Today at The RG2E…We’re Showin’ a Little Gordon Kirkland Luuuvvv!!!

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Today…it’s all about Showin’ a Little Gordon Kirkland Luuuvvv!!!

Gordon is one of my best superfab friends, and I truly believe he’s one of the funniest guys on the planet!  No one makes me LMAO like Gordon!!!

An International Bestselling and Award-Winning Humorist, he’s just A-mazing!!!

Now then…

My beloved friend is going through a really tough medical journey right now. Here’s the scoop, straight from Gordon…

What If…

So, just like I mentioned in Gordon’s What If post, we’re gonna show some luuuvvv for him on today’s RG2E by Ebook Gifting up to 50 copies of his LMAO reads!!!

Here’s whatchy’all have to choose from…

And warning…do not drink or eat while reading these…if you don’t want to send the juice through your nose and/or choke…

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

The author’s commentary on the humor found in everyday events ranging from marriage to parenthood, dog ownership, health issues, and more. Kirkland is a master at finding the small hidden bits of humor in events that the rest of us might just as easily overlook. His goal with his writing has always been to let his readers laugh with him and at him, and by doing so, finding a way to laugh at themselves. His previous books have been called “a must-have for all of us who love to just sit back and laugh.” This book follows that tradition.
Recipient of the 2006 Stephen Leacock Award of Merit for Humour (Canada.)

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

I Think I’m Having One Of Those Decades is the fourth book from syndicated humor columnist and entertainer, Gordon Kirkland. The award winning author lets his readers see the world through his eyes, as he plunges into stories about marriage, family life, and the oddities of day-to-day life in these times.

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

I May Be Big But I Didn’t Cause That Solar Eclipse is award-winning Canadian humorist Gordon Kirkland’s fifth book. Three of his previous books received Canada’s prestigious literary award, The Stephen Leacock Award of Merit For Humour. His syndicated newspaper column. Gordon Kirkland At Large, is enjoyed by readers in the United States and Canada every week. He is also a frequent guest on radio and television shows in both countries. In addition, he is in great demand as a speaker at conferences, conventions, and festivals throughout North America. An April 2006 profile of Kirkland in the Canadian edition of Reader’s Digest said, “Kirkland’s specialty is making others laugh at him, at themselves, and at life in general.” In this book, Kirkland once again takes on subjects ranging from marriage to dealing with a canine companion. He looks at the odd events of daily life, and even finds humor in the experiences of moving and having a serious illness.

On Amazon

Price: $2.99

My Slice Of Life Is Full Of Gristle is Gordon Kirkland’s ninth book, and seventh collection of short humorous essays. Three of his previous collections have received Canada’s Stephen Leacock Award of Merit For Humour. In addition, Kirkland has written two full-length novels, Crossbow and The Plight Before Christmas.

This latest book is sure to please Kirkland’s many fans around the world as he returns with a collection of over 40 essays covering topics ranging from prosthetic testicles for neutered dogs to the experience of swimming alongside a 9-foot shark. He covers his topics with the same sense of fun and frivolity that has marked his previous books, and led reviewers to proclaim him “one of North America’s premier humorists.”

Long-time fans and those who have just discovered Kirkland’s writing will enjoy these examples of his gristly slice of life!

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

Gordon Kirkland brings his award-winning humor writing to the topic of the holiday season. He exposes the world to his feelings about everything from children’s Christmas pageants, to artificial trees, and holiday lights.

Fans of Kirkland’s other five collections of short humorous stories (three of which received the Stephen Leacock Award of Merit for Humour,) will enjoy more of his unique style focusing on the fun and foibles of daily life during the so-called joyous season.
In this collection, Kirkland stretches his muscles as a lyricist, writing new words for several old and familiar holiday songs.

For Better Or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston says, “I love to read his stuff, I just wouldn’t want to be married to him.” (It’s a sentiment shared by a lot of women who sympathize with his long suffering wife, Diane.)

Fellow humor writer, Dave Barry says, “As a fellow class clown suffering from maturity impairment, I salute him.”

