RG2E’s EOTD is Catharine Bramkamp’s Humorous Mystery Death Revokes the Offer plus It’s Time for The Next Free Par-Tay!

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For all you Humorous Mystery Lovers, here’s an Eread you’re gonna luuuvvv…and it’s FREE on Smashwords!!!

Author: Catharine Bramkamp

FREE on Smashwords

Word Count: approx. 70,000

Meet Allison Little – A Little Will Go A Long Way – Real Estate Diva, reluctant sleuth. In her words, “I do not know exactly why a person is dead, I only know that when I, Allison Little, listing agent, arrives at my new listing with an offer in my hand but the seller is dead on the kitchen floor, it’s just that much more difficult to sell the house.  For instance, we’ll need to disclose the death, but maybe not the murder. That’s, apparently, up to me to figure out, I don’t think getting shot in the chest can be considering an accident.”

Can a Real Estate Diva turn into an amateur sleuth with no prior experience?  Can she avoid her mother’s helpful diet tips, stay on track with her sales goals and discover why her 80 year old client is hiding a six foot painting under the sheet rock in the guest bath? And at the last, can the under-employed handyman:  Ben Stone, Rock Solid Service, repair her heart?

***Note: This is the 1st Book in the Real Estate Diva Mysteries


Okay then, there’s a superfab FREE Smashwords read.

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6 thoughts on “RG2E’s EOTD is Catharine Bramkamp’s Humorous Mystery Death Revokes the Offer plus It’s Time for The Next Free Par-Tay!

  1. Wow! Sounds like another fabulous read! The other day, I was in a real estate office for a writer’s meeting, and the office was totally chic – old wood table and bench, faux grass entryway mat, aged brick fireplace with an inbuilt television, and tons of cozy nooks (not your typical office). I was telling a fellow writer that the setting would be perfect in a novel!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I went to Smashwords and got a copy. Also i checked out what stories were available at the FREE PAR-TAY.

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