RG2E Featured Author Lily Silver wants to know “Do You Believe in Fairies?”

Happy Thursday, RG2E Peeps!

Here’s a superfab fun question from RG2E Featured Author Lily Silver

“Do You Believe in Fairies?”

I’ve always had a weak spot for fairies. It all started with Tinkerbell, that cute little pixie-like creature with wings when I was a little girl. Tink in Peter Pan captured my fancy by the time I was four years old. My fascination with fairies has stayed with me, but matured over the years from the cartoon icon of Disney’s creation. When I started writing Some Enchanted Waltz a few years ago, I realized I needed to do some research into Irish myths and legends as my story was set in 18th century Ireland, a land imbued with magic, myth and mystery.



My research into Celtic lore led me to a wonderful legend that was faithfully recorded by Lady Wilde, Oscar Wilde’s mother. It goes like this:

“At certain seasons of the year, Fairy Queens make Great Efforts to carry off the fine stalwart young men of the country to the fairy palace in the cleft of the hills. Or they attempt to lure them to their dancing grounds, where the men are lulled into dreams by the sweet, subtle fairy music and forget home, kith and kindred, and never desire to return again to their own people. Even if the spell is broken and they are brought back by some strong incantation, they are never the same; for everyone knows by the dream look in their eyes that they have danced with the fairies on the hill, and been loved by one of the beautiful race, who, when they take a fancy to a handsome mortal lover, cast their spells over him with restless power.”

The Book of Irish Cures, Mystic Charms & Superstitions

By Lady Wilde 1896

I was elated to discover this passage because of the inherent romance element it created for the hero and heroine. I had already created the character of Lord Dillon to be Irish Patriot fighting with the United Irishmen in the Rebellion of 1798. And, I had already created my heroine, Tara, as a modern day college educated woman thrust back through time and rescued by Lord Dillon after she’s captured by soldiers. I still needed to create a plausible reason for the hero to take her into his protection and to insist they marry quickly. Once I found the above passage, I realized Lord Dillon would believe Tara was of the Fey Race, and thus, he would be completely enchanted with her. The storyline and my characters didn’t let me leave it there. Lord Dillon keeps insisting that Tara is a fairy who had lost her way among the mortals. Tara believes he’s just deluded and superstitious. Perhaps he is. But maybe, just maybe, Lord Dillon is right after all. 🙂

In researching fairy lore in Ireland, I came across the most intriguing book of true stories recorded by an Irish journalist who went around interviewing people about their encounters with the Fae. The name of this book, if you are interested, is Meeting the Other Crowd; the fairy stories of hidden Ireland, [collected and edited by Edie Lenihan with Carolyn Eve Green]. In this book I found countless interviews of people being contacted or abducted by strange folk when walking home alone a road. Many people in Ireland still revere the fey race and speak of them in cautious tones. The Fey are referred to in conversation as The Good People or The Other Crowd, so as not to offend them. It is considered very bad luck to build a home on a Fairy mound or too near it. Those who do so are known to have come to ruin.

Interesting thing to to point out is that when people see these ‘Other Folk’ they are not tiny people with wings as we think of when we imagine fairies. The ‘Other Folk’ the Irish refer to are described in these encounters as being human in appearance, the same size as we are but with an otherworldly aura about them, something magical, almost frightening and yet very beautiful and alluring.

Even today in Ireland, it is bad luck to say anything derogatory about the Good People. In one such incident from Meeting the Other Crowd, two women were driving down a winding country road in their car one night, discussing the existence of Fairies. The driver scoffed at the idea and within seconds of her derisive laughter, their car stalled, dead–nothing–nada. The women were now stranded alone on a dark, winding country road–in our century, no less. After the woman driving profusely apologized to the Other Folk, her car started again!

When we consider the reverence of modern people in this magical land for the Fae Race, it’s not too hard to believe that a man in an earlier century would be completely and utterly besotted when he lays eyes on a beautiful and enchanted woman he has taken into his protection.

If you ask Lord Dillon the question: “Do You Believe in Fairies?”

His answer is immediate: “Aye, I’m in love with one.”

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Some Enchanted Waltz: A Time Travel Romance 

When a violent storm spawns power outages, radio DJ Tara O’Neill must keep broadcasting severe warnings to local residents without electrical power. As the storm intensifies and dead air devours the airwaves, Tara must reboot the transmitter to get back on the air. Lightning strikes as Tara reboots the system, hurtling her through time.

Lord Dillon needs a bride, immediately, to escape his enemy’s snare. He has always respected the Fairy Race. As a boy, he played with them in the secret glen and was warned that one day he would be called upon to shelter one of their own who has lost her way among mortals.

