D. D. Scott on “Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas”

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One of the questions, as authors, that we get asked most is:

“Where do you get your story ideas?”

For me, story ideas often come from “the headlines,” but in addition, I also luuuvvv to ask quirky fab fun “what if” questions to get crankin’ on a new book.

Here’s an example from my short story STUCK WITH A SCHMUCK:

What if you’re stuck with a schmuck on Cupid’s Big Day?

That’s the superfab fun question I asked to get my muses goin’ on STUCK WITH A SCHMUCK, which is also the prequel to STUCK WITH A STIFF (Book One of my new Stuck with a Series).

We know there are fabulous stories about being with Mr. Right on Valentine’s Day, but what if instead of the prince, you ended up with the toad? 🙂

You can read this story, along with several additional and terrific Valentine-themed short stories in one of my WG2E Anthologies (the Viva La Valentine Edition):

Or, you can catch the story in STUCK WITH A STIFF, where it serves as the prequel:

Both books are available on Amazon , B&N Nook , and Smashwords (so Sony, Kobo, iTunes and more too).

It’s Your Turn, RG2E Peeps: Let me know below which of my books you’d like to know the “where I got the idea” scoop on, and I’ll fill you in…

Also, let me know if you’d love an Ebook Gift Copy of either the Valentine Anthology or Stuck with a Stiff, and you just might win one!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


22 thoughts on “D. D. Scott on “Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas”

  1. I get asked that question a lot, too: Where do you get your ideas?

    I tell them everywhere. I hear a story in the new and ask ‘what if this happened instead’? A lost kitten is found in the backyard. Where did it come from and how did it get here? My mind is always thinking ‘what if’.

    I’d love to enter to win a copy of the anthology. Kindle please.

  2. I would love to know where you got your ideas from for the Bootscooting Series! Thanks so much for sharing! I would love a copy of the Valentine Anthology please for my nook! Have a great weekend:)

    • Wavin’ atchya, Allyson!

      For the Bootscootin’ Books, it began with my love of all things Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and The City. But then…I asked “what if” Carrie Bradshaw really wanted to be a country chick and loved to Bootscoot…in her Blahniks. 🙂

      Just treated you to an Ebook Gift Copy of the Valentine Anthology for your Nook! Happy Reading!!!

  3. Hi, all!

    D.D. asked me to come by and say that she won’t be able to respond to comments for a few days. Her father is going to require emergency surgery, so she won’t be available. She just wanted me to let you know so that you didn’t think you were being ignored. Please keep them in your thoughts.

  4. The ideas for my Guardian Angels series comes from reading about the crazy and suicidal things teens do. Ideas for my romance series are based on different phrases/sayings. The wip I’m working on now is called ‘Don’t Get Mad’ short for don’t get mad, get even. So that is what my character is doing, getting even with her ex husband rather than getting mad at him, with a bit of help and push by her dead aunt.

    • No regrets so far, Divavixenqueen!!! I’ve tweaked ideas quite a bit by continuing to ask “well…what if this happened too,” but I’ve never totally abandoned an idea. For me and my muses, once I get an idea, it just won’t let go of me until it has its own turn on my pages. And, I get sooo many ideas, I don’t have time to write ’em all!!!

      Great question!

      I just sent you an Ebook Gift Copy of our WG2E Valentine Anthology! Happy Reading!!!

  5. I would love a copy of the Valentine Anthology for Amazon Kindle. I would like to know where you got your ideas from for the Bootscooting Series. D.D, i will keep you and your father in my prayers.

    • An Ebook Gift Copy is on its way to you now, Becky, and thanks sooo much for the sweet wishes for my dad! I’m a total Daddy’s Girl!

      For the Bootscootin’ Books, it was my luuuvvv of Music City (Nashville Tennessee) and my luuuvvv of Bootscootin’ on the dance floor at The Wildhorse Saloon there. I asked “what if that was Carrie Bradshaw’s (of Sex and The City fame) passion too…except she danced in her Blahniks instead of Boots…at first…”

      Then, as each of my characters came to life in that book – Bootscootin’ Blahniks, I began to plan for the second and third books in that series using the secondary characters from book one and more of my fave Nashville places like Meat n’ Three diners, which is the setting for book two – Stompin’ on Stetsons.

    • Just sent you your Kindle Gift Copy of the Valentine Anthology, bn100! Enjoy!

      For Muse Therapy, after 10+ years of pursuing publication the TradiPub way (i.e. trying to get published by The Big Six New York Publishers), I needed therapy! LOL! I’d had sooo many rotten experiences (and some great ones too) and was having a hard time finding the strength and stamina to keep on truckin’ to my very own Publishing Oz.

      Since I have a psychology degree, I thought I’d put it to good use and create a superfab fun, lol “therapy” program to help fellow writers keep their muses crankin’ out new pages while trying to learn the business side of publishing too.

      Even with Indie Epublishing, writers still need “therapy”…this is just a rough career on the business end. And it can be tough personally too. Sometimes, it’s tough for peeps to understand and live with writers. Just ask my DH and my dogs…

      It’s also tough to balance your creative energy with your business and entrepreneurship goals too! That’s what Muse Therapy does…it bridges the gap between those parts of writing-for-publication so a writer can keep on having lol fun while producing great books at great prices for all of you to enjoy! 🙂

  6. Im always curious. Thats probably the number one question i ask authors. I especially love it when they tell me about unique places, people and/or items that inspired them. 🙂 Its always fun to see what there answer will be! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Id love a copy of Valentine Anthology in kindle please. Thank you so much!! You have a wonderful weekend! Have fun! 😉

    • Just treated you to your Kindle Gift Copy, Shadow! Enjoy!

      Music City (Nashville Tennessee) inspires me! It’s just a great city with wonderful people who love all of the arts, not just music. I’m also a huge fan of Italy, specifically The Amalfi Coast (which is front and center in Lip Glock).

      Let’s see for people-based inspirations, for me, that would include Carrie Bradshaw (from Candace Bushnell’s Sex and The City), Will and Kate (as in The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) and James Bond. Oh, and The Mob too! 🙂

      Items that have inspired me would be a metal sculpture I have of the Eiffel Tower, a large painting of Audrey Hepburn, all of my Mickey Mouse figurines and snow globes. I have an IronMan bobblehead I adore, and an antique sepia print picture of my Great Aunt holding an open book. (These are all things around or on my writing desk.)

      Here’s the story behind my writing desk itself too, which inspires me every day:


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