RG2E Featured Author Jamie Salisbury on Diving into the Epublishing World

Happy Sunday, RG2E Peeps!

Here’s the scoop on RG2E Featured Author Jamie Salisbury’s dive into the Epublishing World…

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I cannot imagine a time when I did not write. A skill that has served me well throughout my diversified professional career that encompassed public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing, and special event planning.

An avid reader of history, biographies, and romance it’s only natural that I prefer to write romances with characters said to be “so authentic they spring forth from the page and shake the reader’s hand.” No stranger to life threatening situations I pull from life experience when I create my stories. Such as when my family had to escape Chile when I was a teen because of the unstable political climate.

Unable to walk great distances  as a result of  several foot surgeries, I started writing once again as a way to pass the time. With the completion of my first novel Perpetual Love I dove head first into the eBook and digital publishing paradigm. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to grab the publishing industry by the shoulders and force it to pay attention to all I have to offer.

Today, I’m treating you to an Excerpt from one of my books…

timelessSoujournFinallMed (2)

Timeless Sojourn blurb

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this!”, has become the mantra in Anne Harrison’s head since her recent divorce. She was too old to be here…to be single. Melancholy and unsure about anything Anne takes her long time friend Kat’s advice and gets back to her roots…in Seattle. There she hopes to connect with that long ago girl from her childhood and find her confidence again.

Devilishly handsome, arrogant, and cocky Geoffrey Quinn is a man of success. He’s also a man of layers and most people can’t get past what he portrays. No one until Anne.

The last thing either of these people are looking for is a relationship. Anne finds Geoff highly irritating (and young!) at his best, while Geoffrey finds her magnetic and wise.

Seemingly unsuitable and unplanned attractions lights a fiery passion this duo never expected.

Will they take a chance on passion? If they do what happens when the blaze recedes? What will be left ashes or embers?


Fall in the Northwest is quite different from that in north Georgia. It gets cold soon after Labor Day and not being able to go outside and walk without freezing is a drawback.

I have extended my walking perimeter to include a park just off the public docks not far from Kat’s home. I go to sit on one of the many benches lined up along the walkway to watch the boats and goings on.

“Beautiful afternoon, isn’t it?” An Irish brogue behind me inquires.

Without moving to try and see who I’m talking to I merely nod my head. I know who is addressing me.

“May I?” He asked, sitting beside me.

“It’s a free country last time I heard,” I answered regretting my cockiness immediately.

“So, Ms. Harrison, what brings you to Seattle?”

I sit up and look at him. He is extremely good looking I think. “I went through a bad divorce and my girlfriend Kat convinced me I needed a fresh start. So here I am.”

“Kat? Kat Brown?”

“Yes. That’s right, I forgot. You know her beau, Tom Delany, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know Tom quite well. And I’ve met Kat as well.” he replied putting his sunglasses on top of his head. His hair is thick, cut and kept in the fashionable tousled look.

“Do you live around here Geoff?” I inquired noting to myself that if he doesn’t he’s come out of his way.

“No, I live over on Lake Union. I have a houseboat there. I keep my sailboat moored here.” He points out toward the end of the docks where sailboats stay moored, their masts bobbing up and down in the water.

“Hmmm… a houseboat, huh? That fits you, Geoff.”

“I love it, no yard to keep up,” he replied. “It’s centrally located and ideal for a bachelor like me.”

“I’ll have to remember that when it comes time for me to buy.” Ha, I think to myself. It’ll be a cold day in you-know-where before I can buy myself anything, let alone a house.

“Do you sail?”

I nod my head. “Yes, although I have to admit it’s been years.”

“Good. Perhaps you’ll join me sometime.”

Looking down at my watch I note it’s later than I thought. “I’d like that.” I replied. “I hate to rush off, but Kat is preparing for a function and I promised her I’d help her out after I took my walk.”

He stands with me and takes my hand. “I enjoyed your company. Until next time, Ms. Anne Harrison.”

#   #   #

I could just imagine the shocked look on my face when I looked across the aisle from where I was seated one Sunday morning and saw Geoffrey Quinn. Of all the churches in town I had to pick the one he attended. Not knowing whether he came in before or after me I maintained my composure by ignoring the fact he was so close. During a couple of key elements of the service our eyes met and he was cordial but still all I could think was getting out of there. That wasn’t to happen.

“You’re always in a hurry, Ms. Anne Harrison,” I heard his Irish brogue boom from behind me as I walked toward my car. “Why is that?”

I turned around to face him and almost bumped right into him. Damn why couldn’t he be some bald, fat guy instead of this hunk standing in front of me.

“I didn’t realize I was,” I replied.

“Yes, I think you do. Does it perhaps have something to do with me?” There it was again. That tone of arrogance creeping through.

“You wish,” I replied, quickly turning myself back around.

I heard him chuckle, “Could I interest you in lunch?”

“I don’t think so, but thanks for asking.”

“Oh come on, Anne. It isn’t like I’m asking you out on a date. It’s only lunch.”

“No, really Geoffrey, I can’t. Not today. I’m going to meet my sister for lunch. She’s just in town for the week-end and I haven’t seen her since I moved back.”

“Very well, a rain check then for dinner, say this coming Friday evening?”

“That would be fine. Thank you. Call me with details okay?” I arrived at my car grateful to be able to leave.

Geoffrey opened my door. “Friday it is. I’ll call you tomorrow with details. Enjoy your lunch with your sister.”

Copyright ©2012 Jamie Salisbury


Connect with Jamie:

Blog: http://www.jamiesalisburyauthor.blogspot.com

Website: http://www.jamiesalisbury.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamie-Salisbury-Womans-Fiction-Author/202978499741542

Romance Novel Center: http://www.romancenovelcenter.com/jamiesalisbury

Twitter: @JamieRSalisbury


Fun stuff, Jamie! Thanks sooo very much for sharing your journey with us and for the excerpt too! You can definitely feel the chemistry between Geoffrey and Ann.

Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of TIMELESS SOJOURN? Let us know below, and you just might win one! 🙂

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



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  1. I would love a copy of Timeless Sojourn for my Kindle fire.. I remember a time I my life when I used the same words as Kat “It wasn’t suppose to be like this” I can relate.

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