Tara appears just when he needs her, a strange woman with no memory; a wounded woman needing his protection. A beguiling woman with fey features and a strange tattoo of fairy wings across her back . . .

Memories collide with terrifying dreams of being kidnapped by a Darkling Fey Prince, making Tara uncertain of her true origins. Has she been sent to Adrian as he insists to save him from some disastrous fate? As they journey to Dublin, little does Tara realize her husband’s business there is rebellion. The United Irishmen are set to seize the government and free Ireland from English rule.

Can Tara prevent Adrian from dying for a cause destined to fail?


“I’m afraid this is all that Maggie could find for me.” Tara informed him. “ I’d much prefer a pair of blue jeans and a comfortable sweatshirt to such finery.”

Lord Dillon crossed the room to stand beside her. “A sweaty shirt? Why should a lady wish to wear such a disgusting garment?”

She laughed. The delicate, musical sound only added to her seductive charms. “I’m assuming wearing pants here is entirely out of the question?”

“A young lady shouldn’t speak of men’s breeches in polite company, much less wear them.”  He chastened and immediately regretted his harshness. He had no right to chide her. She was an enchanted being. Irritating her or those who had sent her to him was tantamount to blasphemy. He’d bring a curse on his head and those of his people.  “Women in this realm are not as free in their behavior as your race, I’m afraid.”

“Ah, yes, a woman’s place is in the home, and all that.” She laughed again, amused rather than annoyed by his impertinent outburst. Her mirth evoked the image of a naughty fairy come to taunt the inconsistency of mortal ways. “Well, Lord Dillon, as I am not a woman of your . . . realm . . . as you put it, I will not bow to male chauvinism or adhere to queer customs of a selfish caveman.”

“You speak passing strange.” Adrian remarked. “I implore you to abide by our customs, my dear. To do otherwise would bring scandal and suspicion upon us both. We want you to blend in, not stand out and draw attention to your fey bloodlines.”

Tara frowned, carefully considering his words. “So, you’re saying that if I stand out too much here, it could be dangerous?”

“Yes. Not all men take kindly to those of your race. Some would entrap you, keep you a prisoner and attempt to extract your magic from you by foul means. They would make you their slave, Tara, like a Genie trapped in a bottle. You would be at the mercy of vile men like the ones I rescued you from last week in the barn.”

His words upset her. She sucked in her lower lip and hugged herself in a gesture of self comfort. He wasn’t a cad. He didn’t take any pleasure in frightening women, yet it was better this way, better to have her curb her fey inclinations and appear to belong in his world. Better for both of their sakes. He’d sworn to protect her; he’d sworn long ago to shelter and protect a member of the Sidhe race who had lost her way among the mortals.

In exchange for his protection, she would also protect him from Burke’s scheme.

“You are safe here, Tara.” Adrian couldn’t help adding, “I promise you, by becoming my wife you will have the protection of my name, my title, and my sword. This fortress will be your home. You’ll be safe from the world beyond our gates. And you will live in luxury, Sweet Tara. As Lady Dillon, you will want for nothing.”

Tara stared at the tapestry on the wall beyond him, appearing deep in thought. “Except for a cell phone connection, the internet,” Tara muttered, more to herself than to him. “Starbucks and indoor plumbing.” She released a wearied breath and drew her gaze back to him.

About Lily:

Lily Silver lives in Northeastern Wisconsin in a lovely old Victorian house with her husband, their German Shepherd and three charming cats. Lily studied history and humanistic studies at UW-Green Bay and has degrees in both disciplines. She loves to read historical romance, so it seemed only natural that she would turn to writing them. When not writing, Lily can be found in her art studio painting watercolors or behind a camera as she is an avid nature photographer.

Lily has published two full length historical fiction novels and one contemporary romance to date {Dark Hero: A Gothic Romance  & Some Enchanted Waltz; A Time Travel Romance & The Rock Star Next Door}. She is currently working on the sequel to Dark Hero, Bright Scoundrel, which will be released in December.  Lily also has published a free historical/paranormal romance in serial form on her website. The Gypsy’s Curse can be found in weekly installments at http://lilysilver.webs.com/


Wonderfully magickal and fascinating, Lily! Thanks sooo much for sharing your world with us and for the terrific Ebook Gift Copies too!!!

I’ll definitely be checking out this book!!! And your Gypsy Curse in serial format too!!! 🙂

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


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  1. I was instantly drawn to this post, as I, too, have a love of all things Fae. My YA books are about the Fae and I find the whole mythology fascinating. I got to the party late, as I wasn’t able to get on my pc all day. But if you still have a copy to giveaway I would love one for my kindle. my email is a_pensy(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    Thank you

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