RG2E Featured Author Zoe Dawson talks “Nimble Great Danes, Popular Bulldogs, Precocious Jack Russell Terriers and Einstein Poodles”

Wavin’ atchya, RG2E Peeps!

Today, here at The RG2E, we’re Going to the Dogs, with fabulous author Zoe Dawson and her wonderful romantic comedy/mystery series! Take it away, Zoe…


Through research, writers discover information about the subject they’re writing about.  For each breed of dog in my Going to the Dogs series, I needed to find out facts that would make my specific dog character come as much to life as the hero and heroine.  I also wanted to be true to the breed when portraying my doggie star.

In Leashed, I needed something that would draw the hero Owen and his Great Dane Jill together.  This dog was left to Owen by his beloved great aunt.  My initial thought was to have my heroine Callie suggest agility training.  But I thought that Great Danes were not good choices and probably too gangly to compete.   So, I looked up agility and Great Danes on the web and discovered that not only are they competitors, but pretty good ones.

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Jack has some ‘splainin’ to do!

That’s right! Callie Lassiter’s normally well-behaved Great Dane Jack has run off and done the wild thing with the neighbor’s dog. It must be puppy love! It’s doubly embarrassing since she’s a professional dog trainer. Of course, the neighbor would have to be hot, hot nightclub owner bad boy Owen McKay, just the kind of man Callie is determined to avoid. 

Owen’s comfortable with his playboy status and the hype in the media. But the ground moves beneath his feet when he gets an eyeful of the girl next door. The Dog Whisperer never looked this good! How can he convince this wholesome honey that his player days are behind him? Maybe Jill, his Great Dane can help him with this dilemma now that she’s pregnant and Callie’s dog is to blame. 

Is this bad boy a bad bet?

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99 Cents

Here’s a Youtube video of Bojangles, one of the top three Great Danes in competition.


For my second book, Groomed for Murder, I created the heroine’s bulldog, Roscoe, who’s quite protective of the heroine as the hero and his expensive suit pants find out.  Bulldogs are the sixth most popular breed in America.  In Los Angeles though, bulldogs are #1, according to the American Kennel Club.

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Can a dog have a bad hair day?

Brooke Palmer owns Pawlish, an exclusive doggie spa and grooming business in upper Manhattan, but when a client’s champion poodle gets a bad poodle cut and has to undergo therapy to recover, the client sues. The lawyer they send is drop dead gorgeous, but Brooke won’t be wooed by a corporate shark in a sharp suit.

Corporate lawyer Drew Hudson has better things to do then take on this ridiculous lawsuit, but since he works for the client’s husband, he has no choice. After meeting the beautiful, sweet-tempered owner, he can’t keep his mind on the silly case. But when the client turns up dog gone dead, Brooke may be a conflict of interest when she’s charged with the murder. All Drew wants to do is prove that this sexy entrepreneur is not dangerous, except to his heart.

Can she take a chance on him?

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Not only is Roscoe my heroine’s pet from her childhood, but with a dysfunctional family he was her true friend.  It’s no wonder she started making him special doggie treats.  Roscoe is fond of taking quick walks, sleeping on his back and giving great, beautiful, wet doggie kisses.  He also teaches my heroine how to let go and how to embrace change.

Here’s a video that shows their wonderful temperament both as an adult and a puppy.

Ah, Jack Russell Terriers, mischievous little devils that can be a trial to own, but with many fun attributes.  They can benefit from firm, consistent discipline and obedience training. However, they will never be a perfect obedience dog.  This is just the case in the upcoming third book in my series, Hounded.  Poe, my heroine, has two Jack Russell terriers, dubbed The Terrible Two or the Triple T threat by her friends.  The twosome like to raid her sock drawer for “balls,” dance in her living room after learning to turn on their own music, and tag team little girls and steal their ice cream cones.

Here’s one playing with balloons.

That brings me to my last dog in the series, Harper’s Blue who’s featured in Collared.  He’s a silver standard, but it can be quite confusing.  Silver poodles are born black and start silvering as they age.  As far as intelligence goes, the poodle is rated second only to the border collie. This means they are easy to train, respond well to commands and housetrain quickly.  The poodle cut isn’t something the French thought up to make their dogs all snooty.  Nope, the cut is practical and necessary to protect the dog while they are retrieving water fowl.  Poodle comes from the German word prudel which means to splash in water.

This video shows you can’t trick a poodle, and the intro by the little girl who owns her is so cute.

There you have it, the four breeds I used in my Going to the Dogs series.

So what are some of your favorite breeds?  What traits do you like about them?  What’s a fun fact that few people know?

I’m gifting a copy of Leashed to three lucky posters and Leashed and Groomed for Murder to one lucky poster, so don’t forget to leave your email address.

