RG2E Featured Author Nancy Lee Badger talks “Mixing Historical and Present Day Worlds”

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Here’s a terrific way to Mix Historical Worlds with Present Day Worlds, compliments of RG2E Featured Author Nancy Lee Badger.

Take it away, Nancy…

History classes bored me in high school until I picked up a book set in the past. I was hooked! When I turned to writing my own stories, with an eye toward publication, I initially shied away from writing anything filled with history since I hadn’t quite paid attention in class. Contemporary romance was comforting; something I knew; something sellable.

After writing several books, I tried something historical. Eek! What was I thinking? I had a paranormal story in my head, but needed a setting. I used books, maps, and the internet to pick an uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland. It sounded perfect for a dragon’s lair. While searching, I discovered that a brutal massacre had occurred in the 16th century on another island. I incorporated the two islands as well as the historical event to spin an idea into Dragon’s Curse, released by Whispers Publishing in 2010.

Several books later, this brings me to why I tried Indie publishing. While volunteering at the New Hampshire Highland Games every September, I noticed history was all around me. How much easier it is to see, hear, and smell the history up close! Using this free info, I created my self-published series set partially at Scottish Highland games. I love writing a book, creating a cover, and uploading it everywhere: I love it as much as traveling. The freedom to write the book of my heart, and the ability to use what I know, is priceless.

And the royalties keep coming.

With my trusty camera, I photographed the sight of hunky guys wearing colorful kilts. With my video button, I recorded marching bands and bagpipers in action. My taste buds sampled the haggis, meat pies, and shortbread. I filled the pages of my notebook with ideas for plots, characters, and events that might find their way into a book. Many of the ideas morphed into the first book in a series I call the Highland Games Through Time. My Honorable Highlander, the first book, is a Scottish time travel romance that includes a page-turning battle then transports the reader to the fictional New England Highland Games. Athletics, Scottish food, marching bands, Highland dancers, sword fights, and kilt-wearing Highlanders fill the pages. There are plenty of plot ideas just waiting to be discovered and used in the next few books in the series.

I used historical fact to bring my self-published time travel series to life. Mixing Scottish history with present day events worked for me. Have you, as a reader, ever come across a place or an event that you’d just love to see in a fictional setting (as in a book) too? If so, please share it with us.

Nancy Lee Badger < www.nancyleebadger.blogpsot.com > is the author of My Honorable Highlander, and My Banished Highlander, the 1st and 2nd installments of the Highland Games through Time Series. Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, and the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers. She is a firm believer in ‘Paying it forward’. You can email her at nancy@nancyleebadger.com.

My Honorable Highlander is available in e-book and in print on Amazon , B&N Nook and Smashwords

Price: $4.99

Nancy’s Amazon Author Page:  http://amzn.to/TdaHfK

Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of this one? Let us know below, and you just might win a copy from Nancy!


Fascinating Story Behind The Story Peek, Nancy! Thanks sooo much! And thanks for treating our RG2E Peeps with Ebook Gift Copies too!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


23 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Nancy Lee Badger talks “Mixing Historical and Present Day Worlds”

  1. My biggest dream is to visit Scotland, and while I’m there I’d love to see how they participate in the Highland Games because of what I’ve read in a fictional book. I would love to read My Honorable Highlander on my kindle.

  2. I am just going to HAVE to read your books!
    I fell in love with the HIghlands on a holiday there ten years ago. Now I own a house on the Black Isle, just above Inverness, and I spend as much time there as I can, writing. Everything about the area is so inspiring – the scenery, the fresh, sweet air, the amazing history, the people.
    I have just finished writing an Urban Fantasy set – you’ve guessed it – in Inverness! And I have an agent interested – yay!
    I’d love to read My Honorable Highlander on my kindle as I’m sure it will provide me with yet more inspiration as I start writing the second of my series.

    • You are living MY dream! Someday, I will visit Scotland and get first-hand inspiration. Until then, visiting various Highland Games in America will have to do for inspiration.

      • You absolutely MUST. Even after ten years, I couldn’t tire of it. I spend about ten weeks a year up here (yes, I’m writing this from the HIghlands, right now) and I love it more every time I come. Took a drive around the West Coast last week – breathtaking. Mountains, muirs, lochs and waterfalls, not to mention the amazing wildlife.
        This is my retirement plan – ultimately I will settle here full time. You’ll have to come visit 🙂

  3. Good morning,
    How wonderful for you to be able to physically experience your words, and live your book.
    I can appreciate your love of the Highland games. My heritage takes me there as well.
    I attend the games as often as possible (my cousin competes).
    Best wishes for continued success.
    I would love a copy of “My Honorable Highlander” for my Kindle.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Barbara, what does your cousin compete in? There are so many things…Highland dance, marching bands, lone pipers, athletics, etc. So much to see and do at the games!

      • Highland Dance.
        I love the excitement, the sounds and smells and all that Tartan!
        We attended a wedding and kilts outnumbered trousers. What fun we had.

  4. Great post! I love reading stories that are set in the Scottish Highlands. Besides love reading about Scottish history in fictional settings, I also love to read stories dealing with Ireland’s history. I would love a copy of My Honorable Highlander for Amazon Kindle.

  5. I love anything set in Scotland or Ireland. These settings just hold a fascination for me. (Maybe because all the guys are always hunky!) I would love a copy of My Honorable Highlander for Kindle.

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  7. Nancy, what a great piece on how you mix today’s time into your historicals. I would love to see the falls on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville be put into a book. I know they used the Estate in the filming of Last of The Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis & Russell Means. I love anything Scottish and Irish. Both of these beautiful countries on my bucket list. I’m shooting for Ireland next year and the following year Scotland.
    Who knows maybe I will find my sexy Highlander or my Celtic Lord. I would love to read My Honorable Highlander on my Kindle. Take care and thanks for sharing.

    Teresa K.

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