See for yourself, Kirkland will have you ho-ho-hoing from start to finish!

On Amazon

Price: $2.99

W. Bruce Cameron, the author of Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, A Dog’s Purpose, Emory’s Gift and more says, “A wonderful, nostalgic look at a simpler time and place, The Plight Before Christmas will appeal to fans of A Christmas Story. You don’t just read about this family–you live with them as they fumble and stumble to a hilarious holiday.”

Syndicated humor columnist, blogger (Lost In Suburbia), and author (Rebel Without A Minivan) Tracy Beckerman says, “The Plight Before Christmas’ is misnamed. It should be called ‘The Gift Before Christmas’ because this magical story is the best gift you can give or receive for the holidays!”

What if Murphy’s Law took over the holidays?

James Kelly is a toy store owner, longing for the days when imagination didn’t come in the form of a computer chip in the latest incarnations of video game consoles. His store is suffering a pre-Christmas disaster, in part because the shoppers have all headed out to the malls near the edge of town, and partially because it is almost Christmas and there hasn’t been a hint of snow. When snow starts falling outside his store, James daydreams his way back to a much earlier holiday season, when the snow was late in arriving.

When snow came on that late December day in the early 1960’s, it brought with it a series of calamities and disasters to the Kelly household. If something could go wrong, it would, and if several things could go wrong, they all would in a cascade of comedic misadventures. No one was immune, especially James and his father Charles.

The Plight Before Christmas is written with the same sense of wit and whimsy that Kirkland brought to his earlier award-winning and bestselling books, and in his syndicated humor column that ran in American and Canadian newspapers from 1994 to 2007. This story is written for adults, but is also suitable for older YA readers.

On Amazon

Price: $2.99

Award-winning and best-selling author and humorist Gordon Kirkland, has taken his innate sense of humor and combined it with his love for a good mystery to create Crossbow.

Someone is killing the residents of a small Kansas town. Although the victims appear to have been randomly chosen, the killer has, in fact, decided that they must die for transgressions he believes they have committed. Among the first to be slain is the County Sherriff, leaving two deputies to try to solve the case before the killer can achieve his ultimate goal.

The deputies are far from seasoned police professionals. Dave Simmons, the senior of the two, is doing his best to improve by learning new police techniques. He’d like to bring geographic profiling to the department, but a serious impediment to that goal is his propensity to get lost whenever he gets behind the wheel of his police cruiser. Chuck Wilson the other deputy would like to be a police dog handler. Unfortunately, the County cannot afford a properly trained police dog, so he is trying to make do with Duke, his own Springer Spaniel, a dog with an intelligence quotient just slightly lower than the average head of cabbage.

Added to the mix is a missing romance author who arrived in town to interview the first murder victim just before his death, an ambitious small town newspaper reporter, who gets her leads across the pillow from the junior deputy, and the grieving father of one of the victims.

Crossbow is filled with “well-rendered” and “quirky characters and plot twists.” that have readers begging for a sequel.


I know…how to choose between these hilarious choices?!

And I’m here to tell ya, after you’ve read one, you’ll be buyin’ the others plus tellin’ all your friends to pick ’em up too!  They’re just that damn funny!!!  🙂

So, pick your Gordon Kirkland Ebook Gift then go ahead and Enter to Win our next Kindle Fire Giveaway…enter here:

Thanks bunches for helpin’ us Show a Little Gordon Kirkland Luuuvvv!!! — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


12 thoughts on “Today at The RG2E…We’re Showin’ a Little Gordon Kirkland Luuuvvv!!!

  1. “I Think I’m Having One of Those Decades” is my choice for my Kindle today, as I already have some of the others. You are such a great writer, Gordon, & I’m keeping you in thoughts & prayers each day.

  2. Wavin’ atchy’all and thanks bunches for all your Gordon Kirkland luuuvvv!!!

    Just Ebook Gifted you each book you asked for!!!

    Happy Ereading from The RG2E!!!

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