RG2E’s EOTD is Chris Grabenstein’s Award-Winning Mystery Thriller Tilt-a-Whirl

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Here’s an Award-Winning Mystery/Thriller from the A-mazing Chris Grabenstein (wait till you read his bio 🙂 ) to take us on a wild ride into the weekend…

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Price: 99 Cents

The Anthony Award winning first book in the John Ceepak/Jersey Shore mysteries.

“From page 1, this debut stands out as refreshingly different . Grabenstein brilliantly evokes the endearing seediness of a Jersey Shore town in summer but it’s his development of the Ceepak-Boyle relationship that makes this an absolute triumph.”
—BOOKLIST (Starred Review!)

There isn’t much fun in the sun when a billionaire real estate tycoon is found murdered on the Tilt-A-Whirl at a seedy seaside amusement park in the otherwise quiet tourist town of Sea Haven, New Jersey.

John Ceepak, a former MP back from Iraq who lives his life in strict compliance with the West Point Honor Code, has just joined the Sea Haven Police Department. The job offer came from an old Army buddy who wanted to give him at least a summer’s worth of R&R to escape the horrors of war.

Instead, Ceepak heads up the murder investigation. He is partnered with Danny Boyle, a 24-year-old, part-time cop who doesn’t carry a gun and only works with the police by day so he has enough pocket money to play with his beach buddies by night.

The Tilt-A-Whirl murder pushes Ceepak’s deep sense of honor to the limits as unexpected twists and turns keep the truth spinning wildly in every direction.

Tilt-A-Whirl made many Best Mysteries of 2005 lists: The Sun-Sentinel, Detroit Free Press, The Christian Science Monitor, and more!


“Chris Grabenstein’s TILT-A-WHIRL is a fast-paced thrill ride with lots of twists and turns and good writing from start to finish!”

“There’s fireworks down the Jersey shore in this first book in a promising series.”

“Thoughtful, funny and exciting debut.”

“Just like the amusement ride it’s named after, TILT-A-WHIRL spins with brisk twists and exciting turns as it veers off into still another plot tendril. This debut from former advertising executive Chris Grabenstein hits just the right tone, melding a multilayered plot that is equally action-packed and poignant, hard-hitting and funny, sarcastic and serious, sometimes all in the same paragraph.”
—OLINE COGDILL, THE SUN-SENTINEL (Voted One Of The Best Mysteries of 2005!)

“Funny, smart, and smoothly written, TILT-A-WHIRL is all kinds of twisty fun.”
—THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR (Voted One Of The Best Mysteries of 2005!)

“This is a fun and fast-paced tale. The ending is as unexpected and shocking as a ride on the actual contraption, and the denouement is sure to leave readers with a glow. Two thumbs up; You go, Grabenstein!”

“Briskly paced, well plotted, and narrated with a cynical humor that makes it a real joy to read.”
—RON BERNAS, THE DETROIT FREE PRESS (Voted One Of The Best Mysteries of 2005!)

“Full of unpredictable twists and turns. There’s plenty of fizz in the chemistry between the two protagonists to keep the novel and the reader spinning.”

“This impressive debut by New York City advertising executive-turned-mystery writer Grabenstein is set in idyllic Sea Haven, a touristy summer town… and follows cop extraordinaire John Ceepak and his part-time junior partner, Danny Boyle…. The story is related by Boyle, whose youthful inexperience and desire to be a kid are the perfect foil for Ceepak’s mature, by-the-book demeanor. Grabenstein’s writing is direct and punchy, providing many laugh-out-loud moments. Though a bit surreal, the ending is unexpected and satisfying and wraps up a good pace. Highly recommended.”
—LIBRARY JOURNAL (Starred Review!)


Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of this gem?! Let us know below, and you just might win one!

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