D. D. Scott on Social Commentary in Ebooks

Happy Sunday, RG2E Peeps!

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been finishing up my next Cozy Cash Mystery – THE ROYAL DIGS – which will be book four in this series. That process got me to thinking a lot about the social commentary elements that make up a big part of this series and my writing in general.

For example, The Royal Digs asks several story questions that have huge social impacts such as:

1. What if a Drag Queen determined the United States Presidential Election?

(discussing alternative lifestyles and the issues faced by people living those lifestyles)

2. Does it matter that we’ve got a Presidential Nominee who keeps a majority of his money offshore to avoid paying taxes on it?

3. Does it matter that said nominee has earned his massive wealth, thanks to the money of cartel kings – whether coffee, cocoa, casinos, or cocaine (and other drugs too) – who make their living via the death squads they employ and the people whose rights they corrupt or snuff out?

Tough questions, right? With answers that have huge effects on our lives.

I love to write these kinds of “ripped from the headlines” stories because they engage readers and instantly feed on topics that are easily recognizable and emotion-packed. In other words, we, as readers, relate to them.

And in our unique Epublishing World, in which we can publish our books at a much faster rate than via Traditional Publishing, we’ve got our products on cyber shelves when these story themes and questions are still “hot” and very much a part of our social collective minds.

I’ve found that even those critics who don’t like my writing style, like the peeps at Red Adept Review who have made me their 1-Star poster kid, they still appreciate and are moved by the social commentary in my stories. Here’s what they said:

Characters waltzed trippingly from one exotic location to another like they were on the Travel Channel, which kept the pace fast, but once they arrived at most locations, food and physical appearances and snarky, amusing comments filled the pages rather than details that furthered the plot. A notable exception was the sweatshop in Secondigliano, in Naples, where I was sobered by a few paragraphs that dealt with the plight of the poor pressed into service by the Mob.

Red Adept Reviews didn’t get me as a writer for my style, but they sure related to my topics and how I presented them.

For my Cozy Cash Mysteries, I’ve explored the following topics:

1. Ponzi schemes (Madoff-style) – THUG GUARD

2. Fashion sweatshops in Naples (controlled by the local mobs and making many a pages in today’s best fashion magazines and red carpets) – LIP GLOCK

3. The gem trade (as in blood diamonds and stones) – CARATS & COCONUTS

4. The money trail of our current Republican nominee for U. S. President – THE ROYAL DIGS

5. The real owners of Wall Street – coffee, cocoa, casino and cocaine (and other drugs too) cartels – THE ROYAL DIGS

6. Banking, hedge funds and derivative trading – THE ROYAL DIGS

I use these topics to write Ebooks that are along the lines of what Bob Mayer calls “factual fiction” in which many of the plot elements I use are factually based, but I then give ’em my own quirky-crazy fictional twists and cast of characters.

***Note: THE ROYAL DIGS will release in early October!!!

It’s Your Turn, RG2E Peeps: How many of you enjoy reading Ebooks that include Social Commentary?

Also, let me know which of my Cozy Cash Mysteries you’d luv to receive an Ebook Gift Copy of, and you just might win one! ***For The Cozy Cash Mysteries think Will and Kate gone Bond…as in James Bond. (Available on Amazon , B&N Nook, and Smashwords)

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott , RG2E Founder


20 thoughts on “D. D. Scott on Social Commentary in Ebooks

  1. I enjoy reading books from todays headlines. Sometimes you just read a story in the newspaper not really paying attention then when an author comes out with a book you realize how someone else acts might have affected people. I would love to be entered to win a copy of Royal Digs.

    • Excellent point, Gina…fiction books can also gives us a feel for how certain situations would affect people…that’s one of the things we, as authors, strive to do for our readers – we want you to feel what our characters feel in our stories and live vicariously through them.

      I just put you on the list for an Ebook Gift Copy of The Royal Digs! I’ll make an announcement here at The RG2E as soon as it’s available! 🙂

  2. Looks like I only have book 3 so I better ask for Thug Guard since I really don’t like starting a series in the middle. Kindle please.

    • One Ebook Gift Copy of Thug Guard will be coming your way shortly, Christy! 🙂 The Cozy Cash Mysteries also include the entire Bootscootin’ Books Cast of Characters too! I went from Chick Lit, gone-Country to a bit of Bond, James Bond. Happy Ereading!!!

  3. Sometimes the headlines really make you wonder in awe, and in shock or a combination of the two. But the headlines do really make you think about the outcome and the after effect, after every thing is said and done. Would love to win a copy of Royal Digs, when it becomes available from Smashwords.

    • I totally agree with you, Divavixenqueen!

      And the ironic part is, sometimes, it’s not till we fictionalize parts of the truth that we actually help people understand the facts for what they really are…plus, perhaps add some meaning and potential consequences to those facts too.

  4. I agree reading from the headlines can make you wonder in awe. I have read all of the other cozy cash books and loved them:) When Royal Digs is available I would love a copy of that for my nook please! Thanks so much!

  5. I love your stories. They entertain as well as make you think!
    I think some people will stick their heads in the sand and ignore current events,
    however will read fiction (the question – is it really fiction).
    These stories while fun and entertaining inspire open minded thinking, and spark interest in the world around us.
    I have your entire collection! I love each and every one of them.
    I am looking forward to Royal Digs I would love a Kindle copy when available.
    Thank you for all you do.

    • Thanks sooo very much, Barbara!

      For me, as an author, it is all about entertaining you, as my readers, as well as treating you to some interesting “what if” scenarios too.

      I luuuvvv that you’re getting both of those things from my books and can’t wait to treat you to the next book in the series too!!!

  6. I would love a copy of “Royal Digs” for my Kindle when it becomes available, as I’ve already read ALL of the others and loved them! Thanks so much.

  7. Hi DeeDee! Thanks for sharing your books with us! Ive had the opportunity to read some and love them! Id love a copy of Carats and Coconuts for kindle please if your still giving them out. Thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful night!

  8. I love reading your stories, DeeDee. Reading from the headlines do make me wonder about things that are happening in the world. Some of the headlines just grab your attention when you read them. I have read all of your Cozy Cash Mysteries so far, so I would like a copy of Royal Digs when it s available for Amazon Kindle. Thanks!

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  10. I love that your books have a social commentary component and the way you so clearly list them above. It makes me want to read all of them! I’ve been watching Season 3 of Damages in which Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) takes down a guy for a Ponzi scheme, so I’m especially interested in Thug Guard.

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