RG2E Reader Poll: Do Book Trailers Help You Decide to Buy an Ebook?

Happy Hump Day, RG2E Peeps!

It’s time for our next RG2E Reader Poll!

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Lately, I’ve been sharing Book Trailers for our RG2E Featured Authors.

For example, here’s my trailer for Bootscootin’ Blahniks…

And here are a few others we’ve recently shared with you:

What do you think?

Participate in our poll and comment below for a chance to win either an Amazon or Barnes & Noble $5 Gift Card! Also, if you’re an author, please share the link to your Book Trailer(s), so all of our fabulous RG2E Readers can check ’em out!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



13 thoughts on “RG2E Reader Poll: Do Book Trailers Help You Decide to Buy an Ebook?

  1. When they first started, I used to view them but they never really decided me on a book one way or the other… I rarely view book trailers now, preferring to read the blurbs and reviews to make a decision on my book purchasing. (An Amazon voucher would feed my Kindle.)

  2. I don’t watch many trailers, though I’ve seen a few that intrigued me. Of the ones above, the one that most grabbed my interest was the one for The Unfinished. I think the narration is what did it–it was fresh and interesting, and that along with the accompanying visuals caught my attention and didn’t let go.

  3. Most times trailers are fun and interesting to watch. But what really gets my attention and pique my interest in a ebook is the cover and the excerpt or blurb… I don’t even my a decision on a book from the reviews… I make my choice by what I read (excerpt / blurb) & see (book cover)…
    A amazon gift card would be awesome!!


  4. While I enjoy watching trailers, I don’t seek them out. If I happen to have time to watch, I’ll watch… but I’m usually not too impressed! The trailer and the book are two different mediums, and what might be a great book might have a not-so-great trailer, and vice versa.

    With the Unfinished trailer, that definitely added hype to the book, and the trailer was very different – with the narration, the unique videography. And the story line caught me too.

  5. Add me to the list that doesn’t really watch book trailers. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s because I always have my volume muted so I don’t bother or it could be I’m just old-fashioned and rely on book descriptions. I rarely even read reviews. I would love an Amazon gift card. christygibbon at juno dot com

  6. Nope. Never watch them and neither do my readers – I asked them over a year ago when I was ‘considering’ one. I don’t watch music videos either if I’m listening to music on youtube – I’m usually writing.

  7. I enjoy the trailers, the music and stage settings.
    I appreciate the time and creativity it requires to produce these little mini movies.
    I do however find myself drawn to a book first by the cover and then the blurb.
    If the book is written by an author I enjoy, I just pick it up!

  8. Like so many above, I don’t look at book trailers. I viewed a few when they first started to become a topic of interest, but I never found one that influenced me to buy a book. I’m going to make my decisions based on the cover and blurb, and maybe some reviews.

  9. Book trailers irritate me since the usually don’t give nearly as much info about the book as what is already printed in the description and they usually feature some horrible music.

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