Stuck with a Stiff is now an Audio Book Too with New Sounds, New Narrators and New Ideas!

Happy Sunday, RG2E Peeps!

I’m over the moon to share with you that STUCK WITH A STIFF (The Stuck with a Series, Book One) is now available as an Audio Book!!! And what a unique and exciting listen it is…

Stuck with a Stiff audio

On Audible

On Amazon

Coming to iTunes soon!

In our Indie Epublishing World, it’s all about been there done that, or I think I’ll try this or perhaps that, or nope that one doesn’t seem to be working, or ohhh yeahhh that one is definitely working, or better yet, gosh I love the “sound” of that so okay let’s see how that could work in my multi-media empire.

And, we are building multi-media empires, not just filling cyber shelves with our Ebooks.

Now that we have the opportunity to take our books from Indie Ebooks to Audio Books, we’ve got even more fabulous decisions to make!


After listening to a variety of Audio Books, I decided what I really liked a lot were those books using both male and female narrators. I have a strong theater background, so maybe it was that instinct that drove me. But whatever the reason, my gut told me to pursue this type of “sound” next.

So, when I posted my next two series for auditions on Audible (we really do get to “audition” narrators to produce our books 🙂 ) – The Cozy Cash Mysteries and The Stuck with a Series, I mentioned I was looking for a male/female duo or even an ensemble-style cast.

Wait till you hear my new narrators…

Jeffrey Kafer will be producing my Stuck with a Series Books.

Professional Award-winning audiobook narrator/producer of 60+ titles spanning thrillers, mysteries, drama, comedy and non-fiction

Jeffrey, along with the very talented female narrator – Karyn O’Bryant – as well, will read this series with Jeffrey doing the chapters from the male point of view (POV) and Karyn taking the chapters in the female POV.

Marshall Davis of Davis Sound, LLC will be recording my Cozy Cash Mysteries.

Professional and affordable studio recording for audio books an voice-overs

Davis Sound is an audio recording business set up to cover a wide and complementary range of services. Within these services is audio recording, editing, and mastering provided in our ProTools based 24-track studio. This audio recording capability is used for music, audio books, book trailers, voice-overs, or other similar applications that can be used for promotion.

Davis Sound also provides information and highlights music of various artists associated with Davis Sound, including links to sites where their music can be purchased and downloaded. In time, more musicians that work with Davis Sound will be added.

What’s really cool about what Marshall and his actors are doing is that they are actually going to act out the books. Meaning, that whenever both of my male and female characters are in a scene, that’s the way they will read them. The male actor takes the male characters and lines, and the female handles all of the female characters and lines.

So, there you have it!

Going from Indie Ebooks to Audio Books means New “Sounds,” New Narrators and New Ideas!!!

Have y’all had the opportunity to listen to audio books with both male and female narrators tag-teaming it?! Tell us below…

Happy Listening!!! :-)

And how ’bout I treat two of you who comment today to the Audio Book version of Stuck with a Stiff?!

The Best of RG2E Reading and Listening Wishes —

D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



22 thoughts on “Stuck with a Stiff is now an Audio Book Too with New Sounds, New Narrators and New Ideas!

  1. Hey D.D. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering about audio books; if they add “real” sales, how the sales compare to electronic and hard copy versions.

    Please keep us up to date with this project, as I am excited to hear about the process.


    • Sure thing, Patrice! Over at our sister site – The WG2E (The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing) – I’ve done several post on my Audio Book experiences and will continue to do so! It’s a hoot to have both readers and listeners!!! 🙂

  2. I am so excited for you DD – as you know I’ve been using male/female narrators since I started. The award-winning Bella Czar Production team of Destiny Landon & Lee James – along with original music and sound effects have turned Special Delivery and Dare the Devil into movie-soundtrack. Do listeners love it? The reviews point that way – Special Delivery has been on audible’s erotic bestsellers list since its debut last August, recently hitting #2! Dare the Devil is reaping kudos especially in production quality. This team is now doing Double Occupancy – wow – if you think reading erotica is hot…wait till you hear it! Congrats on taking the big step into something different – coming from a background of radio/TV I knew this was the way I wanted to go with some of my audiobooks!

    • Your Bella Czar Team is terrific, Elaine! I do think there’s a HUGE difference in using male/female duos for narration…they totally rock! And I luuuvvv when they record it as if it was back in the day of radio theater when you basically had plays done via radio.

  3. That’s good to hear D.D., I’m happy for you. I have never listen to an audio book that used both male and female narrators tag-teaming it. The ones that I listened to only had one narrator. Thanks for sharing this with us D.D..

    • You’re about to get your first listening experience with this, Becky…’cause you won one of the Audio Book Copies I’m giving away here at The RG2E! Watch your email…it’s on its way…and Happy Listening!!!

  4. I think I would much prefer to hear both male and female readers. It can be really hard to listen to a man reading things a woman says and thinks and vice versa. Kinda makes you stop and go huh for a minute.

    • WooHoo, Maddie!!! Thrilled to hear you checked out the sample, and can’t wait to hear what you think of the entire audio book!!! And just a heads up, many times, if you own the Ebook version, Amazon or Audible will give you a HUGE deal on the Audio format too! They have sales like that a lot!!!

  5. I don’t believe that I have listened to a male/female team reading a book. I am always amazed when the reader can make the opposite sex believable. Some readers can do that. I can’t wait to listen to your book. Thanks for the chance to win it!

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