RG2E Featured Author Diane McGyver talks Roosters and Telling Tales

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Here’s a fascinating look at the story behind a storyteller. Please give a hearty RG2E Welcome to Canadian Author Diane Lynn McGyver.

Take it away, Diane…

Thank you, DD, for having me as one of your Featured Authors and giving me the opportunity to meet RG2E readers. It’s great to be here.

I was a shy child. Being number ten in an eleven-child household will do that to a girl. My older and louder brothers often had centre stage. They out-weighed, out-ate and out-spoke me. Often I settled for sitting off to the side and listening to their stories.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved being in the audience, and I hung on their every word. My brothers told terrific stories. They were tales of fantasy, humour, adventure and Aesop’s Fables all rolled in to one. In an afternoon I could hear about the biggest fish caught in Bissett’s Lake, that getting lost along the First River can take hours to get home and that no one—no one!—should use a match to see if there is gas in a discarded gas tank!

Many times I tagged along with my older siblings seeking to share their adventures and see firsthand how they captured their stories. During the many excursions, they’ve pulled me out of rivers, built rafts that would later sink, came to my rescue when I flew off a rope swing and into a tree where I was knocked out cold and helped me put out the fire that threatened to burn down a forest.

Although I had little airtime at home, I spun tales outside with the neighbourhood kids and in school. On rainy days as we sat in the elementary classroom eating our lunches, I told these stories to my teachers and classmates. I’m sure I stretched the truth a wee bit—what kid doesn’t to impress their peers and elders—and I’m sure there were truths told that my teachers didn’t believe possible.

I narrated a mixture of true tales and ‘based on an actual event’ stories, captivating them with the adventures of an outgoing kid who had many opportunities to learn from the mistakes of her siblings.

Today as I blaze my own path of raising a mixture of animals on a small farm, I don’t have siblings to make the mistakes first; I’m the only farmer in the family. It’s their turn to hear fascinating stories of how I keep a free-spirited goat in her pen and keep turkeys from walking over our vehicles. They chuckle as I tell them about how we transported the doe to the exhibition—in the back of my Ford Focus wagon—and how many bales of hay I can stuff into that vehicle—my record is ten with room for one passenger in the front seat.

All our animals have names and some of them have made it into my first romance novel, “Pockets of Wildflowers”.

Rooster Cogburn, our white Chantecler rooster, is a peculiar fellow who follows me about as I go from one pen to another, keeping an eye on me and over his kingdom…err so he thinks. He acts the same way in the book.

The natural course of life has a way of introducing us to many characters and unique stories. As a writer, I’m fortunate enough to have a place to let those characters shine and share those tales with others who might also think they’re interesting.

Description of POCKETS OF WILDFLOWERS: Heritage agriculturalist Olivia Luttlegrove still mourns the tragic loss of her parents. To aid in the healing, she has created a haven on the farm that’s been in her family for generations.

John is a drifter who arrives in Scarinish with a secret and a mysterious past. When Olivia hires him as a farmhand, the passion ignites.

Love blossoms, but Olivia’s independent ways and John’s reluctance to share his secrets threaten their future together. Outside forces wreak havoc on their private sanctuary, and the past rushes in. Can they accept the truth? Or will their love be lost forever?

Word Count: 36,366 words (a quick check on the Internet says this is a novella (under 40,000 words), although two sources stated novellas topped out at 25,000 words. So I’d say this is at the high end of the novella books.

Price: $2.99

My Bio:

Diane Lynn McGyver lives on a small farm in Nova Scotia, Canada where she raises Cotswold sheep, Toggenburg goats and heritage breed chickens. She’s been writing since she could hold a pencil. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications since 1998.

Diane has also written a fantasy novel, Shadows in the Stone, and several short stories, Mutated Blood Lines, Dancing in the Shine and The Man Who Reads Obituaries. Look for her short story, Miss Tuttle’s Lemon Tarts, and her holiday romance, Twistmas, this fall.

Connect with me:

Website: http://dianelynnmcgyver.com

Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/dianelynnmcgyver

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5832397.Diane_Lynn_McGyver

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/dianelynnmcgyver 

Ten people will receive an ebook gift copy of “Pockets of Wildflowers”. You need only make a comment below. The book is fresh off the presses, so fresh it hasn’t yet had time to reach all outlets. For this particular giveaway, I can offer electronic copies from both Kindle and Smashwords.

Thanks, DD, for having me in your electronic world as a guest and introducing me the wonderful RG2E readers.


This is fabulous, Diane! And I just luuuvvv your writing. You have that special ability to transport us to locations you’re writing about. It’s as if we were all on the river rafts with you! 🙂 I luv that!!!

Thanks Bunches for joining our RG2E Community and for treating RG2E Peeps to Ebook Gifts! U rock!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

23 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Diane McGyver talks Roosters and Telling Tales

  1. What a sweet personal story! I bet some of your classmates and teachers remember the tales you shared on those rainy days. I love your title & book cover. And Olivia’s story sounds like one I’d like to read. All the best! 🙂

  2. What a great story! Thanks for sharing! And your book sounds very good! Pretty cover! 😉 Id love to read this! If i win, may i have a kindle copy please? Thank you so much!! You have a wonderful day! It was great meeting you! 😉

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  5. Pockets of Wildflowers sounds like a very good story. I love finding new authors and learning something about them. Diane, I enjoyed reading this personal story about yourself. It reminds me about my own childhood and being raised on a small farm.

  6. Oh what a great story! I bet it is great having all those animals and Im impressed about the hay that isn’t a easy task! Your book sounds great and I would love a copy from smashwords if I win! It was nice meeting you and I look forward to reading your books! Enjoy your day!

    • Giggling…no, it was no easy task, but fun! When my kids say, ‘you can’t do that’, I ask, “Is that a challenge?” and do my whatever I can to do it. I love challenges; it’s the best part of life, and at times the most craziest. But it’s all in fun. Boy, the stories my kids have to pass on to their kids. Thanks for reading, Allyson. It was great to meet you.

  7. Good Mornng,
    Welcome to RG2E! So glad you stopped by and shared your story and background.
    I enjoy the opportunity the this site provides to both authors and readers. Talk about WIN WIN.
    I would love to read Pockers of Wildflowers. May I have a copy for Kindle please.
    Thank You so much.

  8. Thanks for sharing the fascinating details of your childhood. It brought me back to mine for a few minutes and made me think of how different we were as children. I am glad to know that there’s been a story in you from so early on. It makes me excited to read your stories.

    • Steve, if we arm him, we’ll have to arm the rest of the roosters, too, to make it fair. And then we’d have to have sniper patrols…but the eye patch just might work. Of course, if we did arm Rooster, we wouldn’t need the cat to take care of the rats. Thanks for dropping by.

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