The Top Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Mess With RG2E Featured Author Tamara Ward’s Heroine, Jade O’Reilly, PI…

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Amazon Bestselling Mystery Author Tamara Ward presents you with the first in a new series – PRIVATE DECEPTION – and the top five reasons you don’t want to mess with the novel’s heroine, Jade O’Reilly, PI!

Take it away, Tamara…

Hello, RG2E friends!

What happens when you’re a private investigator and the man you photograph cheating on his wife one night ends up dead the next morning?

That’s the situation facing private investigator Jade O’Reilly, the heroine in my new mystery series that begins with PRIVATE DECEPTION.

Top 5 reasons not to mess with Jade O’Reilly, PI

1. One of her three older brothers might track you down.

2. Her favorite shoes, a pair of combat boots (with cute plaid lining).

3. Her shotgun and rifle collection (she nails her target almost every time).

4. She’s got the skills (and access to special databases) to uncover your secrets.

5. You don’t mess with girls raised in the south (Jade hails from the fictional coastal town of Sweetwater, NC).

Here’s the book blurb:

Sassy private investigator Jade O’Reilly thinks she’s hit rock bottom when, in the midst of obtaining photos of a cheating spouse in a second-story apartment, she falls off a swing set to the feet of an attractive mystery man. But the next day, when Jade discovers the man’s identity—he’s a detective with the local Sweetwater, NC, police—she learns that the cheating spouse was murdered and Jade herself is a suspect. Rock bottom just got a new definition.

On Amazon

In paperback

On other ebook sites October 30

Leave a comment for your chance to win one of five copies of PRIVATE DECEPTION on the ereader of your choice! As the ebooks become available (on other platforms besides Amazon), I’ll gift them to you.


“Private Deception dishes up a complex but clean plot that is given depth by smart, well-crafted dialogue; enough twists and turns to hold the reader’s interest; and an array of characters any reader will quickly learn to care about. And take my word for it, once you read it, Tamara Ward will become a writer you, as the reader, will want to follow.”

“Getting to know Jade was such a great experience, as the layers of her life are revealed, and how what happened in her past affects her present. … This kept me guessing up to the end.”

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Happy reading,

Tamara Ward


I luuuvvv Top 5 Lists, and yours totally rocks, Tamara!  I’ve got this one on my Kindle already and can’t wait to read it!!!

Thanks Bunches for chatting with us and Ebook Gifting us too!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


29 thoughts on “The Top Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Mess With RG2E Featured Author Tamara Ward’s Heroine, Jade O’Reilly, PI…

    • Thanks! I’ll gift you a copy when the book is available on Nook late this month. Just let me know your email address! Feel free to email me at tamara.ward (at) rocketmail (dot) com. Thanks again!

  1. So many reasons to love Jade! i have PRIVATE DECEPTION on my Kindle, awaiting my reading pleasure. You just gave me a few good reasons to bump it up my TBR list. I’ve been looking for a good shot gun, LOL. Does Jade prefer the Remington 870 or does she carry a Mosberg?

  2. Good morning Major Tam!
    I’m already in love with Jade from Jade O’ Reilly and the Midnight Shift. I’ll buy a copy of this one, so save the gift for another reader. 😉
    BTW, GRITS are awesome!

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