We’re Bringing Poetry to The RG2E…First Up, Felipe Adan Lerma’s 101 Sports Poems

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We’re very excited to be bringing Poetry to The RG2E! Many of you have asked, so now we’ve got it!

First up…

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Nearly twenty years of poetry writing is exhibited in the current collection of sports poems in “101 Sports Poems – The Poems.”

Baseball – Basketball – Bicycling – Bowling – Cheerleading – Coaching – Dance – Drill Team – Fishing – Football – Golf – Gymnast – Horse Riding – Hunting – Inspiration – Martial Arts – Running – Soccer – Sports Fan – Swimming – Tennis – Trainer – Volleyball – Wrestling – Yoga & more!

Many of the sports experiences expressed by these poems are the result of direct experiences by the author, Felipe Adan Lerma. Now older, Adan began writing these small poems in the early 90s, and has continued into what Adan calls, being “a young senior.”

For the casual, or initial reader, “The Poems” edition offers a straight-through reading enjoyment of all the various sports represented.

Some poetry is humorous, while others are seriously presented. After many decades of layman participatory sports, formally and informally, a wide gamut of feelings are found.
The list of sports poem topics includes, among many others, baseball, dance, horse riding, football, coaching, and volleyball.

Please read through the fully linked index for the complete list of sports topics and the titles within those topics.

A special section entitled “Singles” represents poems of which there is only one for that category. Major sports interests are included in this category, including basketball and gymnast.

About Adan:

Born and raised in Texas, and now a young senior living in Vermont, his wife Sheila’s home state, Adan brings a gentle infusion of yoga and fitness to bear on life long interests in writing, painting, dance, photography, and the arts in general.

Determined to learn about the ideas of Western Culture that have informed our civilization, Adan put himself through college with the help of his GI Bill benefits. More recently, he has added certifications in fitness and yoga.

His self stated mission on his website, reads, “a Beginner’s View : Integrating Yoga Fitness and the Arts.”


M.A. Humanities, University of Houston Clear Lake
M.A. English Lit, University of Houston Clear Lake
B.A. Theatre Arts, University of Houston Clear Lake
AFAA – Group Fitness Certification
CPR/AED – American Heart Association
Zumba – Zumba & Zumba Gold Licensed
SilverSneakers – MSROM (Muscular Strength & Range of Motion); Cardio Circuit; Yoga Stretch – Stress Reduction
Yoga 200 Hr CYT – Lex Gillan, The Yoga Institute

Connect with Adan here:



Wavin’ atchya, Peeps! This is a brand new genre for me too, and I’m very excited to explore it! Adan has such a lyrical quality to his voice that I have a feeling he totally rocks as a Poet!

How ’bout you? Who all reads Poetry? And, if you’d like an Ebook Gift Copy of Adan’s Sports Poems, let us know and you just might win one!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


Welcome to The RG2E, Thriller Author…Sara Rosett

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How ’bout we kick-off the week with an International Thriller

By: Sara Rosett

Price: $2.99

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Divorced, twenty-something Zoe Hunter is a free spirit who strings together a variety of odd jobs to generate enough income to keep her bank account barely in the black. She loves living on the edge, but her life becomes too precarious, even for her, when her ex, Jack, disappears. Then his business partner is murdered and twelve million dollars vanishes from the company bank account. The local police think Zoe may be involved in the murder while the FBI suspects Zoe knows where the money is.

With the investigation zeroing in on her, Zoe is afraid to trust the police or the Feds because they both see her as a person of interest. Zoe impulsively skips town in a search for answers that takes her from Las Vegas to Italy, but instead of tracking down answers, she only uncovers more questions. Who was Jack? Is he dead or did he fake his disappearance? What was he mixed up in—art theft, the mafia, espionage, or all three?

***Note: This is Book One in the On The Run Travel Thriller Series. The second book is Secretive (2013) and third book is Deceptive (late 2013).

Here’s the scoop on Sara:

A native Texan, Sara is the author of the Ellie Avery mystery series and the On The Run travel thrillers. As a military spouse Sara has moved around the country (frequently!) and traveled internationally, which inspired her latest travel thrillers. Publishers Weekly called Sara’s books, “satisfying,” “well-executed,” and “sparkling.”

Sara loves all things bookish, considers dark chocolate a daily requirement, and is on a quest for the best bruschetta.

Connect with Sara at:

Website: http://www.SaraRosett.com and http://www.DeadlyDivas.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SaraWriter

Twitter: @SaraRosett http://twitter.com/#!/sararosett

Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/srosett/

GoodReads:  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/256977.Sara_Rosett

LibraryThing: http://www.librarything.com/profile/SaraRosett

Tumbler: Living The Writing Life http://sararosett.tumblr.com/

Scoop.it: All Things Bookish http://www.scoop.it/t/all-things-bookish

Group Blog: Girlfriends Book Club http://girlfriendbooks.blogspot.com/

And here’s more from Sara about a special Pinterest pinboard she’s created just for Elusive Readers…



I can’t wait to dive into Sara’s new series…how ’bout u? Leave your questions for Sara about her travels and Pinning, and you just might win an Ebook Gift Copy of ELUSIVE!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

With The WG2E’s Ebook Anthologies, You Get Multiple Genres and Authors, With Superfab Fun Themed Collections Too!

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I can’t believe we’ll soon release our 5th WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology – be watching soon for our Spooky Shorts Edition (sometime early October, just in time for Halloween)! 🙂

***Note: The WG2E is The RG2E’s sister site.

When I brainstormed The WG2E – The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing – the destination site for all-things-Epublishing, I never in my wildest, most spectacular dreams imagined that, in just year and a half, I’d end up creating a site which now gets over one million hits per month and is the first visit of the day for over 3500 Indie Epublished Writers and Authors!

