Who Wants an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card from The RG2E?!

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!

Today, we’re givin’ away 5-$10 Ebook Gift Cards (Winners’ choice between either an Amazon or B&N Card!)!!!

All you gotta do to be eligible to win is let us know below all the new authors you’re luuuvvvin’ thanks to first being gifted their Ebooks from The RG2E!

Here at The RG2E, it’s all about treatin’ u to great books and introducing you to new authors via Ebook Gifting, and we can’t wait to hear who are some of your fave newly discovered authors!!!

In the meantime, you’ve got plenty of time to Enter to Win our next Kindle Fire Giveaway too! Enter Here:


The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


17 thoughts on “Who Wants an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card from The RG2E?!

  1. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful authors, listed in no particular order.
    Merideth Bond, Tali Roland, Christy Hayes, Jennifer Jakes, Jen Talty, Regan Black, Lynn Crain, and Sharon Hamilton. I’m looking forward to finding more new to me authors.
    Thank you, so much!

  2. I love to read and love finding new authors. I just found melissa schroeder and devoured her harmless series and the short stories also. Another is carla swafford. She has a couple books out and they are amazing.

  3. Thanks to you, I have found plenty of new authors. Listed are the ones that I could think of right now since there were so many of them. Tali Roland, Jean Brashear, Theresa Ragan, John Locke, Nancy Brandon, L.J. Sellers, Lisa Mondello, Kathy Lynn Harris, Barry Eisler, Stacey Joy Netzel, Ruth Harris, Sharon Hamilton and Nana Malone. Thanks again for introducing me to these authors and to any others that I might find.

  4. I have found SO many great, new authors(to me) because of your great website………Gordon Kirkland, Tali Roland, Lisa Mondello, Ruth Harris,Alicia Street & Roy Street, and SO many others too! Thanks so much……my Kindle loves you too!

  5. Good morning,
    Where to start!
    DD Scott, Lisa Mondello, Karen Cantwell, Alicia Street, Tamara Ward, Gordon Kirkland, Stacy Joy Netzel, Nana Malone, Jen Talty, Nancy Naigle, Gemma Halliday, Tali Roland.
    This list is getting as long as my to be read.
    I LOVE the RG2E and all associated with it.
    Thank you for the generosity and for the talent you pour into these great works, that enlighten and entertain us.

  6. Hi! Good morning! 😉 Because of ya all, i have found so many new authors! Ive read some, added some of there book to TBR and had a blast! Heres just a couple of the great authors you’ve introduced me to: Ruth Harris, Talli Roland, ETERNAL SPRING is an anthology featuring several great authors! Some of my favorites and a few new!! Lisa Mondello is one of my favorite authors now! Love her books! I also like Nana Malone, Lizzie Starr, Lauren Clark and Rhonda Nelson. So many great authors! Thank you so much! Visiting here is the highlight of my day! Your always introducing me to new authors and books. Thank you so much for all that you do and for being so generous with us!!

  7. OMG! There are so many new authors I have discovered because of this blog! Not only the ones that you gave me free kindle copies of but also ones that I have gone back to previous posts to check out.

    Recently I’ve enjoyed Talli Roland, Jean Brashear, and Stacey Joy Netzel. Thanks for bringing us great selections!

  8. Talli Roland, Jean Brashear, Stacey Joy Netzel, John Locke, Gemma Halliday. Your blog has proven to be a wealth of information!!! My Kindle loves you 🙂

  9. Thank you for introducing me to a whole slew of new authors. They are as follows:
    D.D.Scott, Stacey Joy Netzel,John Locke,Meredith Bond Lyn Cain,Jean Brashear, Annie Acorn,Diana Dempsay, Courtney Milan and Gemma Halliday,just to name a few.

  10. John Locke, Barbara Silkstone, Sibel Hodge, Ruth Harris, Cate Dean, Alicia Street and More. And of course D.D. Scott!!

    Thanks RG2E for all of the gifted e-books. They are much appreciated.

  11. D.D.Scott, Alicia Street, Stacey Joy Netzel, Gemma Halliday, Lauren Clark, Rhonda Nelson and the list could go on and on. I found lots of new authors through this website. Thank you for making it available and all you do.

  12. D.D. Scott, Cindy M. Hogan, Courtney Milan, Diana Dempsey, Suzy Stewart Dubot, Kate Kelly, Donna Marie Rogers, Stacey Joy Netzel, Meredith Bond, Lynn Crain, John Locke, Regan Black.
    Thank You very much.

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