RG2E Featured Author PJ Sharon talks “On Thin Ice” (FREE this weekend on Amazon) and Life’s Embarrassing Moments

Thank you so much for having me back here at the RG2E. I’m sharing a story today that is near and dear to my heart.

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ON THIN ICE is the story of Penny Trudeau, a seventeen-year-old figure skater who deals with many challenges that teens face today—a parent with cancer, the pressures of competition that lead to an eating disorder, and a teen pregnancy that forces her to face her destructive choices head on. Add a handsome young hockey hunk and family secrets that will change her world forever, and you’ve got a complex and richly woven tale that shows the power of love and forgiveness, and how holding on to hope can get you through the darkest of times.

Although Penny’s story is different from my own in many ways, we have a few things in common. I was a figure skater, my mother did die of cancer when I was a teenager, and I became a mother at seventeen. My personal experiences definitely came through in the story, but one episode during my skating career that I didn’t write about was an embarrassing moment that made national television.

I believe I was about twelve at the time and the skating club I belonged to was honored with the task of providing skaters for the opening ceremony for the 1976 US National Figure Skating Championships. I was chosen to carry the Connecticut State flag and we were supposed to skate around the rink in formation—easy peasy for someone with my grace and considerable skill, right? Um…no. In my nervousness, I forgot to remove my skate guards and as I stepped onto the ice, my feet went in different directions and the flag went flying, taking out a few other skaters at the same time. I can laugh now, but you can imagine my embarrassment. In the true spirit of “the show must go on,” we picked ourselves up, regrouped and skated around the rink to cheers of support. As we stood center ice and the National Anthem played, the tears that ran down my cheeks had more to do with my wounded ego and sore butt than any sense I had of national pride. What it did teach me was humility and how to get up and keep going—a lesson that has served me well in my writing life.

I hope you’ll read Penny’s story and be reminded that we each have an internal strength that carries us through the most difficult of circumstances, and that through lessons of adversity we have opportunities for growth.

In honor of National Skating Month and the US Figure Skating Championships taking place in Omaha, Nebraska this week, I’m offering ON THIN ICE for FREE from AMAZON Saturday, January 26th to Monday, January 28th. Download it today, and feel free to spread the word to friends who might enjoy a “triumph over tragedy” kind of story. Readers of all ages will appreciate Penny’s struggle and root for her hopefully ever after end.

How about you? Any embarrassing moments you’d like to share? Lessons learned the hard way?



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What a story, PJ! Kudos to you for getting back up and moving on with your life! You are such an inspiration!!!

And thanks sooo much too for treating us all to ON THIN ICE for FREE! U rock!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



9 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author PJ Sharon talks “On Thin Ice” (FREE this weekend on Amazon) and Life’s Embarrassing Moments

  1. Thanks for having me, D.D. I’m looking forward to treating your readers to a heartwarming story that crosses those genre boundaries. Although Penny is seventeen and her story is classified as YA, her struggles make it more a New Adult book and one that readers of all Romance genres will appreciate. Best to you and may the ice be smooth and your landings be soft:-)

  2. Thanks, PJ! It’s always hard to share embarrassing stories… but you’re right, at least you learned from the lesson. Usually my tongue leads me into embarrassing moments when I say the wrong thing, thinking it’s a great (sarcastic) joke, when really what I say is just plain awful.

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