RG2E Featured Author Joan Reeves reveals Her Favorite Holiday Decorations

Happy Hump Day, RG2E Peeps!

Here’s a wonderful post from RG2E Featured Author Joan Reeves on all of her favorite holiday decorations.

Take it away, Joan…


Don’t you just love this time of year? I love the holiday songs which is why I mentioned various ones in my Christmas Romance Nobody’s Cinderella, available at all ebook sellers and in audio at Audible and iTunes. If you live in snow country, you probably walk along humming “Walking In A Winter Wonderland.” If you live in a warmer climate, as I do here in Texas, you probably get your winter wonderland from television.



Each year as I decorate for Christmas, I think of the many parts of my life that are reflected in my decorations. One of the joys of my mother’s life was decorating the Christmas tree. She grew as excited as a child about it every year. As I unpack all my holiday treasures, I laugh when I think of the “drunken” fruitcakes she made every year at Christmas.

I lay out my Cajun Christmas storybooks on the coffee table. These big picture books tell of St. Nicholas with a pirogue pulled by eight alligators. As a child growing up on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, those books with the Cajun patois bring back the best of my childhood.

Then come the Christmas lights. When I lived in Japan, I bought strings of lights that were tiny Japanese lanterns. Now these exotic tree decorations are older than my children, and every year they grace either my tree or get strung over the doorway into my office.

Also from my time in Japan, I have a ceramic Christmas tree a friend gave me. She spent most of her time at Kadena Air Base in the ceramics shop. The base of the ceramic tree was broken years ago. Now it sits on a small wrought iron stand. Some of the little plastic “lights” have been lost along the way so I’ve replaced them with colored ball beads that let the light shine through. It’s still very pretty and very precious to me.

When I lived in New Mexico, I learned from a friend how to make a tumbleweed Christmas tree for a tabletop decoration. The prickly tumbleweed was sprayed with artificial snow and each pointy tip had a tiny colored glass ball glued to it. The end result was utterly beautiful.

My mother-in-law who grew up in west Texas had a paper lace doily tree that someone had made for her. She’d had this special tree for decades. The white paper lace doilies were yellowed and browned with age, and the tree had a decided slant to it, but, lit underneath with a small white light, it was still pretty. She had added little gold angels to it at some point. When the tree quite literally fell apart back in the late 1990’s, she saved the gold angels and gave me 3. Now they “fly” on top of our tree every year in memory of her.

I love all of these worn, but well-loved decorations. You probably have similar stories about your holiday decorations. I encourage you to share your stories — especially with the children in your life.

Christmas is just a wonderful time of the year, and I am truly appreciative of those who have read my books or listened to my audio books and posted warm reviews. Thank you one and all.

Since this is the season of giving, I want to give a Christmas gift to a lucky RG2E visitor today. From all the blog comments today, I’ll choose one to receive a copy of the audio book edition of Nobody’s Cinderella. Just leave your email address if you’d like to win. All names will be put in a hat, and my first holiday visitor who arrives tonight will draw the name. I’ll contact you by email and will leave a comment here on RG2E also. 


Thanks, RG2E crew and your loyal fans, for having me here today. I wish you all Peace, Love, and Joy this Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

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I just luuuvvv hearing about favorite holiday decorations, Joan! My fave is a hand-blown and painted glass elephant my great aunt had made for me when I was a toddler. Gosh, I treasure that one…

And thanks sooo very much for the wonderful Audio Book Giveaway!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



14 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Joan Reeves reveals Her Favorite Holiday Decorations

  1. I enjoyed reading about your holiday treasures, Joan. Thinking about it, I can’t think of a favorite one of my own right now. I do remember as a child my mother keeping the ornaments that my brother and I made and even hanging some of them on the tree each year. I know my mother still has these ornaments and they bring back wonderful childhood memories of mine.

    • Hi, Becky! My mom had her treasured ornaments that a Great Aunt had given her when she first married. They were the beautiful old blown glass balls. Each year one got broken until only 1 of the delicate but beautiful ornaments was left.

  2. Hi Joan!
    Your memories of Christmas past as told through ornaments brought a tear to my eye just thinking of my special ornaments and the people associated with them. I still have those ornaments my kids made in school.
    This year, when I got out the tree and was admiring it, I had just adopted a shelter kitten since my old cat died and I needed something else to spoil. Well the kitten, Cali, thinks I put this tree up just for her and she takes a flying leap onto it. She’s toppled it twice and half the ornaments are down, some I haven’t been able to find even on my belly with a flashlight. Gah! But I hope to get it somewhat repaired before the grandkids get here. Whatever, all that matters is that we’re together. I hope you have a great holiday with the people you love and a healthy, abundant 2013

    • JD, I had to laugh about your kitten. We have a whole bunch of the little toys given away over the years by fast food places. Remember Ramona Reindeer and all the other little ones? Our dog attached the little stuffed toys one year. She went running with Ramona gripped in her mouth. By the time we caught her, she had eaten Ramona’s red nose. Now, when we unpack those little stuffed animals, we always hold up the nose-less Ramona and remember our beloved dog who went to that big kennel in the sky several years ago.

  3. I love Christmas and broke down a few years ago and bought an ornament tree that turns. I put it in a high place so the small grandkids don’t break anything. I store all my decorations in those plastic garbage cans with wheels, so I can move them around easily. Digging into each one is a surprise every year, as my plans to label the cans hasn’t been done yet. Bad me! The daughters laugh at me because I like lots of white lights on the three skinny trees that grace the living room. They are short, medium and tall…like my own little forest with twinkling lights. The lights have to twinkle…

  4. Hi, Joan.
    I’m one of those lucky people who have ornaments that date back into the 1800’s from my great-grandmother, along with ones that belonged to my grandmother and mother. I also have a box of those ornaments that the children made or were given to them. Over the years, a few of the old ornaments have broken, especially the delicate hand painted glass ones from Germany. My question is what do I do with them? My children don’t want those *ugly* things! Neither one has a sentimental bone in their body. Ugh!
    I absolutely love the tumble weed idea. I’ve seen them done with a string of white lights in them. My hope is when I’m visiting Wyoming and Texas this summer, I’ll find a small tumbleweed. I’m sure stealing a tumbleweed would be appreciated. (I know I’ve stolen plenty of cow patties over the years for my garden. Gardeners always carry buckets, plastic, and shovels in the trunk of their cars.) So I’ll cross my fingers for a tumbleweed to turn into a Christmas decoration. It sounds beautiful!

  5. D. D. and the rest of the RG2E Crew, thanks for having me again! Out of the 7 commentators, the winner of an audio edition of Nobody’s Cinderella is bn100candg at hotmail dot com. I will be contacting her/him by email later today when I’m back from the doctor. (Looks like this “cold” isn’t going away so must see the doc.)

    Happy Holidays!

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