RG2E Peeps: Review an Ebook by One of our RG2E Featured Authors and You Could Win an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

Happy Monday, RG2E Peeps!!!

We hope y’all are filling up your Ereaders with Ebook Gift Copies from all of our superfab RG2E Featured Authors!

One way you can really help your fave authors is to post a review and give their books a star-rating. It’s very easy to do on all of the Ebook Platforms (Amazon, B&N Nook, Kobo, Sony, Smashwords and iTunes).

Those wonderful 4 and 5-Star Ratings you assign to any Ebook you read really helps bump up that author’s visibility in each of the online stores like Amazon and B&N!!!


Here are a few tips and even a handy-dandy review you can simply copy and paste in:

1.  On Barnes & Noble, you can give an Ebook a Star-Rating without leaving a written review too…and you can do it anonymously.

2.  On Amazon, although you do have to do both the Star-Rating and a Written Review, your written review can be as simple as “I loved this book. It was just my kind of read.” You do not have to give some multiple paragraph dissertation about the book and could just copy and paste the highlighted sentences above as your written review.

3.  I always Rate & Review the Ebooks I luv right after I finish ‘em…that way the story is still fresh in my mind, and it’s my way of thanking the author for a great read! :-)

Superfab easy, right?!

The Ratings and Reviews you give Ebooks you’re luuuvvvin’ mean sooo much to each and every Author receiving ‘em, and as I mentioned above, the more 4 and 5-Star Reviews an Ebook has, the more it will be promoted by sites like Amazon, B&N Nook, Sony, Kobo, iTunes and more!!!

So, as I take a day to help our RG2E Featured Authors catch-up and treat y’all to Ebook Gift Copies of the new books you’ve requested here on The RG2E, take just a couple of minutes and Rate and Review one of the books you read and got a kick out of. :-)

And be watchin’ your emails…we can’t wait to fulfill your requests!

Let us know below the Review(s) you’ve completed today, and you’ll be entered to win either an Amazon or B&N $5 Gift Card…your choice!!!

Oh, and one more note, if you’re brand new to the Ebook World and/or the Ebook Reviewing World, please do NOT leave a 1-Star Review for books that you have that sound great but you haven’t read yet. Those 1-Star Reviews really hurt authors because they drag down the book’s overall rating average and lessen that book’s chance of being promoted more by the online stores. 

Here’s an example of one I just got, and perhaps the reader meant well, but it really hurts more than helps…

I just received this 1-Star Review a couple of weeks ago on Amazon from a Diana Hill (who’s reviewed three games and two books, one of which includes my STUCK WITH A STIFF):

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Not read it yet., December 28, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Stuck with a Stiff (The Stuck with a Series) (Kindle Edition)

I have not read it yet. But it looks good. I love humorous stories and I’m looking forward to reading it.

So, please do NOT leave this kind of 1-Star Review, but have at all the 4 and 5-Stars for the books you’ve read and loved!!!

Thanks Bunches and Happy Reading, Rating and Reviewing!!! 🙂

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



2 thoughts on “RG2E Peeps: Review an Ebook by One of our RG2E Featured Authors and You Could Win an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

  1. I just put a review up over the week end for “Stuck With A……… Book set. I always put a review on, when I finish reading a book/set. I gave this set a 5 star…..great, fun read!

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