RG2E Readers…You’ve Asked for More Literary Fiction Ereads…Check Out Brian Holers’ Doxology, Free Today on Amazon!!!

Happy Thursday, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!

You’ve sent me several private emails letting me know how much you luuuvvv when we give ya the scoop on limited-time-only Free Ereads AND you’ve asked for more Literary Fiction Selections…

Today, we’ve got a fabulous EOTD that fits both requests!

Brian Holers

Normally $4.99, it’s FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon!!!

Here’s the scoop about the book:

After a lifetime of abuse and loss–from fights with other boys staged for his father’s entertainment, to the death of his only son– sixty one year old Vernon Davidson is angry. He’s ready to get back at God, his paper mill coworkers, and everyone else in his north Louisiana town. Constantly drunk to numb his pain, the normally cautious Vernon spirals into recklessness; drinking on the job, facing down a younger man at work over a parking spot, scandalizing his former fellow Baptists with displays of his nakedness. Meanwhile Jody Davidson, Vernon’s estranged nephew, struggles to survive a similarly tragic past by self-imposed exile, inserting himself into a new, seemingly different family a thousand miles away. The two men are reunited when Vernon agrees to retrieve Jody for his dying brother so they can say goodbye-and that’s when they each embark on a journey that will ultimately change their lives.


Sounds intensely terrific, right?!

So add this one to your TBR (To Be Read) Collections, and in the mean time, watch your emails as I continue to Ebook Gift y’all with the books you’ve requested to date…

Oh, and you’ve still got a few days left to Enter to Win our next Kindle Fire Giveaway! Enter Here (the winner will be announced on May 1st):


The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


5 thoughts on “RG2E Readers…You’ve Asked for More Literary Fiction Ereads…Check Out Brian Holers’ Doxology, Free Today on Amazon!!!

    • Sure thing, Y’All!!!

      We’re going to be letting y’all in on tons more Free Ebooks now as well as still Ebook Gifting u like crazy!!!

      Happy Ereading to each and every one of you!!!

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