart.

Author: Bob Mayer

On Amazon

It may seem unlikely that a combination thriller/fantasy/pro-ecological/historical romance would have any resonance, much less coherence, but that is exactly what readers will find in the third installment of Donegan’s Atlantis series (Atlantis: Bermuda Triangle). Ex-Green Beret Eric Dane joins forces with sexy scientist Ariana Michelet to uncover the mystery of the Shadows, sinister unseen creatures from another dimension. What makes this episode unique is that Donegan actually describes the Shadow creaturesAwho regrettably resemble the aliens described in countless UFO booksAwhile offering a series of flashbacks to ancient Rome where the brooding gladiator Falco aids a courageous Kaia in her fight against the alien menace that caused the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. All this leads to a showdown between the Shadows and the combined forces of Eric and Ariana, who must prevent the Shadows from blowing up the Pacific Rim, and Falco and Kaia, who team up inside a cloud along with Amelia Earhart. While this may seem outrageous, Donegan weaves these historical and pseudoscientific elements into a coherent whole that satisfies both as a bold page-turner and an enjoyable frolic in the pulp adventure tradition. (Feb. 6) Forecast: Donegan (aka Joe Dalton, Bob McGuire, Robert Doherty) combines his military experience with his love of SF in a series that, fortunately for newcomers, can be read as stand-alone books. Although Donegan is better known for his Area 51 SF thrillers (written as Doherty), this series is steadily building a cult following via word of mouth. — Publishers Weekly
Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Product Description
By NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer writing as Robert Doherty (author of the bestselling Area 51 series)

*****Updated August 2011*****

Over 1,000,000 copies sold! Amazon Hot 100 in print. Amazon Top 10 in Thriller.

“Spell-binding! Will keep you on the edge of your seat. Call it techno-thriller, call it science fiction, call it just terrific story-telling.” Terry Brooks, #1 NY Times Bestselling author of the Shannara series and Star Wars Phantom Menace

What if the Shadow that destroyed Atlantis 10,000 years ago, comes back to threaten our present world?

A war beyond time. An enemy beyond space. A thriller beyond your wildest dreams. Three areas on the Earth’s surface defy explanation: the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea of Japan, and a small region of Cambodia. Inside these realms, planes have disappeared, ships have vanished, and, in Cambodia, an entire civilization has been lost leaving behind Angkor Wat.

In 1628 BC, a volcano erupts, one that would become legend as the eruption that destroyed Minoan Civilization. But a small group of priestesses stand fast against the dark Shadow that precipitated the destruction.

In 79 AD the oracle of Delphi must join forces with the most fearsome gladiator from the arena of Pompeii to fight the Shadow which destroys Vesuvius. And the XV Legion is sent on a quest that causes it to disappear from the Roman Empire and into the fog of history.

In 1937, Amelia Earhart is on the most dangerous leg of her round the world flight, near the Devil’s Sea. A dark Shadow rises in front of her and swallows her and her plane, never to be seen again. Until the present, when Eric Dane leads his team against the Shadow threatening our present world and unites with her.

In 1986, the Shadow appears inside of Chernobyl, sucking power from the reactors and causing disaster.

And in the present, the Ring of Fire around the planet ignites, threatening the planet. Former Green Beret Eric Dane and the mysterious Sin Fen, a woman with powers he can’t quite understand, must track the mystical crystal skulls that have baffled scientists, to use them as a weapon against the Shadow, and unite with the gladiator and oracle to make a last stand for mankind.

If you enjoyed LOST, you’ll love this book and be amazed at the similarities in concept (although this book was published before Lost).


Now how’s that for a superfab day of Free Ebooks…RG2E-Style?!

Happy Ereading, Y’all!!! — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

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  1. These are all FREE today on Amazon, Y’All…so you don’t even have to choose…just go ahead and download ’em all using the links I gave you in the post!!!

    Now how superfab fun is that?!

    And be watchin’ your emails as I start sending out more of the Ebook Gift Requests you’ve already made…I just luuuvvv treatin’ y’all!!!

    Happy Ereading!!!

  2. DeeDee,

    Thanks for the heads-up on these books. And thank you for the gift books!! I had so much fun this morning when I opened my e-mail!!

    Ereading is such fun!!!! Wish there was “e-time” that we could pick up with all these books!!

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