RG2E Featured Author Adan Lerma on “Going FREE” and “Prioritizing Time as an Author”

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!

Ever wonder how an Author gets their Ebooks FREE on various sites? Here’s a hint: it ain’t always easy. 🙂  Also, how do Authors prioritize their writing time with everything it takes to run a publishing business?

Here’s RG2E Featured Author Adan Lerma to chat with you on both topics…


My post today addresses two important items in my life: free pricing of seven of my titles by outlets willing to price my original work as per my wishes, and, my need to choose what I wish to do with the time I have available.



Please note that some outlets do not have the option of letting authors feature a particular work priced as Free.

I respectfully request that anyone desiring one of the titles I wish to offer free of charge to the public, to contact the outlet of their choice not participating in my free pricing.  It would be tremendously helpful to me and to others wishing to be able to download that work for their reader at the price I would like it to be offered for.

Below are the seven titles I am glad to offer priced as Free through participating outlets. 

Several outlets, such as Kobo & Smashwords offer formats that they say are readable on just about any reader.

Hopefully you will find one or more these titles worth trying, and even more so, available for your reader.

2 Shorts, a Poem, & a Sampler (fiction) – Anthology

A Month of Mornings Vol 1 – Everyday poetry

Creative Gratitudes Vol 1 – Enhanced photos with gratitude verse

Everyday Gratitude Vol 1 – Small gratitudes of every day

Everyday Inspirations – PhotoPoems Vol 1 – Photography matched with verse for inspiration

Nice Thing ‘Bout Getting Old(er) – Selection of articles, poetry, and reviews on Yoga-Adan

The Old American Artist, a Love Story – Fiction Novella, First in Series, “A Love Story”



The other thing that has been evolving in my thoughts for quite awhile, is the convergence of so many things I want to do.  A good problem really, but now at a point I need to address, or I won’t be able to do much of anything well!

Learning to do, then implementing social media and other marketing, has been and is extremely enjoyable for me.

At the same time, I have had the opportunity to participate in more and more family related activities, and this is something that is extremely important for me.

Additionally, what I enjoy doing creatively, writing and creating images, has evolved to where I have considerable content to work with.

Unfortunately, I cannot do all three, and do them well, nor enjoy them.  So I must choose.  At least for now.

Family and creative work, if I am to do the creative work I wish to do, and participate with family in ways that are meaningful, I need to cut my time spent in marketing.

Already I have placed my blog on blog-cation through mid january.  Now, I am cutting my social media time.  I will still communicate and participate with people who contact me.

But if I am to create the fiction and poetry work I feel compelled to create.  And prepare and present the images I feel have something significant to offer.  Then I must focus more on the two more important things in my life.

So with that, I wish everyone well, hope for best for all of us, including myself, and release myself into the work and activities I feel are most important for my life at this time.

Thanks so much everyone, particularly, on this site, D.D. Scott.  She has been so supportive and positive.

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Best Wishes 😉

~~~ Adan


Thanks sooo very much, Adan, for offering so many FREE Ebooks! I luuuvvv your poetry and can’t wait to read more!

Here’s to enjoying your creative process and family, my friend!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


2 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Adan Lerma on “Going FREE” and “Prioritizing Time as an Author”

    • thanks so much stacey, sorry for the late reply, have been moving and lots of internet connection challenges (and more to come for another week or two!)

      i hope you had both a merry christmas and a grand new years 😉

      best wishes for you and your family 😉

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