RG2E Featured Author Dee DeTarsio treats you to a Free Ebook and talks The Cat’s Pajamas!

Happy Hump Day, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!

You’re in for some superfab fun today with our RG2E Featured Author Dee DeTarsio!

Take it away, Dee…

I want to be the bee’s knees in the cat’s pajamas, and I’ve been on this quest forever. Seriously. What does everyone sleep in? And what are all those other authors out there writing in? Emily Giffin, (Where We Belong) I’m talking to you.

Am I the only one with stretched and faded-beyond-belief, shunned by the dust rag yoga pants?

How hard is it to invent cute pajamas? Ones that don’t wrinkle, creep, make you sweat or look like a man. Ones that smell good, wash well, and fit perfectly.

I am ashamed of how much I love polka dots, what is it about their dangerous lure? And fyi,  Pajama Jeans need to be sent back to the drawing board.

I’ve tried Victoria’s Secret–though I’m apparently fifteen years, ten pounds and two cup sizes out of their demographics. I was watching a movie with my daughter and her (ex)boyfriend, wearing a two-piece number with a light blue background and a white pattern. There may have been fuchsia trim. Mr. Smarty-Pants began humming a circus ditty, “doo doo doo doo do do doo do do do.” I could have been balancing on a unicycle in the center ring, honking my clown nose while chasing down an ice cream truck. Not the look I was going for.

(Music rises with a swell.) One day, there will be pajamas . . . that we can answer the door in, wear to check the mail, or hey, drop kids off at school without having to fill out a journal their therapist will be demanding. One day, all we’ll need to do is Google: Pajama Jeans/Polka Dots/Angelina Jolie and voila, sweet dreams will be ours!

RG2E Peeps: What are your favorite pajamas?

Dee DeTarsio is a writer living in southern California. Check out her novel The Kitchen Shrink, FREE on Amazon this week (Mon. Sept. 17-Friday, Sept. 21)

If your life is a mess, your house could probably use a makeover,
too. Welcome to the behind-the-scenes world of reality TV in The Kitchen Shrink . . . an unexpected love story.

With tenderness, humor, drama, and the simplicity of real life, this original, endearing story reaches into the heart of friendship and relationships.

Unable to squirm out of this “it will be fun” opportunity, Lisby Shaw tries to juggle her upstairs-behind-the-scenes-life with her downstairs-in-front-of-the-camera persona, where everything she says and does can and will be used against her. She cannot believe what a freak show her life has become. At least no one knows about her crush on Sam, Sam, the Cameraman…

Lisby tries to find her way as the TV cameras capture her every move, zooming in on drama with her kids, her ex, her mom and her best friend. Stay tuned for Lisby’s extreme close-up as she becomes a jilted laughingstock on national TV. All is lost…or is it?

The Kitchen Shrink, finalist in the San Diego Book Awards Association.

Other books by Dee DeTarsio include The Scent of Jade, Ros, ‘Til Somebody Loves You (Romantic Comedy Quick-Pick), and Haole Wood.


It’s Pajama Time, RG2E Peeps! While you’re deciding which pajamas to tell us about in our comments section below, be sure to download Dee’s THE KITCHEN SHRINK, which is FREE on Amazon thru Friday!!!

Thanks Bunches for the terrific post, Dee, and for treating us with a Free Ebook! U rock!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


15 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Dee DeTarsio treats you to a Free Ebook and talks The Cat’s Pajamas!

  1. I wear a super comfy pink nightshirt……I love it! I put it on as soon as I get home…I take my bath put on my comfy shirt and cook dinner. I just don’t feel like I am home until I put it on…..wish I could figure out away to fit it into our dress code at work! Loved your article can’t wait to read your book.

  2. I got my free ebook and look forward to reading it. Thanks! My pajamas of choice is a pair of VS silky leopard print. They’re comfy in the winter and I’ ve had them 5 years! I can’t find any to replace them with although its time! They help keep my weight in check though. I can tell in the rear if I’m gaining weight! Until I find the perfect pair…

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