It’s RG2E ReadBack Readers Poll Time: What “Price is Right” for You for an Ebook? Let Us Know and You Might Win an Amazon Gift Card or an RG2E Coffee Mug!!!

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Today, we’re talking Ebook Price Points…and we’d luuuvvv your thoughts…

Here are a few RG2E ReadBack Reader Polls to get us started.

We’d luuuvvv to have your answers in these polls and then please let us know more in our comments section about what you’re thinking regarding Ebook Price Points…in other words, let us know what turns you onto an Ebook in dollars and cents as well as what turns you off in dollars and cents…

Each of you who participate in our Polls today and leaves us a comment about your Ebook Price Point opinions will be entered to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card 



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24 thoughts on “It’s RG2E ReadBack Readers Poll Time: What “Price is Right” for You for an Ebook? Let Us Know and You Might Win an Amazon Gift Card or an RG2E Coffee Mug!!!

  1. Usually with new Authors to me, I try to get a free e-book or a .99 cent one. This way I can try their work and see if I am going to like it or not. I think it is hard to decide on the prices of some of the e-books, because of the length of them.

  2. Good Morning.
    Who doesn’t love free. If I down load a free book by a new author and love it I will quickly check out their other selections. I will always take a chance at $.99. I have been know to pick up all additional works at $.99 each. I become more selective as the price imcreases.
    My fave the tried and trues I agree with the $2.99 sweet spot, but have paid more.

  3. It depends on the book as to what I will pay. Authors known to me that I know I enjoy their writing I’m a willing to pay a little more though I think the publishers are crazy when they price ebooks at just a couple dollars difference than a hardback. I download a lot a free books to try new authors and have found quite a few that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  4. For an author new to me I think 2.99 would be a max price to just buy a book cause it sounded good, but it would really have to sound good. Of course free is best to give them a try. However for a favorite author I would pay regular book price if I didn’t want it in print for whatever reason. I think there was a poll missing though – I would like to see a vote on what people think the average ebook price should be – for any books. I think 4.99 should be it. Ebooks that are 9.99 are just a bit much for me, especially if I can get them cheaper to get a used paperback. I just can’t stand to see ebooks that are more expensive than new paperbacks. Ebooks should never cost as much as a brand new hardback since you are not paying for the paper and the binding!

  5. I love the Free and the $.99 ones – I find new authors that way.
    I think more than $7.99 or more for an ebook is too much. I feel as if the traditional publishers who charge that and more ($12.99) are scamming readers.
    But JMHO.

  6. it all depends on the story–even if it’s an author new to me, if it got good reviews, or if there’s good word of mouth, I don’t mind paying extra $$

  7. For an unknown author with positive reviews and a good first (sample) chapter, I’m willing to test drive at 2.99. I’ll go up to 5 bucks if it really appeals to me. If it has mostly negative reviews, or a crappy cover, I won’t make it to the sample. I don’t really trust too many positive reviews these days, but I find the negative ones (if there are several) to be a fairly reliable marker.
    For an author I really like, and a book I’ve been waiting for, I’ll pay whatever the cost is, up to about 20 bucks.

  8. Great topic! When looking at new authors, it really does depend on the excerpt for me — if the opening is well written with a great hook, I’ll usually pay up to $4.99 (though $4.99 takes more thought for me; $.99 is an automatic buy for me, and $2.99 is also pretty much an impulse buy that I don’t think much about… For my traditionally published favorites, however, I have to admit that a much greater reluctance to shell out big bucks. My cap at this point is $12.99 for a bestseller, and that has to be someone I really, really love.

  9. For an author who is new to me I’m willing to pay less than for an author I am familiar with. Also, I’ll take into account the page numbers or file size. Even with my favorite authors, while I’m willing to pay more for their ebooks if it’s much more than a paperback then I’ll opt for the paperback. Overall it depends on the size of the book, and if the story appeals to me.

  10. For a full novel, anything up to $4.99 is fine with me. If it’s a favorite author, the ebook should be at least $1 less than the mass market paperback. Otherwise, I think price should be somewhat dependent on length – $ .99 is appropriate for a short story, $2.99 for a novella, etc. I’m willing to pay more for a longer, meatier read.

  11. I think up to $2.99 for a new author and up to $4.99 for a favorite author is fine. It depends on the length of the book. A new author pricing a 15 page novella at $4.99 would be a little high.

  12. $2.99 is my magic number. If the story has dogs or horses in it, I’ll go higher, new or favorite author, I don’t have a preference with the animal genre. Cozy murder mysteries also I’ll go higher and Audiobooks, I pay $9.55 per book.

  13. Short story .99
    Novella 1.99
    Full novel length — for a new author $2.99 is definitely my number, but will go as high as $3.99 maybe a little more if it sounds really intriguing and has great reviews. For my favorite authors — I won’t go over $5.99. If I’m going over that, I want a print copy for my collection. I was just scanning some of my favorite trad authors yesterday and the ebooks were the same as the print books — some as high as the hard covers. I saw a couple that were more than the paperbacks. That’s ridiculous IMHO.

  14. Well I voted and see I’m in the majority with most of the other respondents. Although I might be willing to pay for a new to me author especially if friends with like interests loved the book. I would pay probably up to five dollars for that. Of course free gets me most of the time – at least to try it out and then go back for more if I like it.

  15. I’ve been hearing people complain a lot lately about paying 12.99 for a e-book put out by a publisher…Since e-books are no doubt going to be the wave of the future, I think 2.00-6.99 are fair prices with new authors falling on the lower end.

  16. For authors new to me, I’ll go up to $4.99 if the writing in the sample is excellent and if the premise is good. .99 up to 2.99 is more or less an impulse purchase, so I don’t think about those too much unless there are a ton of negative reviews, and then I peruse those carefully (sometimes those reviews sell me on a book). For a tried and true author, I’ll go up to $7.99 on an ebook, but only if the only alternative is something much higher priced. Otherwise, I’ll just buy the paperback so I can loan it or resell it. I’m buying fewer hardbacks these days; only for authors I absolutely love and can’t wait for something cheaper. I absolutely refuse to pay more than $7.99 for an ebook unless it’s something really special, like an expensive reference work that I’d like to be able to search with my ereader.

  17. I look for lowered price books most of the time, because I am a fast reader and feel like you get more for your money. But for one of my favorites I will pay more for, usually no more than 6.99. For the most part I try to stay @ 2.99 and under.

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