RG2E Featured Author Natalie Owens on “Fame: Would You Remember My Name?”


Two years ago, after a two plus month ordeal, 33 trapped men were rescued from a mine in Chile while the world looked on and sympathized with their plight. For a time, these men became famous, the fulcrum of international news. They met with their country’s President and were promised fancy book and movie deals about their ordeal. It seemed like their fate would change. They’d go from gang-ridden neighborhoods to a nice, comfortable home, like those in the US suburbs, where they could raise their families in peace. The reality? Although some donations came through, the future of these men remained far from certain.
Some of the men could have taken other jobs, or offered better opportunities. Yet, there was a dark side to all of this. It appeared some of the water consumed by them, for lack of an alternative, had a metallic taste. This could translate to serious health issues now or in the future. Also, their residency below ground brought on some tensions among the men. While the story was in the news, concrete help from the government was not yet forthcoming. This story was not just a story of solidarity and overcoming odds. It was also a story of extreme adversity, media spin, and the outcome of it was hazy at best. The good thing that came out of it was that all men were saved. Yet, life from there on would be a gamble, especially on the financial and health side.PONDERING A THOUGHT OR TWO:
This type of situation isn’t new. I’m not referring to people being horribly trapped in a mine (which we know has happened before) – but I’m talking about poor, underprivileged people being offered an ace card for a few minutes, only to have it stripped from them at the end. People who got 15 minutes of fame, and that’s all. Many have followed the controversial story of the “Slumdog Millionaire” movie protagonists, the child actors who garnered world fame with well-received performances, only to be sent back soon thereafter to the slums they came from without so much as a by-your-leave.Luckily, some have a bigger break. After being given her fame card through Julia Roberts’ portrayal of her in a blockbuster movie, Erin Brockovich, for instance, got her own show for a while and her book Take It From Me: Life’s a Struggle But You Can Win made it to the NYT bestseller list.The Subway guy, Jared Fogle, wrote a book and is still known for his Subway diet. Many participants on reality TV shows get their dream to be in the limelight fulfilled.

Jon and Kate plus 8The BachelorSurvivor… and the like – these are just a few examples. How long will their fame last and what gifts or curses will it bring them?

This makes me think of books and why we love the underdog characters so much – characters that are strong and resilient, and make it in the end. We all like to read about people who achieved success after a tough time because so often we imagine ourselves in that position and we can truly relate.THE LESSON OF THE HOUR:Sometimes perseverance plays a part in achieving fame, success and recognition. At times, being at the right place at the right time is the main contributor. What is always important, however, is that one has good representation, that is, someone with them who has their interests at heart. The miners in Chile and the actors in Slumdog Millionaire will never improve their lives unless someone—someone important, someone with clout—is willing to go to bat for them and be their voice. A person or institution who’s not there just to draw the news of the hour, make a buck, lift ratings, make a good impression and/or offer empty promises. Some think that fame can come in an instant – this is true, but is it always lasting? Does it bring positive change? Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy or clear-cut.
So my thing is, let yourself be your most ardent representative. I suppose one thing I love about the indie authors I’m surrounded by is that they’ve taken the chance to look out for themselves and to shoulder the responsibility for their little failures and ultimate successes. If you look around you, you’ll see the underdog at work, struggling to get out of a rut and be noticed, even just for a minute. Indie authors do this every day, hoping to touch the readers’ hearts. We are everywhere and you may know a few personally. It could be someone close to you, far from you, or it could even be you. As the sayings go, quite truthfully, there are moments when life’s a bi*ch then shit happens. But it’s all worth it anyway, at least I like to think so because for me it’s absolutely worth the work.And here’s the question of the hour, dear RG2Eland: If you had the opportunity to get your fifteen minutes of fame, how would you like that story to unfold?Until next time…
Natalie G. Owens got her first taste of serious writing by
penning award-winning poetry, as well as feature articles for college and local
publications in her native Malta. She sold her first book to a small publisher
in 2007 and is currently indie published. Her favorite stories to write are
romances with a dark edge featuring brooding heroes, strong heroines, exotic
settings, and a good dash of fantasy. Daydreaming tops her list of hobbies,
followed by reading, cooking, traveling, sharing good times with family and
friends, and ogling shoe store displays. You can find out more about Natalie
and her work at http://www.nataliegowens.com
Latest Release:
AN ETERNITY OF ROSES (THE VALTHREANS: BOOK 1) – the story of a woman who beats all odds to find the man she loved and lost. 
~ Natalie G. Owens ~ 

No Rules. No Formulas. Just a world of love, mystery and fantasy!


I luuuvvv cheering on the peeps who do make it, and am always looking for ways to help the ones who could indeed get there with just a little boost from one of us! 🙂

Natalie, thanks bunches for sharing with us!

And RG2E Peeps, if you’d like an Ebook Gift Copy of AN ETERNITY OF ROSES, let us know below (be sure to leave your email address too), and you just might win one!!!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



8 thoughts on “RG2E Featured Author Natalie Owens on “Fame: Would You Remember My Name?”

  1. Great post Natalie, and you make some good points about indie authors being their own best advocates. We’re lucky to have D.D., the RG2E, and the WG2E on our sides, too, which is great for us. It helps us become become writers and better professionals, but it’s even better for our Readers! They get to enjoy top class stories at reasonable prices, and know they are supporting “local” indie artists.

    If I had my fifteen minutes… I go somewhere quiet and write about it until it blew over. ;-D
    Cheers RG2E pals! You Rock Natalie!

  2. I agree, great post! The ones who ‘get’ their fifteen minutes of fame because they’ve overcome adversity, or worked hard to achieve something, I cheer for them. The others who get it for some stupid reason like being on a reality tv show where they act like a complete ass with out morals, well, I’m happy to never even know their name in the first place.

    I don’t need/want fifteen minutes of ‘fame’. I’m fine working hard, and as long as I can earn a living doing what I love, I’m good.

    Love your cover for Eternity of Roses, and the book sounds great. 🙂

  3. Great post, Natalie! I don’t want or need fifteen minutes of fame. I like my life just the way it is – nice and quiet.
    I would love a copy of “An Eternity for Roses” for the kindle.

  4. Hi Natalie,
    Thanks for the plug for us hard working Indie authors. Yes, Fame can really be random, and its not worth it to chase that spirit. After the 15 minutes of Fame, life for many goes back to normal. I would rather work slow and steady at gaining some good contacts and friends that encounter a quick rush rollercoaster ride to brief fame. The ride up might be fun but there is also the quick drop down. Thanks for the great offer of Eternity of Roses. Already have a copy and just started reading it! Lovely and lyrical prose.

  5. Don’t think I want 15 minutes. I’d like a Kindle copy of an Eternity of Roses. Thanks.

  6. I don’t want even one minute of fame. I don’t see where it would add anything to my life. But a copy of An Eternity Of Roses would add much enjoyment! christygibbon at juno dot com

  7. I’d love a copy of “An Eternity of Roses”. I don’t want fifteen minutes of fame, and if I got it, I’d like to rewind back to December 2012 and have a do-over for my parents. I’d like them to be okay, and back in their home and healthy, not in a nursing home because they got sick.

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