The Cover Reveal for PRACTICAL MISCHIEF – Book 1 in D. D. Scott’s New Series, Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches!

Here it is, RG2E Peeps…

Drum roll…

The cover for the first book in my new series (coming later this month) – PRACTICAL MISCHIEF – Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches, Book 1!

DD Practical Mischeif 600 wide 72dpi

First, thanks to the A-mazing Laura Morrigan for what could be my fave cover yet! Isn’t it beyond magickal?! Luuuvvv the sparkle! Don’t you?!

Now then…what can I tell you about PRACTICAL MISCHIEF – Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches, Book 1 – to tide you over till its release later this month?

For PRACTICAL MISCHIEF…Think The Good Witch meets The Three Stooges and Tinker Hell

Does that help a bit?

Better yet…how ’bout I treat you to Chapter One?
PRACTICAL MISCHIEF – Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches, Book 1


“An’ it harm none, do what thy will.” The Wiccan Rede.

Belle Bishop and her sister Gaia had always lived by The Wiccan Rede. But their sister Angelica never had. This time, however, Angelica had gone too far. Way waaay too far.

Now that Gaia had crossed over into The Summerland, only Belle stood between Angelica and the practical mischief she doled out with gusto. Belle wondered, if even she, Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches, could reverse what her ethically challenged sister had done. Or, should she even attempt to reverse Angelica’s worst spell yet?

Maybe they were all better off just leaving things as they now stood and trying to find the best way to move forward. Maybe. Maybe not.

Belle repeated the Rede over and over. With each deep inhalation, the wise words fortified her resolve to make up for what Angelica had done. With each exhalation, she attempted to banish the negative energy her sister stirred.

Normally, she enjoyed the ride across Lake Michigan from New Bison to Chicago aboard her yacht, The Moon’s Muse, the last ride of the year before Winter set in. But not tonight. Not even the Mabon Ball to honor the Autumn Equinox, an event she looked forward to, could bring her out of the restless fit Angelica’s latest prank had caused.

According to the Wheel of the Year, the light of day and the darkness of night were in equal proportion, but the darkness of the Winter Solstice was about to take over just as the dark magic Angelica dabbled in could snuff out light and goodness in an instant.

“Well, I guess I’m ready then,” Gia’s soft sweet voice interrupted Belle’s silent brooding.

“You look stunning, my dear. Absolutely, divine.”

Belle had never seen her niece, Gaia’s only child, Gia, look more beautiful. She was simply radiant in the new gown they’d picked out together for the ball. The copper-beaded designer sheath was a perfect personification of the magickal enchantment of Mabon’s autumn splendor. It was beyond bewitching for the season of the Witch, especially for a woman who, thanks to her Aunt Angelica’s meddling, had no recollection that she was a witch.

Offering a silent “thank you” to the Lord and Lady, as well as to her best friend Suzie Witherspoon, tears filled Belle’s eyes, threatening to spill over her long lashes. It was Suzie and her family who had helped lead her to Gia, after five long years of having no idea where Angelica had hidden her.

“Why are you crying, Aunt Belle?” Gia asked, sitting down next to her on the white faux leather sofa in the yacht’s main salon.

“You look just like your mother. Looking at you, makes me feel as if I’m looking at her,” she said so softly she was almost whispering.

And, in a way, Belle knew that through Gia, she was seeing Gaia. If only she could break through Angelica’s powerful binding spell to once again connect with her sister on the magickal plane they once shared.

“I just wish I could remember her and remember how to be the good witch you and my mother raised me to be,” Gia said, frustration etched into her creased brows.

“Hopefully, you will after tonight’s ball,” Belle said, doing everything she could to make sure the universe continued to hear her will for her niece’s memory and powers to return, despite Angelica’s conspiring against that feat.

“I’m afraid, Aunt Belle.”

“So am I,” Belle said, telling her precious niece the truth, knowing it wouldn’t do either of them any good to sugarcoat the obstacles they had to face.

She turned Gia toward the gilt-edged dressing mirror still in the salon from when her stylist had delivered a variety of gowns to fit them both for the ball. The salon’s lighting danced across the thousands of earth-toned Swarovski crystals sweeping across Gia’s couture, halter-style Armani Privé gown. The effect truly was captivating and served as a perfect tribute to the colors of the season.

“Just remember,” she said, lightly squeezing her niece’s sculpted shoulders, trying to transfer as much warmth and love through her touch as possible, “you’re a Bishop, and somewhere inside of you, you’ve got the power to do this.”

“No offense, but Aunt Angelica is a Bishop, too.”

“So it says on paper,” Belle said, never believing that Angelica truly was born a Bishop. The dark power she thrived on just wasn’t in their gene pool.

“What do I do when I see her?” Gia asked, tiny goose bumps rising on her skin.

Belle tried to compensate for the chill that thoughts of Angelica always summoned by rubbing Gia’s arms with her hands. But, even as she did so, she felt that same chill cascading over her own flesh.

“The question really is – what will Angelica do when she sees you? But don’t worry. I’m not leaving your side. And Angelica wouldn’t dare make a scene in front of The Council and the neighboring covens.”

At least Belle didn’t think she would. But once she realized Gia had been found and brought back home to tap into her Bishop legacy, or relearn every skill if necessary, Angelica’s reaction could very well shock them all. If there was one thing Angelica Bishop excelled at, it was shock and awe.

I can’t wait to share Belle Bishop’s Magickal World with you!

In the meantime, enjoy all of my brand new D. D. Scott-ville Magickal Mantras, many of which appear in PRACTICAL MISCHIEF too!

Mantra #1 – An Apple a Day Brings The Magick Your Way

Mantra #2 – Hearth and Home, Health and Wealth, O Bright One

Mantra #3 – Bubble Up!

Mantra #4 – Lighten Up! (with Imbolc, also known as Candlemas)

The Best of Magickal Wishes — D. D. Scott, Witch-in-Training and RG2E Founder

P.S. Let me know below if you’d like to be on the waiting list to receive an Ebook Gift Copy of PRACTICAL MISCHIEF as soon as it releases!!!



11 thoughts on “The Cover Reveal for PRACTICAL MISCHIEF – Book 1 in D. D. Scott’s New Series, Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches!

  1. ABSOLUTELY! Count me in, I love DD adventures.
    My Kindle and I are so looking forward to this series.
    Beautiful cover.

  2. I enjoyed the excerpt ,and I would love to receive a copy of Practical Mischief for my kindle when it releases. purpleunicorn19 AT

  3. Nice cover! I enjoyed reading chapter one . I would like to be added to the waiting list to receive an E-book Gift Copy of PRACTICAL MISCHIEF as soon as it releases. Thanks!

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