An RG2E Ereading Experiment – When, Where and How Many Pages Per Day Are We Ereading?

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!

We’re kicking off our first RG2E Ereading Experiment today!


For the next few days (thru 2/28), I thought it would be great fun and superfab informative to “track” – When, Where and How Many Pages Per Day We’re Ereading.


Here’s how it will work…

Each day (or several times per day-each time you read a bit more), stop by The RG2E, and leave a comment in this post answering the following questions:

1.) What time of day did you Eread? (Examples: during my lunch break, on the commute to and from work, while waiting on my children at various sporting event practices or games or other activities, after supper, in bed before going to sleep, etc.)

2.) Where did you Eread? (Examples: on the subway or train, in the car, in my company’s breakroom, at home in my fave reading chair, in bed, in the kitchen while preparing a meal, etc.

3.) How many pages did you Eread today? (of if your Ebook doesn’t have a page count…just let us know the percentage of each book you’ve completed)

***Note: If you want to toss in what you read and any other cool scoop you’d like to add about your reading habits over our experiment period, go ahead!

I’ll tally up everything you comment on and do a fabulous wrap-up so we can all see how much Ereading is a part of our every day lives.

Sound fun?!

Also, every time you comment, I’ll add your name to a “magick hat,” and throughout the week, you’ll have chances to win Gift Cards (Amazon, B&N, or Kobo – winners’ choices).

Okay…ready…set…Eread…then Show-and-Tell us About It, Peeps!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Experiment Wishes —

D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


P.S. We’ll go back to our regular schedule of RG2E Featured Authors and Ebook Gifting on March 1st!!!


51 thoughts on “An RG2E Ereading Experiment – When, Where and How Many Pages Per Day Are We Ereading?

  1. I love this idea! I just downloaded Kindle for my PC last week and I’m really enjoying it — I found a new toy…LOL…

    1) I usually e-read in the morning and at night after dinner
    2) In my office — that’s where my laptop is.
    3) I just finished “Bunny Hills and Bikinis” by Heather Thurmeier, and “Witch Weigh” by Caroline Mickelson. I’m about a third of the way through Alexa Grace’s “Deadly Offerings.” I downloaded a few freebies that I didn’t care for, but I’m not going to put the names of those in because if I can’t say something nice, I won’t say anything. Earlier this week, I finished “Santa Fe Fortune”//”How to Marry A Matador,” by Ginny Baird, “Love’s Freedom,” by Misty Wright, and “Bedding Lord Ned” by Sally Mackenzie. And (of course) “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” by yours truly. LOL — I did order a copy for someone.

  2. I normally read in the morning with my coffee, When I lay my 3 year old down for a nap, and at night! Right now I am reading Games Of Fate by Kris Austen Radcliffe! I just finished by Tonya Kappes, Stuck on you by Heather Thurmeier, Killer Thoughts by Marie Harte, Walk Away with Me by Darby Davenport/ Emlyn Chand,

  3. Since I have the Kindle for the PC, I normally read in the evenings after I get home from work. Weekends depends on if I work or not. I usually get a couple pages read or more depending on what time I get home and what else I have to get done that evening. Currently I am reading Wedding Fever by Sheila Seabrook. I have just started it last night and have read the first chapter of it. Before that I was reading a printed copy of Charlaine Harris’s “An Ice Cold Grave”.

  4. I read in the evening and/or week-ends. I don’t watch much TV, so my favorite passtime is reading…..usually romantic comedies and a few cozy mystery……on my Kindle Fire.

  5. On regular work days (which are down to 3 at this point), I read during my lunch hour on my nook at my desk. Pages are tough to estimate since it depends on the font size. For example, today while my hair color is processing, I’ll be bumping up the font to EXTRA EXTRA LARGE because I won’t have my glasses on. LOL If I had to put a number on it, I’d guess 10 pages three times a week.

    I will also often read in the evenings, but these are hit or miss. After staring at a computer screen all day, it’s easier to put something dumb on the TV and follow Twitter on my phone during commercials.

    My absolutely favorite time to read is on a non-work day, usually a Saturday, where I allow myself time off and sit in my recliner with a cup of coffee or three and read for a few hours. Say 75 pages. Again, it depends on the font, the genre, and how much I like the book.

    With breakfast, I usually read non-fiction in paper book form. So far, my brain says non-fiction should be an actual book.

    Okay, now I want to grab my nook and head for my recliner!