Thank you so much for having me D.D.


No formulas…no rules.  It’s all about the happily ever afters!

Word Count:  Leashed, a novella (26,000); Groomed for Murder (61,302)

Part of a series?:  Going to the Dogs series:  Leashed, Groomed for Murder, Hounded (Out June 17, 2013), Collared (Out November 18, 2013)

About Zoe:

Zoe Dawson is the alter ego of Karen Anders, award winning, multi-published author. Her writing journey started with poetry and branched out into fiction. With a couple of college English courses under her belt, she penned a historical, then moved onto contemporary romance fiction. Today, she is happy producing romantic suspense, romantic mystery, and paranormal novels. The words feed her soul and the happily ever afters feed her heart.

Connect with Zoe:

Find Zoe Dawson on the web!

Website: www.zoedawson.com/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ZoeDawsonAuthor

Facebook: www.facebook.com/zoe.dawsonauthor1

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/zoedawson

Blog:  http://zoedawsonauthor.blogspot.com/


I’m a HUGE dog-lover, Zoe, and these sound just fabulous!!!  And what a treat in YouTube videos today too!

Thanks bunches for sharing the canine love and for the Ebook Gift Copies too! U rock!!!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



18 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Zoe Dawson talks “Nimble Great Danes, Popular Bulldogs, Precocious Jack Russell Terriers and Einstein Poodles”

  1. The Bulldog is my dream pet… According to most people there so ugly til they’re cute.
    I like that they’re not lap dogs but if you wanted you could hold them that way. I love the fact that they’re a laid back type of dog and lovable…
    Dude you know that the bulldog was featured in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp or that Calvin Coolidge had bulldog named Boston Beans…


    • I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was LaTanya to research these wonderful dogs! I had so much fun watching Youtube videos to see how they behave and move as research for my book.

  2. I have a phantom-colored mini Poodle. She has the oddest quirk. She hates to walk on anything but carpet inside the house and of course we have wood floors. It sure makes for a lot of whining (on her part) and laughter (on mine) when she wants to go anywhere. She tries to jump from area rug to area rug and ends ups skittering and sliding across the floor. I would love to read your books. christygibbon at juno dot com

    • How cute! My friend’s husky had the same quirk. He didn’t like walking on her kitchen floor, especially when it was shiny after a cleaning. He walked in slow motion to the back door, lifting one paw at a time. There were times when she would carry him because he had so much anxiety.

  3. I had a Basset Hound named Rosco who lived to be 16 years old. He died a few months back and we replaced him with a Jack Russell named Eddie (or Crazy Eddie is INSANE!).

    I’m down to three dogs. I think I’ll stick with three dogs.

  4. Such cute videos! Love this post and love the Going to the Dogs books so far. Can’t wait for Hounded! I have a Pomeranian and she’s a little trouble maker, but she’s too cute for words.

  5. Good Morning,
    I grew up on a farm so we had animals aplenty!
    My mother could not turn a dog away, I think there was a billboard posted saying “need a good home” with a picture of our house.
    I grew up with A Great Dane, A English Bulldog, A Boxer , A Pit Bull and two sisters.
    I do not know how we managed not to trip over dogs, however they were our family and our loves! My mother has photos of three little girls and three large dogs sharing beds
    (Guess who took up prime real estate) funny thing is we could not sleep without them.
    The dogs were on in age when we started to leave home, and they were not allowed in dorm rooms, so Mother and Daddy had 3 lonely and sad daughters and dogs to contend with. How we loved school breaks!
    Now our love is a Blood Hound.
    I would love to read your books on my Kindle


    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Best Wishes for continued success and Doggie Love!

      • Our pets are so important to us in so many ways. Love the menagerie of doggies. Sounds like a full and loving household. Thanks for the love on the covers. My designer is so fabulous, so I have to give her all the credit. Can’t wait to reveal the cover for Hounded! I’ll be doing that on my blog right around June 1. Those Jack Russell terriers are a handful for my heroine and her hero, so this book will be full of shenanigans and laughs. or so.

  6. I love dogs! Growing up we had all kinds of mixed breeds and a couple German sheperds and black labs. Then I got a Chihuahua from my oldest brother and loved that dog until he passed away three years ago. Now I have a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix and a Chow mix dog. Both can be a handful at times but otherwise very good. I love the sounds of your books and have added them to my list to get.

    • I had a black lab named Princess when I was a kid. What a great dog. Sounds like you have a house full of love, Becky. Thanks for adding to what I am sure is a large tbr pile! Hope you enjoy the books.

  7. What a great series of books. I think dogs have wonderful personalities so it’s awesome to see them as the center of stories. Plus I love dogs – especially larger breeds. I miss my lab… 😦
    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

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