RG2E Featured Author Laina Turner takes Make-Believe Play into Indie Epublishing Pay-Off

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Today, we’re thrilled to Welcome to The RG2E Amazing Author Laina Turner!

Take it away, Laina…

As an only child I grew up spending a lot of time alone and filled much of that time through playing make believe. As I grew up I found not much changed I just didn’t speak out about all the imaginary playing I was doing in my head. When I was a little girl I wrote down a lot of my stories but as I got older I kept them to myself mostly so people didn’t think I was CRAZY! I got to a point in life where I felt I needed to do what I wanted to do and not just work on what I had to do. In the summer of 2007 on a week’s vacation from work I decide to start my novel. That week I sat outside at a café and wrote the first 30,000 words of what ended up being my first self published novel. It then took me two more years to finish it but after that first week I was hooked. I knew I had to write even if the books didn’t sell. It was fun.

Once I finished my first book the really hard work started – the marketing of the book. I first tried print books. I hadn’t yet bought into the ebook craze mostly because I love paper and bookstores. I spent 2010 and early 2011 schlepping my boxes of books to every place I could think of to do signings and promote my work. In January of 2011 I was bored one night and figured “why not?” I will upload my book on to Kindle Direct. Frankly, I uploaded it and promptly forgot about it until May when I was having a conversation with a friend who had just purchased a Kindle and told me how much fun she was having with it and how she had just downloaded my book. I did a double take and it took a second for me to even remember I had an ebook out there. The last couple months I had become so discouraged with trying to sell my book I had decided to take a break.

Book 1 of the Presley Thurman Mysteries

Price: FREE

Kindle US http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003YJEQPY

Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/stilettos-scoundrels-laina-turner/1104360962?ean=2940011394782

Kobo http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Stilettos-Scoundrels/book-a2a-T7jBokGGyutWHLjMLg/page1.html?s=Yke8jr6vwEGxXdNGfVUV5Q&r=1

Smashwords  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/14568

iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/stilettos-scoundrels/id403916963?mt=11

When I got home from my friends, I went online to see if I had sold any other kindle books besides the one my friend bought. You can imagine my surprise when I saw I had sold about twenty in the last few months. Now I realize twenty doesn’t sound like a lot but I had been busting my a** trying to sell my paperback books and hadn’t done much better. Here I sold twenty ebooks and had done absolutely nothing! I then went into overdrive trying to research all I could into the ebook trend. I forced myself to start reading ebooks and while I admit I still love my paper I appreciate the convenience of the ebook and it has changed the landscape of how people read.  I soon came across the WG2E and it was then my focus on the ebook market was born.

Please enjoy the book that started it all, Stilettos & Scoundrels, for FREE on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords and soon to be on Audible.

Short excerpt

Gently touching the handle of the front door was all it took to make it swing wide open. It was late, after midnight, and everyone in the house except Tom was asleep. As usual, Tom was in his study working late. Walking carefully and quietly through the foyer, the adrenaline began to kick in. The intruder confidently walked into Tom’s study. Tom was concentrating so hard on the papers in front of him that he was unaware of anything else. Raising his hand, the intruder hit a stack of books sitting on a side table, sending them crashing to the floor. Tom spun around with a look of shock on his face as he recognized the person swinging a sharp object toward him. Tom raised his hands to protect himself but he wasn’t quick enough. The spikey end of the stiletto heel punctured his neck instantly, sending a spray of blood over the papers on his desk. He tried to cry out, but all that sounded was a gurgling noise as his lungs filled with blood.

The intruder set the shoe down next to Tom and backed out of the room softly, closing the door to the study and hoped no one would come looking for Tom until morning.

Download this book for FREE on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and soon to be on Audible.

Connect with Laina at:

Join me on Twitter @lturnermolaski

Facebook www.facebook.com/LainaTurner




Thanks sooo very much, Laina, for treating us to the book that started it all for you, and thanks bunches too for joining our RG2E Ereading Community!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


3 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Laina Turner takes Make-Believe Play into Indie Epublishing Pay-Off

  1. Hi Laina,
    So nice to see you here!
    I have known Laina for years, and we actually worked together for several years,
    She is creative; imaginative and a great deal of fun.
    FYI – Laina and Pressley have a lot in common FASHION and COFFEE!
    I have read Stilettos & Scoundrels in paperback loved it!
    I have purchased her entire collection for my Kindle (I haven’t gotten thru all of them yet)
    Run to Amazon and get your copy of Stilettos and Scoundrels, you will enjoy the book and want more Pressley.
    Laina I send you my best wishes for continued success, you truly deserve it.
    I would love to catch up.

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