  6. I can read anytime… My favorite spots are in bed or curled up on the couch…
    I’m 60% thru what i’m reading right now…


    • Well I got side tracked some with monopoly and video games with a 7yr old…
      But I finished the book it was Family Ties by Robin Badillo.
      I’ve started a new book and i’m only 35% in…

      • I finished “Stompin’ on Stetsons” last night, as well as “Deadly Offerings.” Today I am reading “Maids of Misfortune” by M. Louisa Locke and “It’s In His Kiss” by Mallory Kane — I am only about 1/4 finished with both of them.

      • I finished my second book, Island Bound by Kiru Taye …
        I did start on a third book. I’m only at 15%…
        We’ll see how the day goes…

      • Stopped read at midnight, at around 73% . I finished this book at bout noon today. It was Questions by Zena Wynn…
        I just started on a short read, i’m at 16%… Check back when i’m done.

        • Ok, i’m done with the short read. Leashed by Zoe Dawson…
          Time to get ready for tomorrow, but if I start something i’ll be back…

  7. I’ve been reading Killer Cupid yesterday and today.. My normal reading time is after work/dinner every night for a couple of hours every night. I read about two hours this afternoon from 23 percent to adolescent. This is my first Christian fiction that I’ve ever read and I’m enjoying it. I’ll read more in a bit and will finish this one if all goes well!

  8. Sounds like a fun idea.Generally read in bed at night or early morning and sometimes on the computer in the evening.Just started reading “Crime scene at Cardwell ranch” by B J Daniels right now and I’m about 10% into it.

  9. Great idea, I read anytime I can, usually once the munchkin is at school, then in the evenings, then in bed, oops, pretty much anytime! Reading The Iron King on my Kindle and/or my ipad, love having a choice. I’m about 25% in at the moment.

  10. Hello,
    I read anytime and anywhere!
    I read a magazine “Southern Living” before bed last night.
    Completed “Valentine Grinch” by Sheila Seabrook (Review just went live on Amazon)

  11. Good Morning,
    I am currently reading the “Welcome to Redemption” Series
    by Stacey Joy Netzel and Donna Marie Rogers .
    I love a series. The characters become your friends,and family.
    If I read a book and enjoy it I read EVERYTHING written by that author!
    I am truly enjoying this series and these ladies will keep me busy for a while.

  12. OPPS! I should mention the “WELCOME TO REDEMPTION” series is available in a box set books 1-6. Books 7 & 8 have just been released. Get to downloading, and sit back for a great read.

  13. I’m reading after dinner, curled up on the couch…
    I’m 25% in as of now. It’s a short read, i’ll be done with this one in bout an hour. I’ll be back!!


    • Finished my short Zola’s Pride by Moira Rogers…
      Started another short by this author, i’m at 18%… Should be done by 10pm or a bit after… See you then…

      • Well I finished my second short read on yesterday… That Old Black Magic by Moira Rogers…

        Today after dinner I read Sugar Plum Kisses by Melissa Blue and Bear’s Gold by Yvette Hines…
        Laying acrossmy bed…

  14. I have finished “A Fair Of The Heart ” and “A Fair To Remember ” Moving on to “The Perfect Blend ”
    Truly loving this series.

  15. Did some early morning reading, from 12:45am to about 2:20am. I was in bed and the book I read was For Better Or Worse by Delaney Diamond…


    • Read two shorts yesterday after lunch curled up on my couch… Moonshine by Moira Rogers and also Kamikaze (Last Call#1) by Moira Rogers…

  16. I just finished Joanne Fluke’s Lake Eden Cookbook.
    (Hannah Swensen’s Recipes From the Cookie Jar)
    I love the Hannah Swensen series,
    Miss Fluke tells a great story and weaves in recipes pertinent to the story line.
    You are treated to a good read and recipes to boot. Two books in One.
    She even tells a story in her cookbook!
    I am going to make two of her cookie recipes this afternoon.
    (Red Velvet Cookies & Praline Charlottes) do they not sound devine?

    Here are a few a the books in the Hannah Swensen Series:
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
    Strawberry Shortcake Murder
    Blueberry Muffin Murder
    Lemon Meringue Murder
    Fudge Cupcake Murder
    Sugar Cookie Murder
    There are 15 currently
    Check them out and enjoy!

  17. This morning in bed with a sick little one. I’ve manged to finish A White Cougar Christmas by Eliza Gayle and i’m 65% in on Gangbusters by Michele Hart.


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