Today is the Last Day of the Beach Book Blast Summer Launch Event!!!

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!!!

Today is the final day of the Beach Book Blast Summer Launch Event…so get these books while they’re hot! And remember that today’s your last chance to earn points for an opportunity to win a Kindle Fire in our Rafflecopter giveaway. Enter into the drawing at the Beach Book Blast website.

Here’s another round of Beach Book Blast Books to load-up on…

Birds Do It!

by Lizzie Starr


Available at Amazon

Macaws as lovebirds?

An avian expert, Birdie Simons is called to help control a cantankerous hyacinth macaw during a young girl’s birthday party. Inexorably drawn to each other, she and single father Garr Logan share an afternoon of joy and bittersweet memories, for Garr’s wife died the same day as Birdie’s newborn child.

Something about Rachelle makes Birdie wonder if the golden-haired girl is her daughter, switched at birth. Then her child’s father returns, dogging her search for understanding and throwing her deeper into fear and confusion.

Ready to move on after his wife’s death, Garr wants the intriguing woman, but Birdie keeps the search, threats and hidden relationships to herself, driving a wedge between them.

Will discovering the truth from nine years ago bring them closer, or forever tear them apart?

**Visit Lizzie’s Blog for a chance to win a handmade summer fun stretchy bracelet and earring set.

Everything to Lose

by Natalie G. Owens

$0.99 (regular price $1.99)

Available at AmazonBNSmashwordsKobo

From the suburbs of London to the old charm of Ascoli Piceno, Italy, follow the journey a broken couple must take to discover the long-buried secrets that shattered their marriage.

Lisbeth Marsh put everything on hold to be with her ideal man, even the wish to have a family. But when the dream of everlasting love vanished into thin air, she was faced with the mistakes and prejudices of her choices.

Dane Marsh is a proud man who spent years worshiping the gods of ambition. Toward this single-minded purpose, he sacrificed his happiness and peace of mind. Now that he knows what he’s lost, will he have the courage to turn his life around?

With a little meddling from Moonlight Dating’s Jeanette Lagrange and a dash of magic, the two embark on the trip of a lifetime to bury the ghosts of the past.

**Visit Natalie’s Blog to see how you can get the first book of the Moonlight Dating series,Something to Live For FREE.

Jade O’Reilly and the Mysterious Musician

(A Sweetwater Short Story)

by Tamara Ward

Free Aug. 15-18 (regular price $1.99)

Available at Amazon

Sassy private investigator Jade O’Reilly solves her own problems. She doesn’t cry when her Jeep is crudely vandalized. When news of Jade joining her ex-fiancé at a bar following her date with another man hits the small-town gossip circuit in Sweetwater, NC, she doesn’t whine to her co-workers. And when one of those co-workers suggests she trade in her combat boots for stilettos, Jade doesn’t demurely give in. She takes care of business. That business includes getting to the bottom of an investigation into a mysterious young bass player who sounds too good to be true. Will Jade be able to close the case, or will she finally have to admit defeat?

Some Enchanted Waltz

by Lily Silver


Available at Amazon

When a violent storm spawns power outages, radio DJ Tara O’Neill must keep broadcasting severe warnings to local residents without electrical power. As the storm intensifies and dead air devours the airwaves, Tara must reboot the transmitter to get back on the air. Lightning strikes as Tara reboots the system, hurtling her through time…

Lord Dillon needs a bride, immediately, to escape his enemy’s snare. He has always respected the Fairy Race. As a boy, he played with them in the secret glen and was warned that one day he would be called upon to shelter one of their own who has lost her way among mortals…

Tara appears just when he needs her, a strange woman with no memory; a wounded woman needing his protection. A beguiling woman with fey features and a strange tattoo of fairy wings across her back…

Memories collide with terrifying dreams of being kidnapped by a Darkling Fey Prince, making Tara uncertain of her true origins. Has she been sent to Adrian as he insists to save him from some disastrous fate? If only she could remember this time of Irish history…

As they journey to Dublin, little does Tara realize her husband’s business there is rebellion. The United Irishmen are preparing to seize the government and free Ireland from her British oppressors.

Is True Love stronger than the call to patriotism? Can Tara prevent Adrian from dying for a cause destined to fail?

**Visit Lily’s Blog for the Fairy Magic Giveaway and a chance to win a signed print copy of Some Enchanted Waltz.

WG2E All-For-Indies Summer Fling Anthology

by D.D. Scott & WG2E Authors

Coming any moment $0.99

With this Fourth Edition of our WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, we’re treating you to a terrific, one-of-a-kind approach to the anthology concept.

You’ll get a variety of genres all packaged together as a wonderful way to discover authors new to you and a variety of story lengths – from short-shorts, to short and novella length too!

In our WG2E Summer Fling Anthology, we’re treating you to stories that have a Summer and/or At The Beach element, but you’ll never think of Summer or The Beach in quite the same way.

For example:

“What if Victoria’s Secret meets Kill Bill…in The O.C.?” for D. D. Scott’s FLUID FULFILLMENT

“Will this hot and humid Savannah night save a young couple’s love…or end it?” for Lois Lavrisa’s TURNABOUT TWIST

“Will two lovers’ troubled pasts be too much for their summer romance to overcome?” for Cynthia Woolf’s TAME A SUMMER HEART

“With the help of a barely-there bikini, could a super steamy PI assignment turn into something more?” for L.C. Giroux’s WILD CHILD

“How about a summer romance she never saw coming?” for Lisa Scott’s HOT AND BOTHERED

Coming soon to your favorite ebook store!


Thanks again to the A-mazing Tamara Ward for bringing us all the superfab Beach Book Blast Scoop!

Now then, which of these dynamite Ereads would you like an Ebook Gift Copy of? Let us know below, and you just might win one from The RG2E!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


12 thoughts on “Today is the Last Day of the Beach Book Blast Summer Launch Event!!!

  1. I would love a copy of “Birds Do It” for my Kindle please. Thank you for everything you do. Beach Book Blast has been awesome!

  2. The Enchanted Waltz sounds fascinating. I’ve always loved time travel novels and I am interested to see how the author combines it with the fairy world.
    Carolyn Williamson

  3. I would love to have Everything to Lose from kindle please. Thank you so much!! 😉 Have a great day!

  4. I would enjoy reading Some Enchanted Waltz by Lily Silver for Kindle please.
    Thank you so much for all you do everyday on RG2E and your participation in the Beach Book Blast!

  5. I would love a copy of Birds Do It! for Amazon Kindle. Thanks for what you do every day RG2E. Beach Book Blast has been fun and found some new authors to read.

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