RG2E Featured Author Laina Turner on “Getting Ready for the New Year”

It’s time to get ready for the new year, RG2E Peeps!

And here’s how RG2E Featured Author Laina Turner does it…


I love this time of year and not just because of the presents I receive for Christmas. I like the symbolic thought of a new year with new goals and a clean slate so to speak. I bought my 2013 planner before Thanksgiving and have just been staring at it excited to start writing things down. But writing down goals is just a small step to the whole picture of putting the actions in motion to realize your goals. More importantly you have to have the ability to push through the hard times when things happen that threaten to derail you from your path.

I am a firm believer of mind over matter and having a positive frame of mind that is focused on what needs to happen and having the faith that it will, is the hardest part.

My routine it to set my goals, create a vision statement for the year as if I had already achieved those goals, and then create milestones for those goals with weekly and monthly actions to meet those milestones. I then revisit my progress and plan monthly (or so) and have learned over the years to not beat myself up if things aren’t moving as fast as I would have hoped. As I work on finishing up my plan for 2013 I would love to hear about yours and how you keep yourself motivated throughout the year.

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Trixie and her friends, Berklie and Sophie, are excited about the opening of Read/Wine their new business venture of a bookstore/wine bar. All is going well until they happen to find a dead body in the shop and that wasn’t part of the business plan. All signs pointed to Berklie since it was her ex-husbands lover who was murdered. Trixie knew Berklie hadn’t murdered Sylvia so who did?

About Laina

Laina Turner is a businesswoman, mom, author, Professor, and a major supporter of shopping. She has an undying love for shoes and coffee, which is why she created her main character and alter ego Presley Thurman.

With a lot of letters after her name and a ton of student loan debt, she is always working to pay the bills. While she enjoys her day job, her passion is writing, and she is hoping to sell her book and retire to a private island.

Laina is currently living in Indiana, with her family, and is always writing something, whether it’s blogs, articles, business journals and books or ideas for her next novel. She is continuously doing what she loves which is writing or drinking coffee.

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It is all about setting your goals, Laina, and setting ’em in both baby steps and giant leaps too! 🙂

Thanks bunches for the Ebook Gifting today and for sharing your new year scoop with us!

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7 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Laina Turner on “Getting Ready for the New Year”

  1. I try to set goals for the new year. The last couple of years have been about money management. It always starts out real well and it seems I slowly go back into the same pattern. The other goal is to treat people nicer. I have a lot better luck with that one and enjoy it much more.

  2. I try not to plan much of anything other than when we are going on vacation. Otherwise I would never meet my own expectations and I would spend the year stressed over not getting things done. I would love a Kindle copy of Books Just Aren’t For Reading.

  3. My main goal for next year is to reach more readers and find different ways to do that. Have yet to write my publication and business plan but will get round to that in the next few days.

  4. I am also a planning geek!
    I was a good girl scout, prepared for everything.
    I am lost without my planner.
    I would love to have your book “Books Aren’t Just For Reading” on my Kindle.
    Happy New Year

  5. I definitely plan to read more this year. My TBR list is growing faster than my “finished” list.

    I would love a copy of “Books Aren’t Just For Reading” for Kindle. Reading, wine and a murder thrown in all make for an enjoyable evening!

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