RG2E’s EOTD include Nick Spalding’s Romantic Comedy Love From Both Sides and Caitlin McKenna’s Chick Lit My Big Fake Irish Life

Happy Sunday, RG2E Peeps!

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How ’bout a couple of LOL Ereads to carry us through the holiday weekend?!

And how cute are the covers too?!

Author: Nick Spalding

On Amazon , B&N Nook and Smashwords

Price: $1.57

Sometimes, the hardest part of finding love is keeping a straight face…

For Jamie Newman, being a single guy isn’t proving to be much fun, especially when confronted with a sexually belligerent divorcee and a goddess so far out of his league she might as well be a different species.

Mind you, being a girl in search of love isn’t a bowl of cherries either. Just ask Laura McIntyre, who’s recently contended with a horny estate agent on a quest for light relief and a rabid mountain bike enthusiast with a penchant for displaying his genitals.
When Jamie and Laura bump into one another (quite literally) it looks like their luck may have changed – but sometimes finding the right person is only the start of your problems…

Based on real-life tales of dating disaster and relationship blunders, Love… From Both Sides is a warts-and-all romantic comedy for everyone who knows how tricky (and occasionally ridiculous) the quest for love can be.


“I can’t count the amount of times I laughed out loud whilst reading and I love that it was based on real life dating stories.” – Amazon reviewer

“Its funny, sweet, excruciating and touching all at the same time. I really felt for the two main characters and was cheering them on, hoping they would work things out in the end.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I have never read what I class a chick lit book written by a man before, as I just didn’t think the two would go together, but I am truly converted.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I’ve never laughed at a book so much in my life. This is a book about finding love, told (uniquely as far as I’m aware) from the perspective of both the guy and the girl.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Imagine your worst date when everything goes completely wrong and you want to run for the hills. I laughed so much I started crying more than once.” – Amazon reviewer

Contains strong language and adult humour.


The sequel ‘Love… And Sleepless Nights’ is out now!

Author: Caitlin McKenna

On Amazon and B&N Nook

Price: 99 Cents

Twenty-six-year-old Linda Symcox has been chasing her lifelong dream of becoming an actress for the last five years, so when she gets a chance to read for a popular television series, she takes an extended lunch in order to make the audition. After all, it could be her lucky break.

But the “quick” audition takes over two hours costing Linda her telemarketing job; and when she doesn’t book the acting gig, her agent fires her too, explaining that she just doesn’t have “it.”

The elusive “it.” As much as Linda wants to hate her ex-agent for being so insensitive, he gets her thinking in a new direction. If she doesn’t have it, what if she reinvented herself and became someone who did? Someone with red hair and an Irish accent?

With nothing to lose, Linda gives herself a complete makeover and re-emerges as Meghan O’Connell from Galway, Ireland—and just in time. A high-powered casting director is looking for an unknown to fill the lead role of a new television series called “Soul Saver.” And the actress must be Irish.

Meghan gets an audition and is so convincing, she lands the role. Her life is changed forever. On the first day of filming her new television series, Meghan meets her co-star, Michael, who met her before as Linda, the American. He doesn’t recognize her. Will he? Meghan decides to simply stay away from him, but how can she when they are working so closely together? Worse, how can she stay away from the guy she’s falling in love with?

What had started out as an innocent little lie ends up snowballing into an insane comedy of errors. Meghan’s lie forces her to live a double life that eventually affects her family, friends, and most importantly her new boyfriend to the point that she has to decide on telling the truth and giving up her lifelong dream, or living the lie and losing the people she loves.


Do these both sound like a hoot or what?!

We’ll Ebook Gift up to 50 Copies today so which one would ya like?

Also, you’ve still got a few days left to enter this month’s RG2E Kindle Fire Giveaway! Enter Here:


The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


13 thoughts on “RG2E’s EOTD include Nick Spalding’s Romantic Comedy Love From Both Sides and Caitlin McKenna’s Chick Lit My Big Fake Irish Life

  1. Hi there
    I agree the covers are great!
    Both titles are appealing as well.
    I would like to read Love From Both Sides. Kindle format please.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Both books sound great! But id love to have My Big Fake Irish Life please on kindle. Thank you so much!

  3. Both if these sound very interesting. I would like to try Nick Spalding’s Love From Both Sides for Amazon Kindle. Thanks.

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