RG2E Ereaders…Are You Rating and Reviewing The Ebooks We Ebook Gift You?

Happy Hump Day, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!!!

As y’all know, we Ebook Gift a ton of superfab Ebooks to y’all!  It’s our way of Payin’ It Forward to all you A-mazing Ereaders!!!

Today, I want to help y’all with a way you too can Pay It Forward to all of the A-mazing Authors we’re introducing you to here at The RG2E!!!

And that’s by…

Rating and Reviewing The Ebooks We Ebook Gift You!!!

Yep…it’s all about those wonderful little Star-Ratings you can assign to any Ebook you read!!!

I’ve gotten a ton of feedback from many of you that you’d like to Rate and Review the Ebooks you’re luuuvvvin’, but you’re not comfortable with having to “Write” a Review too.

I thought I’d treat you to a few tips that can make the process sooo much easier for you:

1.  On Barnes & Noble, you can give an Ebook a Star-Rating without leaving a written review too…and you can do it anonymously.

2.  On Amazon, although you do have to do both the Star-Rating and a Written Review, your written review can be as simple as “I loved this book. It was just my kind of read.” You do not have to give some multiple paragraph dissertation about the book.

3.  I always Rate & Review the Ebooks I luv right after I finish ’em…that way the story is still fresh in my mind, and it’s my way of thanking the author for a great read! 🙂

Superfab easy, right?!

The Ratings and Reviews you give Ebooks you’re luuuvvvin’ mean sooo much to each and every Author receiving ’em!!!

So, as I take a day to once again catch-up and treat y’all to Ebook Gift Copies of the new books you’ve requested here on The RG2E, perhaps take just a couple minutes and Rate and Review one of the books you got a kick out of. 🙂

And be watchin’ your emails all day long…’cause I’m on an Ebook Gifting Merry-Go-Round, and can’t wait to fulfill your request!

Also, there’s still a couple days left to Enter to Win the next Kindle Fire Giveaway from The RG2E! Enter here:


The Best of The RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

P.S.  So who all regularly Rates and Reviews the Ebooks they’re luuuvvvin’?  Let us know in our comments today…


10 thoughts on “RG2E Ereaders…Are You Rating and Reviewing The Ebooks We Ebook Gift You?

    • Atta Girl, Lauren! Well done!!!

      And yes…nothin’ shows your luuuvvv for an author and his or her books like givin’ ’em a superfab sweet review!!!

  1. I always rate or write a review, unless I really hate a book. (which is rare) If there are excessive editing or formating issues, I try to contact the author directly. I really hate when people slather all the errors out in public, it just doesn’t seem very nice. It would be like announcing to a crowd, “Hey look, that lady has her dress hem, stuck in the top of her pantyhose, you can see her whole backside!” Or a man’s barn door is open, and his horse is getting ready to run out. . .it’s really something you need to do in private!

    • I sooo agree with you, Jill…I simply NEVER review a book that I don’t luuuvvv. Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t! I respect the writing process too much and the guts it takes for any writer to publish his or her work to stomp on a dream like that.

      U Go, Girl!!!

  2. I rate and review most books I read. I don’t leave big long winded reviews because I just don’t have the time and to be honest I’m not that great at it. But I think it’s important especially for indie authors and I love being able to write reviews for those books I love.

    And remember…you can also rate a book on Goodreads without leaving a review if you just don’t want or don’t have time to write one.

    I stil have to read most of the ones I’ve been given on here. This is a good reminder that I need to move those up on my TBR list. Thanks, DeeDee!

    • U betchya, Rhonda…and thanks for bringing up that we can all review on Goodreads too or rather simply rate the book versus rating and reviewing. 🙂

  3. Needed this kick in the….. I do promise to be better about reviewing. There are not many books I read that I don’t enjoy. I should be more diligent about reviewing an author’s work, especially when the work they produce is free to me. A good review is at least a way to pay it back. My hesitancy to “write” a review is usually what stops me. But I can see that a few short, positive words would be a nice pay-back.

    • That’s the spirit, Kathy…just a few simple words and a nice rating, like I gave y’all above, will be such a sweet way to pay it forward to all the authors whose books you’re luuuvvvin’!

  4. Hello,
    Thanks for the push!
    I posted fourteen reviews today. (They should be up shortly)
    Whew, talk about a days work.
    I am happy to leave the writing to you.
    Thank you so much for your energy, talent and generosity!!!!

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