It’s an RG2E Author2Reader Interview Between Bestselling Author Tamara Ward and Superfab Reader and Aspiring Librarian Alison

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Today, Amazon Bestselling Mystery and Romantic Suspense author Tamara Ward interviews her good friend, fellow neighborhood book club member, and aspiring school librarian Alison (last name is omitted to protect the innocent)about what makes and breaks a book for her.

Tamara: Thanks so much, Alison, for agreeing to allow me to interview you about what you enjoy in books. I’m always fascinated about other people’s insights into books, and I promise to tweak our conversation to make us both, but especially me, appear wittier than we really are in reality.Sooo, Alison, what do you like to read?

Alison: “I like to read books that are typically geared toward children, young adults, people like me. I’m alittle overweight, so if I see a book cover about that, I gravitate toward it. I also like funny books. Hmm… I’ve read and enjoyed Juliet, The Historian – all genres. Gosh, I guess I like lots of books!”

Tamara:That’s the best way to be. And it’s good to like books, especially since you’re studying to become a librarian and all. So, what is it about a book that makes it a winner for you?

Alison: “I suppose I look for a good storyline, something that’s going to keep me interested and give me twists and turns along the way. That was one thing I really liked about your Storm Surge.”

Tamara: Aw, shucks. And thanks for the shout out! But enough about me, how do you know when you’re reading a good book?

Alison: “I don’t want to put it down. I want to keep reading instead of watching TV. That’s the big one. If I could be a TV librarian, that’s what I’d be.”

Tamara:TV?! TV?! This is an interview about, ahem, reading! What’s your favorite place to read? 

Alison: “On the back porch, under a shade, with a cool breeze, in a camping chair.”

Tamara: But not this weekend.

Alison: “Not thisweekend, no.”

Tamara: The weather station might be calling for record highs. Again. Anyhow, what’s the best book you’ve read lately?

Alison: “Maybe The Help. I liked it because it had a mix of humor and serious issues. I love it when racist people get what’s coming to them. And I love exposing people for having the wrong mentality.”

Tamara:One more question. If you could be any character from any book, who would you be?

Alison: “One character I could see myself being is Benny from the Circle of Friends. What I love best is she has this relationship with this guy, he cheats on her, and she finds out. She moves on, she’s successful, and she finds other loves. She doesn’t’ let it get her down. I like her bravery. Nowadays you see so many people stick with the situation because that’s their situation. They think there’s nothing else out there.”

Tamara: Good point, Alison, and thanks for letting me interrogate you on such a hot summer day.


Thanks Bunches, Tamara and Alison! It’s sooo much fun to get sneak peeks into our wonderful world of reading!!!

And speaking of sneak peeks, here’s a chance to get a peek into the terrific story worlds Tamara Ward creates…

Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of Tamara’s short story JADE O’REILLY AND THE ICE QUEEN? Let us know below, and you just might win one!

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Price: 99 Cents

Amazon Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Mystery Author Tamara Ward’s storyline and characters combine again for another fun, fast-paced, can’t-put-it-down read.

When a priceless vase disappears during the fanciest party of the year in the fictional town of Sweetwater, NC, it’s up to private investigator Jade O’Reilly to recover the family heirloom. As Jade tracks down the vase, she juggles pressures from her ex-fiancé, Dale Pickles, and hard-core co-worker Mack Blackmon.

This Sweetwater Short story is about 40 pages in length and originally was published in the WG2E All-For-Indies Winter Wonderland Anthology.

About the author:

Tamara Ward is an Amazon Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Mystery Author. Her first novel, Storm Surge, was released in 2011, and her sequel to that novel is due out this year, along with a full-length novel featuring the characters in Jade O’Reilly and the Ice Queen.

Her mysteries are fun and fast-paced. You’ll find characters who keep readers hooked, strong-willed women sleuths, a sprinkling of humor, and a dash of chic lit.

Praise for Tamara Ward’s books:

“Tamara Ward spins a compelling mystery full of vivid detail that will keep readers captivated until the very last page.” – Amanda Lamb, author of The Evil Next Door: The Untold Stories of a Killer Undone by DNA, Smotherhood, and Girls Gone Child

“Tamara Ward grabs the reader from the first sentence and doesn’t let go until the last page. … Sit back and get ready to enjoy the deep layers of a well-crafted story.” – Janet Kangas, Managing Editor, Wake County Community newspapers

“If you like your mysteries cozy, you’ll love Tamara Ward’s fun, keep-ya-guessing debut novel, Storm Surge. A must-read for Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum fans!” – Sue Levitt, Library Assistant


The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


11 thoughts on “It’s an RG2E Author2Reader Interview Between Bestselling Author Tamara Ward and Superfab Reader and Aspiring Librarian Alison

  1. Great interview! I would love to read a copy of JADE O’REILLY AND THE ICE QUEEN for Amazon Kindle. Thanks.

  2. Great interview! This book sounds very good! Id love to have a kindle copy please? Thank you!

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