RG2E’s EOTD is Bestselling Debut Author Nancy Brandon’s Historical Women’s Fiction Dunaway’s Crossing

Happy Hump Day, RG2E Peeps!!!

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Today, we’ve got a special treat for y’all…

Not only will u have a chance to receive an Ebook Gift Copy of a brand new Historical Women’s Fiction Bestselling Book (We sooo listen to the kinds of books you’d like to see more of… 🙂 )…

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

You’ll get the Story Behind The Story from the book’s Bestselling Debut Author

Nancy Brandon

Who is our Guest today on The RG2E’s sister site – The WG2E – where she’s treatin’ y’all to the inside scoop on her research for this book!!!

Praise for Dunaway’s Crossing:

Sandra Ezell, author of Affinity of the Soul:
“Captivating read, with characters you quickly feel you know. It was hard to put this book down, and I found myself reading for hours at a time.”

Lisbeth Thom, author of Row Away from the Rocks:
“[Nancy Brandon] does an excellent job of putting her reader on the scene…and she adds a mountain of conflict, suspense, and a touching love story.”

Mimi Barbour, author of She’s Me and His Devious Angel:
“I quickly became enamored with the characters…The facts were accurately depicted…I’ll be looking for more from this author!”

Sally Jadlow, Author of God’s Little Miracle books:
“A story line with a dash of history thrown in for good measure. A great read.”

Product Description:
One rural town paralyzed by disease,
Two women secluded in a remote cabin.
Only one man stands between them and death.

If you liked the drama of The Color Purple and the setting of Wickett’s Remedy, you’ll love Dunaway’s Crossing.


We’ll Ebook Gift Copy up to 50 Copies today…so who all wants one?!

And, while you’re here, go on over and Enter to Win our next Kindle Fire Giveaway:


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9 thoughts on “RG2E’s EOTD is Bestselling Debut Author Nancy Brandon’s Historical Women’s Fiction Dunaway’s Crossing

  1. I would like to give this story a try. It sounds very interesting to me. I would like a copy for Amazon Kindle. Thanks for everything you do.

  2. Just found your site. Dunaway’s Crossing sounds like a good read. I would like a Kindle copy, please.

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