RG2E Featured Author Mary Campisi talks “Writing from The Family Trenches with Four Teenagers and an Accident-Prone Mother”

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!

Here’s a terrific Writing Life Behind-The-Scenes Peek from RG2E Featured Author Mary Campisi

I wrote NOT YOUR EVERYDAY HOUSEWIFE from the trenches. If you’ve been there, you’ll know what I’m talking about….does the word teenager make you shudder? My husband and I blended our families, his two, my three. At one point, we had four teenagers in the house. Four of them were girls. Can you say estrogen? There were a few years with three in college at the same time. My husband could give lessons on filling out FAFSA forms. With the blended family, came the exes. Some play nice, some are like my ex-husband. Ahem. Enough said.

Mix in the visit from my mother where she tripped over her suitcase and fell into the door—the night before she was heading to California to stay with my brothers. I drove her to the ER at 3:00 a.m. where the doctor loaded her up with pain meds and said she’d broken her humerus. She spent the next month sleeping on the recliner in our living room with me on the couch. Two months later, after several trips to the physical therapist, my oldest brother flew in to escort her to California. Suitcases are now prohibited in her room.

The night my mother fell into the door was also the night my middle daughter suffered a high fever and night sweats which resulted in a doctor visit the next morning, a pneumonia diagnosis, and admission to the hospital. I spent the next four days between my mother in her recliner and my sixteen year old in a hospital bed. Despite my lack of sleep and horrible stress, I did not once suffer the migraines which plague me when I sleep too little and stress too much. God was indeed watching over me.

Somewhere along the way, I wondered if I could disappear for a little while. Maybe come back in a day? Two? Even after dinner? I’d even fix dinner first. That’s when I got the idea for NOT YOUR EVERYDAY HOUSEWIFE. Life happens. I didn’t run away, instead I ran into the book and wrote it for every woman who will read it and think of her own stories.

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By the way, the kids are grown, four out of college, self-supporting, and truly a pleasure. The last one is slowly working her way through college. She’s still a work in progress…maybe to get me all geared up in case I need to write a sequel! As for my mom, she’s visiting at the moment which means eight more days of great cooking, baking, and reminiscing! And all I have to do is keep her upright…


A wise and humorous tale of living large after 40 as women finally make peace with themselves- wrinkles, blubber, neuroses, exes, and all.

Three women embark on a month long ‘discovery’ journey and uncover quite a few tidbits along the way…one bottle of Clairol Midnight will not cover a full head of red hair, and never talk to men wearing polyester pants hiked up with a tan belt. But most of what they unearth is about themselves—who they are, what they really want, what they really DON’T want. The center of controversy is a Maid-for-You mixer which symbolizes a boring, routine suburban life with NO second chances—then along comes insight in the form of Tula Rae, a sixty-something Salsa dancing, Dalai Lama quoting, four time widow in spandex and a gray braid who gives them a different perspective on life, love, do-overs and the real reason a man buys his woman a Maid-for-You mixer, (which she says is all about S-E-X.)

About Mary:

Mary Campisi should have known she’d become a writer when at age thirteen she began changing the endings to all the books she read. It took several years and a number of jobs, including registered nurse, receptionist in a swanky hair salon, accounts payable clerk, and practice manager in an OB/GYN office, for her to rediscover writing. Enter a mouse-less computer, a floppy disk, and a dream large enough to fill a zip drive. The rest of the story lives on in every book she writes.

When she’s not working on her craft or following the lives of five young adult children, Mary’s digging in the dirt with her flowers and herbs, cooking, reading, walking her rescue lab mix, Cooper, or on the prefect day, riding off into the sunset with her very own “hero” husband, on his Electra Glide Classic aka Harley.

Mary has been published with Kensington, Carina Press, The Wild Rose Press, and Jocelyn Hollow Romance. Two years ago, she began digitally self-publishing her front and backlist books. In October, four short months after she offered her contemporary romance, A Family Affair, as a free download on Amazon, Mary had over half a million downloads! She continues to enjoy her self-publishing journey and is currently working on her next book.

Connect with Mary:

website:   www.marycampisi.com

e-mail:     mary@marycampisi.com

blog:        http://www.marycampisi.com/

twitter:     https://twitter.com/#!/MaryCampisi

facebook  http://www.facebook.com/marycampisibooks


Wow! Talk about having your hands full, Mary! I can’t wait to read how this translated into your book!!!

Okay, RG2E Peeps, who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of NOT YOUR EVERYDAY HOUSEWIFE?! Let us know below, and you just might win one from Mary!!!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


9 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Mary Campisi talks “Writing from The Family Trenches with Four Teenagers and an Accident-Prone Mother”

  1. This book sounds like a hoot! I would love one for my Kindle. Thanks for bringing this book and author to my attention.

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by today and Happy December! Writing this book was a great stress reliever. Romance Junkies called it ‘Desperate Housewives meets Thelma and Louise plus one’…

  3. What a great story, talk about turning negetives to positive!
    My mother (a klutz – I too can navigate an ER) says God only gives you what you can handle.
    I think he gave you a great gift.
    I would love to read Not You Everyday Housewife on my Kindle.
    Best wishes for continued success.

    • Hi Barb- my mother says the same thing about God only giving us what we can handle! She is heading to CA next Thursday…just a few more days on my watch and we haven’t had snow in Ohio yet…so hoping she’ll make it out before then! Have a great day and thanks for the post.

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