Holiday Greetings from The RG2E!!!

Happy Holidays, RG2E Peeps!!!

It’s just about time for the most magickal of nights, and it’s also the perfect time to let y’all know how much I luuuvvv hangin’ with each of you throughout the year!!!

Would y’all believe The RG2E will celebrate its 1st Birthday in February?! How cool is that?!

Nothin’ beats Reachin’ Readers, Hangin’ with Y’All and Treatin’ You to Ebook Gift Copies too!!! And that’s what it’s all about here at The RG2E!!!


And nothin’ beats the kind of community we’ve built here to share the love we all have for great books at great prices.

So, as we each sit near our holiday trees, perhaps with some eggnog, and reflect on what the year has meant and where we’re headed next, know that I have my glass raised to each of you and am so thankful to be able to treat you to new Authors and new Ebooks.

Wishing you nothing but love and happiness this holiday season…and great reading too! 🙂

Holiday Greetings from D. D. Scott-ville — D. D. Scott

D. D. Scott is an Amazon and Barnes and Noble Top 100 Bestselling Romantic Comedy and Humorous Mystery Author. She’s also a Writer’s Go-To-Gal for Muse Therapy and Indie Epublishing, the Co-Founder of The WG2E– The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, and the Founder of The RG2E – The Reader’s Guide to E-publishing.  You can get all the scoop on her, her books, her Online Classes and Live Workshops, plus juicy tidbits too from her new cyber home…D. D. Scott-ville.

P.S. We’ll resume our regular RG2E Posting Schedule on Wednesday, December 26th! Happy Reading till then and tons of love too!!! 🙂


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