RG2E’s EOTD is Rachel Astor’s Contemporary Romance Payback’s a Witch

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Here’s a gem of a contemporary romance with a sprinkle of magic too…

Author: Rachel Astor

On Amazon , B&N Nook and Smashwords

Price: 99 Cents on Kindle; $2.99 Nook and Smashwords

Nelle Peterson has finally found Mr. Right. He’s handsome, smart, and successful. In fact, she’s amazed he’s still available.

But shortly after her new relationship begins, things start to go wrong. Really wrong. Nelle doesn’t really believe in fate, or fairy tales, or magic, but when her boyfriend lets it slip that his ex used to be really into witchcraft, it all starts to fall into place.

Will Nelle be able to get past her logical ways and protect herself? Can she keep her boyfriend from falling back under the ex’s spell? And now that it’s Nelle’s turn to learn the ways of witchcraft, what will happen when she tries to conjure up a little revenge of her own?

Book length: Approx. 66,500 words (approx. 260 pages).


Okay, RG2E Peeps, who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of this quirky fun treat of an Eread?! Let us know below, and you just might win one!!!

In the meantime, enter to win a Kindle Touch from RG2E! This month, we’ll giveaway two of them! Enter in D. D. Scott-ville:


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12 thoughts on “RG2E’s EOTD is Rachel Astor’s Contemporary Romance Payback’s a Witch

  1. This sounds like a great book! I already have a smile from the blurb! 😀 Thanks for the chance to win! Id love to have a copy for kindle please? Thank you!

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