RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat

Happy Tuesday, RG2E Peeps!

Here’s RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon on what it’s like for an author to step into the Indie Epublishing World.

Take it away Steve…


I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.

That’s right.

I know sweet diddly squat about digital publishing.

I got into the whole e-book side of things back in the summer of 2011.

I’ve got about twenty e-books out on the open market.

Some have been released through the regional traditional publisher, Nimbus Publishing, whom I have written seven books for – including my latest project MARITIME MURDER – a collection of nineteen true crime stories culled from the pages of maritime history. I have little control over these releases – being dependent upon my publisher to get them out there and noticed. I do some promotion work – which amounts to basically pointing at them and saying see – they are out there. Nimbus, in turn, distributes these books – both in e-book and traditional paperback format – to bookstores all across Canada and in other outlets. They do a fine job and sell several thousand copies of my work every year – and pay me my royalties twice a year.

I have released another swarm of e-books through a small-but-growing company known as Crossroad Press. These e-books represented my first efforts at exploiting digital publication. They are all of a single genre – horror and make me a modest profit of about fifty to a hundred dollars a month. I would like to see them sell a little better – both to make myself some more money, as well as to make some profit for Crossroad Press.

As of November I have begun releasing my own e-books – hiring professional artists and taking care of the formatting myself. The first volume of my YA sci-fic serial FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE ONE is now permanently free and has “sold” over 2000 free copies since November 20th – and continues to move. This, in turn, has sparked the sale of two other episodes in the serial, and a fourth episode is on the way. I am hoping that this one will be the one to catch fire – and it might.

Flash Virus Kindle format (1)

But I’m just guessing.

There are an awful lot of smart people out here in the internet. There are more self-publishing gurus then you shake a Jeff Bezos sanctified sales mantra at – but I am here to tell you that the single biggest thing that you can do to get your work noticed is to get out there and get to work.

Get the heck off Facebook. Get the heck off Twitter. Cease and desist your non-stop blogging and get down to writing something new and smart and entertaining.

Get it out there where people can see it and then get back to work on your next bit of writing. That’s what we writers really need to do. Push that next bit of work out there.

Then, maybe when you have ten or twenty or thirty new releases out there in the cyber-ether we call the internet – then – MAYBE – you might want to think about promotion.

This is a slow game that we writers play. You’ve got to think of each e-book you put out as a seed planted in your own particular garden. As you put down seed after seed you don’t know which one is going to flourish. You just continue plunking them down into the dirt and fertilizing them to the best of your capabilities. Someday you look up and the whole backyard is awash in glorious Technicolor as bloom after bloom is waving happily in the breeze – unless maybe you were planting turnips.

Making it as a writer of e-books demands an inner fortitude and a perseverance that goes far beyond stupidity. You have to put on your long-seeing glasses and look down the road – one year or two years or maybe even three.

Every month I sell a little bit more. Every month I write a little harder and try to put another e-book out there. There are tricks and techniques that will nudge you closer to the success we all crave – but beyond all else a writer’s single best promotional tool is their very next book. Each book you send out is a flare shot up into the darkness.

Keep plunking down them seeds and give your garden time to grow.

Remember – writing is nothing more than waiting, misspelled.

Of course – what do I know?

Sweet diddly squat.


So – let me tell you what you can do to help my efforts out.

Swing on over to Amazon and pick up a free copy of FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE ONE.


It’s free. Won’t cost you a thin dime.

(has anybody EVER seen a fat dime???)

And you can pick up a FREE copy of FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE ONE

At Kobo


At Amazon.com


Follow Steve’s blog over here – http://stevevernonstoryteller.wordpress.com/

Twitter Steve at @SteveVernon

Steve’s Goodreads Page – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/224179.Steve_Vernon

Amazon Author’s Pagehttp://www.amazon.com/SteveVernon/e/B002BMD282/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/stevevernon007

Kobo Page –  http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=%22Steve+Vernon%22&t=none&f=author&p=1&s=averagerating&g=both

What do you think, RG2E Peeps…Does an Author treating you to a FREE Ebook help you discover and try that author then go on to buy their books? Where are you finding your FREE Ebooks?


Thanks bunches for the FREE Ebook, Steve, and for sharing what it’s like to venture into the Indie Epublishing World!!! U rock!!! 🙂

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



7 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat

  1. You are a good man, Steve. I enjoyed your post very much. It’s good to know there are fellow ‘don’t know diddly squat’ men out there. I am a proud member myself. Funny thing is, I think you hit it on the head with your advice for concentrating on putting out ‘product’ on the eMarket until you have a garden full, before worrying too much about marketing. At least I think it’s good advice. I really can’t be sure, being a Don’t Know Diddly Squat Kinda Guy myself.

  2. Pingback: RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat « YOURS IN STORYTELLING…

  3. I think most of the experts are just second guessing themselves anyway as the ebook phenomenon is just too young for there to be any one successful way. What works for one may not work for another. But you’ve got it right in that the more work you have out there the better chance to be seen and read and followed. Sometimes the experts at ebook marketing are just good at marketing a self help book which desperate authors will buy rather than experts at marketing a fiction author’s work. The only way we could succeed is by telling everyone our books are what they need to help them write sand market their own.
    I’m joining your ‘Diddly Squat’ Club too Steve. Thanks for a great post.

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