The Chronicled Adventures of The RG2E’s Sam the Intern

Happy Monday, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!

If y’all have checked your emails over the weekend, you’ll see that The RG2E’s Sam the Intern is back and oh boy is she beginning to catch-up on all your Ebook Gifting Requests!!!

It’s gonna be Christmas in June around here this week!  Y’all will be receiving all the Ebooks you’ve requested over the past few weeks!

Let’s give Sam a HUGE congrats too as she finished up her Summer College Courses with two A’s!!!  WooHoo, Sam! Well done!

Now then, y’all will not only be getting tons of Ebook Gifts, you can also keep up with all of Sam’s projects as The RG2E’s “Sam the Intern” on her very own blog:

The Chronicled Adventures of Sam the Intern

Follow along with Sam (the Follow Button pops out of the right top margin of her blog) as she begins to make magic happen here at The RG2E and in D. D. Scott-ville too!

One of her first projects will be to design our RG2E Mascot!  She’ll design it…and y’all can name it!!!  More on that coming soon…

So, be watchin’ your emails for bunches of Ebook Gifts, follow along with Sam the Intern on her blog, and be sure to Enter to Win our next Kindle Fire Giveaway! Enter Here:

The Best of The RG2E and Sam the Intern Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


21 thoughts on “The Chronicled Adventures of The RG2E’s Sam the Intern

  1. Congrats, Sam on your awesome grades! I know that you will be a great help to D.D.! Hope you enjoy your time off from school.

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