Who Would Like a D. D. Scott Audio Book…for FREE?!

TGIF, RG2E Peeps!

The calendar may say that Christmas is over…but it’s Christmas all year long here at The RG2E!!!

To that end, who all would like one of my D. D. Scott Audio Books…for FREE?! Four of you will win your choice!!!

You’ve got three to choose from in my Bootscootin’ Books Series!!!




Here’s the scoop on The Bootscootin’ Books in Audio Book Format:


And let’s give a big ol’ RG2E Shout-out and Thank You to Audible ACX President Jason Ojalvo for making this giveaway possible!!! 🙂

Jason, along with RG2E Featured Author Elaine Raco Chase, interviewed me on December 13th on Elaine’s Blog Talk Radio Show! And, if y’all want great behind the scenes scoop on the Audio Book World, get yourself a glass of wine and listen in:


Lucky for all of you, Jason also gave each author on the show special codes to treat 4 of our “listeners” and fans to one of our Audio Books for FREE!

All you gotta do is leave me a comment and I’ll choose 4 random winners to receive the special checkout codes!!!

The Best of RG2E Reading & Listening Wishes —

D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



10 thoughts on “Who Would Like a D. D. Scott Audio Book…for FREE?!

  1. As an author, I am excited to see your books available in Audio. As a reader, I am curious…are we talking an audio book like you buy in a store or borrow from a library? Or the kind that requires an MP3 player or smart phone? If the former, sign me up for Buckles Me Baby. If the later, I will have to say sorry…no can listen.

    • You should be able to listen right from your computer for FREE, Nancy, using the media player on your computer…such as Window’s media. The files do come in mp3 format right from Audible, Amazon or iTunes. You can also, of course, listen to them on any tablet or smartphone too.

      • Okay, I would love to hear how they sound on my laptop (it is relatively new). I would also love to hear how your sales go. This is a new era!

        • Yayyy, Nancy!!! You’ll really enjoy Audio Books on your laptop!

          There’s a huge market of “listeners” for our books, and once you choose a narrator they love – they have fave narrators just like we have fave authors, you’ll be thrilled with your sales!!!

      • Me too, Melissa and Nancy! What’s great about the new Kindle Fire HD is that you can start by reading an Ebook then if you have the audio version too, it will remember where you left off reading and begin the audio there and vice versa!!! How cool is that?! And…if you have the Ebook, you can get the Audio Book for around $1.99!!!

  2. I absolutely love to listen to audio books on my way to work each day. Nothing makes traffic more bearable than a good book. I would really like to listen to any of your books. I have them all in e-book format, but would love a “listen”.

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