Connecting to Readers through Wattpad – RG2E Featured Author PJ Sharon Shares How To Find New Authors

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Connecting to Readers through Wattpad

I’m very excited to be here today on the RG2E, and to show my appreciation to your readers I’ll be e-gifting a copy of HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES

to each of you who leaves a comment below. I wanted to share with your readers a great opportunity to connect to new authors and find some fun stories through a site called Wattpad. It’s awesome, and it’s FREE! You can find all kinds of stories there written by published authors as well as unpublished writers who just want to put their stories out in the world for people to read. Wattpad is an online community for readers and writers to get together and share their work, participate in contests, and join conversations through clubs and forums.

For authors, Wattpad is a place where you can offer readers a taste of your work. You can serialize or post one chapter at a time, as I’m doing each week with my YA romantic suspense novel, SAVAGE CINDERELLA, or you can put the whole book up for free viewing with the hopes that if readers like your book, they might just buy your others, similar to D.D. Scott’s “First one’s on me” promotion. I have a chapter of each of my books, ON THIN ICE and HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES up on my Wattpad page so that readers can get a preview of each of them before buying. Be sure to check back each week for new chapters of SAVAGE CINDERELLA

(there are currently 8 chapters posted), and stay tuned for the first chapter of my YA Dystopian, WANING MOON, set to release September 28th. I’ll be posting the chapter a week before the release to give readers a preview of Book One in THE CHRONICLES OF LILY CARMICHAEL trilogy.

I’ve heard from other authors that this site works especially well for young adult fiction since teens are voracious readers who don’t necessarily have much buying power. Wattpad is like a social network where they can read and “vote” for stories they like and spread the word to their Wattpad friends through “clubs.” One of my YA author buddies, Maree Anderson reached over 100,000 reads with her book FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH, which was then optioned by a Canadian TV network, and is now in production as a television series there last I heard.

But Wattpad isn’t only for YA fiction or for published authors. There are adult books listed there as well, although with an R-rating, they may not garner as many readers since young adults are rightfully restricted from viewing those books and they seem to be the biggest demographic of Wattpad users. Budding writers also have an opportunity to post their stories. And you never know who is browsing. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that an agent or editor might discover a new author by reading an unknown but fabulous story on Wattpad. When you put your chapters or book up on Wattpad, there is a place to add key search words, a rating, and a description so that readers looking for a particular type of book will find exactly what they are looking for and will be more likely to become a fan. There is also the ability to list your work as either “public domain” or keep it  “All rights reserved” so no one can legally duplicate your work. If you are a reader, you can join Wattpad, create a profile and jump right into the flow of community by searching the clubs for conversations and books that might appeal to you. How cool is that?

So how about you? Have you checked out Wattpad? Would you follow along if you only got a chapter a week, or would you follow for a few weeks and then HAVE to buy the book to see what happens? 

PJ Sharon



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Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of Heaven Is For Heroes?  Let us know below, and you just might win one from PJ Sharon. 🙂

Thanks bunches for being our guest, PJ, and for Ebook gifting all of our superfab RG2E readers.

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


32 thoughts on “Connecting to Readers through Wattpad – RG2E Featured Author PJ Sharon Shares How To Find New Authors

  1. I read about this site the other day in a writing magazine and wondered if it was good for authors. It said that it is good for gaining readers but not for sales. Think I might have a look at it again and see if I can put up my YA Angels ebooks there. Would like to gain more readers. Thanks for this PJ.

    • I haven’t seen a big jump in sales from posting on Wattpad, but I have about a hundred followers reading Savage Cinderella weekly, and I get great feedback from readers. My feeling is that gaining a following is worth the effort. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for the information PJ. I am an avid reader and I am always looking for new authors. Please enter me in your giveaway to win Heaven Is For Hereos. Thank you.

  3. I would love to read a copy of Heaven Is For Heroes for Amazon Kindle. I will have to check out Wattpad. I don’t have a problem reading a chapter a week. I did this with another author and then bought the book.

    • Thanks, Becky. I’ll be happy to send you a copy of Heaven is for Heroes. Feel free to post a review once you’ve read it, so others can find it. It’s good to hear that readers don’t mind following along with weekly installments. I think it’s a blast myself. Last week we left Brinn and Justin at a teary farewell scene. I’ll be posting chapter nine later today so we can see what happens next.

  4. I’m going to let my fingers run right on over and check Wattpad out. Always looking for new authors. I would love a copy of Heaven Is For Heroes on my Kindle.

    • Hey, Greg. There is a lot to do and see over on Wattpad. It would be easy to get lost. I usually just check out a few clubs once in a while to see what teens are talking about and looking for in a good book. It’s a nice way for writers of the YA genre to see what’s hot and what’s not in teen lit. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve read your pages on Wattpad…a very creepy story indeed. Be sure to let us know when more is available.

    • I hear you, Alicia. It doesn’t make sense for everyone, especially because it is not a “value added” effort in terms of necessarily increasing sales. We each have to prioritize how we spend our promotional time, and for me this made sense since I’m trying to reach new YA readers. I’m sure, when and if it makes sense for you to jump onto Wattpad, you’ll find the time. Most importantly, do what is comfortable for you as an author and don’t make yourself crazy by spreading yourself too thin. I’m learning that lesson as I go and really narrowing my focus these days so that I can concentrate on my writing. Best of luck to you!

  5. Good Morning,
    I would love a copy of Heaven Is For Heros for Kindle please.
    I am on my way to check out Wattpad. I love finding new authors and great reads.
    I am one of those people If I read a book by a new author / author new to me and love it,
    I will quickly check out their other selections. I have been known to pick up all additional works by that author!
    Thank you for participating in RG2E and making us aware of new avenues for great reading material.

  6. Thanks for the info on Wattpad, PJ. I’ve heard people mentioning it but haven’t taken the time to research it yet. Sounds like I need to check it out. Heaven is for Heroes is a great book. I loved it!

    • Hi, Stacey. I put my first chapters up last winter shortly after publishing, as a way to get readers interested. When Savage Cinderella came out, someone suggested serializing it to keep readers coming back each week for fresh content. I thought it sounded like an easy and fun idea, so I put it in motion. It really takes no time at all to post. I find Wattpad pretty user-friendly.

  7. I haven’t checked out Wattpad, but I will head over there and check it out. As for reading the chapter by chapter or wait until the end… I would favor the latter since I read at my own pace anyway. I’d love to read Heaven is for Heroes on my kindle – sounds like a heart-touching read.

    • I’m like that too, Stephanie. It would drive me crazy to have to wait a week for the next chapter, especially for books that have those great cliff-hanger chapter endings. I might stick with it for a few weeks just to see if I liked the story and the writing, but undoubtedly, I’d end up buying the book by week four:-)

  8. This sounds great! Id love a copy for kindle if your still giving them out. Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful night and a fantastic day tomorrow!! 🙂

    • Most certainly, Shadow. I’d love to give you a copy. I hope you enjoy the story and will feel free to post a review on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, or Smashwords. Thanks so much!

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