RG2E Featured Author Leti Del Mar takes us Behind the Scenes of “The Making of a Manuscript”

Happy Hump Day, RG2E Peeps!

How many of you wonder what kinds of decisions an author makes when writing a manuscript/book? What is that process like? What tips would fellow writers luv to know and readers find interesting?

Here is RG2E First-Timer – Author Leti Del Mar – to take us Behind the Scenes of “The Making of a Manuscript”…

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I am hard at work on my second novel (I’m almost done!) and have often been asked just how I go about writing a book.  Well as a near obsessive compulsive organizational freak, I go about writing in a very methodical manner and would like to pass on what I do to tackle the daunting process that is writing a first draft.  I’ve come up with a few tips and would like to pass them on to all of you.  Enjoy!

1.  Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.  A first draft is just that, a first draft.  It will have mistakes.  If you stop to correct or second guess yourself every time something feels wrong, you will definitely interrupt your creative flow.  Just write and then write and then write some more.  There will be plenty more drafts to come and plenty of time to revise.  There is no way you will get it right the very first time so don’t feel pressured into creating a perfect first draft.

2.  Take the time to plan.  I know many are the ‘write by the seat of your pants’ kind of people but at some point, early on in the creative process, it helps to decide on a few things.  What kind of story are you trying to tell?  Is there a point you are trying to make?  What do you want your characters to achieve?  Sometimes it even helps to have a general idea of where you want to go and that can be enough to direct your creative flow.

3.  Develop your main characters.  You can always add to your characters later, but to start with you need to make a few choices.  Decide on generally what your main characters look like and sound like.  I like to cheat and use unsuspecting friends and family members to pattern my characters after.  Also, throw in a few memorable quirks.  A basic idea of who your characters are will only help and not hinder the creative process.

4. Don’t force it.  You can’t force creativity.  If something feels off or if you’re stumped then take a break, take a nap, take a vacation.  Well the vacation part may not be practical for every time you encounter writer’s block but you get the idea.  After some much needed rest, your brain will be much more likely to come up with fabulous ideas.



As a security specialist, Vivien Flowers is a perfectionist. So when two very important paintings she had been hired to protect are stolen, her highly structured world is turned upside down and she must get them back. It’s too bad art theft is not very high on the Los Angeles Police Department’s list of priorities. So when Vivien is joined by a handsome insurance agent eager to prevent the multi-million dollar claim from being paid, they use any means necessary to track down the location of the stolen paintings. But is Vivien willing to become a thief herself to get the paintings back? The answer leads her on a journey of intrigue, deceit, crime and even love as she travels from Los Angeles to Paris and discovers the true brilliance she is capable of.

If you’d like an Ebook Gift Copy of THE INADVERTENT THIEF, let us know below! You just might win one! Be sure to leave your email address in your comment too!

About Leti:

When I’m not writing, I teach Biology and Algebra to teenagers. When I’m not teaching, I’m reading, or pursuing my love of Art History, buried deep inside of a museum or traveling with my husband and daughter.


It is all about “just writing,” Leti!  You’re sooo right! We can always edit crap, but that crap has to be on our pages and screens first! 🙂

Thanks for this fabulous Behind the Scenes look at the writing process and thanks also for the Ebook Gift Copies!!!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



8 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Leti Del Mar takes us Behind the Scenes of “The Making of a Manuscript”

  1. I do the first one. I write and write from start to finish and any ideas I have for previous chapters of the ms, I write a note and put it in a folder with the ms. Once I get to the end of draft one, I go back to the start and put it any of my notes in the folder. Again and again.

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