At The WG2E, it’s all about finding ways to Pay It Forward, both to our fellow writers and to all of you superfab readers too.

We simply luuuvvv treating readers to great books for great prices and helping fellow authors find new readers around the globe.

With each edition of our WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, we’re treating you to a terrific, one-of-a-kind approach to the anthology concept.

You’ll get a variety of genres all packaged together as a wonderful way to discover authors new to you and a variety of story lengths – from short-shorts (500 words or less), to short and novella length too (up to around 16,000 words)!

In addition, each WG2E Anthology is based on a different theme, and we’re over the moon to offer you unique perspectives on these superfab fun themes.

Here’s what we mean by that…

In our WG2E Summer Fling Anthology, we’re treating you to stories that yes, have a Summer and/or At The Beach element, but you’ll never think of Summer or The Beach in quite the same way.

For example:

  • “What if Victoria’s Secret meets Kill Bill…in The O.C.?” for D. D. Scott’s FLUID FULFILLMENT
  • “Will this hot and humid Savannah night save a young couple’s love…or end it?” for Lois Lavrisa’s TURNABOUT TWIST
  • “Will two lovers’ troubled pasts be too much for their summer romance to overcome?” for Cynthia Woolf’s TAME A SUMMER HEART
  • “With the help ofa barely-there bikini, could a super steamy PI assignment turn into something more?” for L.C. Giroux’s WILD CHILD
  • “How about a summer romance she never saw coming?” for Lisa Scott’s HOT AND BOTHERED

In our WG2E Spring Hop Anthology:

  • “What about Spring for the Italian Mob? Is it just another season of killing?” for D. D. Scott’s VESUVIUS
  • “Spring Fling in South Beach means major trouble for Zo White in this fractured fairytale” for Barbara Silkstone’s MIRROR, MIRROR
  • “On this particular St. Patty’s Day, an ex-cop, once bribed by the mob, must now beat them at their own game in order to earn back the life and love he’d lost” for Kristine Cayne’s GUNS ‘N’ TULIPS
  • “Can sweet serendipity and a Spring festival in South Carolina get this couple back on the steamy side of the tracks?” for Tracy Sumner’s TRUE FATE
  • “And should this heroine, nicknamed Spring Roll, save her friend…or should her friend even be saved?” for Jayne Ormerod’s WHEN WE WERE MIDDLE-AGED AND FOOLISH

In the WG2E Viva La Valentine Anthology:

  • “What happens if you’re stuck with a schmuck on Cupid’s Big Day?” for D. D. Scott’s STUCK WITH A SCHMUCK
  • “Love can be a real show or tell” for Talli Roland’s YOU DON’T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME
  • “What’s better than a little chocolate on Valentine’s Day?” for Chicki Brown’s YOU MAKE FEEL BRAND NEW
  • “Books aren’t the only things you can check out at the library” for Lisa Lim’s LOVE IN THE STACKS
  • “Who knew Cupid was such a Ladies’ Man and that Guardian Angels have a super-steamy side?” for MG Ainsworth’s CHERUB’S CHOICE
  • “Valentines, Vampires and Key Lime Pie” for Buck Buchanan’s HEART BREAKER
  • “What happens when The Grinch plays Cupid?” for Sheila Seabrook’s THE VALENTINE GRINCH
  • “What if Cupid couldn’t find you because you were too busy being busy?” for Diane Vallere’s INDEPENDENCE DAY
  • “One cab ride can change your heart forever” for Christy Hayes’ GOOD LUCK, BAD TIMING, AND WHEN HARRY MET SALLY

And in the WG2E Winter Wonderland Anthology:

  • “What’s goin’ on underneath all that snow?” for D. D. Scott’s A CUT ABOVE CRAZY
  • “More than people wear goose down parkas in Winter” for Tonya Kappes BEAD OF DOUBT
  • “There’s nothing like a sauna to thaw a cold spell” for Talli Roland’s MISTLETOE AND THE FIVE-YEAR ITCH
  • “An Ice Queen can be much more than a very cold spouse” for Tamara Ward’s JADE O’REILLY AND THE ICE QUEEN
  • “The flavors of Winter…as in Winter Green Mint, Anyone?” for Sibel Hodge’s THE S-WORD AND THE LADY GARDEN
  • “Not only reindeer dance in the snow…unicorns do too” for Alicia Street’s SNOW DANCE
  • “Breaking News: The All-Things Holidays Edition” for Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael’s NOTHING IS SACRED COMEDY’S GUIDE TO THE HOLIDAYS
  • “More than the Earth dies in Winter” for Patrice Fitzgerald’s TILL DEATH DO US PART
  • “There’s ice on the tracks, but not the kind you might think…” for Kathy Carmichael’s MAYHEM ON THE WINTERLAND EXPRESS
  • “Not everyone loves pumpkin pie” for T.M. Souder’s DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW

All of The WG2E Anthologies are available on Amazon , B&N Nook, Smashwords (so on Sony, Kobo, iTunes and many more channels too) for between 99 Cents and $2.99.

***Watch for The WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies Spooky Shorts Edition coming Halloween 2012 and the Martini Madness Edition coming for the 2012 Holiday Season!!!

It’s Your Turn, RG2E Peeps: How many of you have read and enjoyed any of our WG2E Anthologies? Which are your faves? And if you haven’t read them yet, let us know below which one you’d like to start with, and you just might win an Ebook Gift Copy!!!

Happy Reading and Welcome to our WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies!

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D. D. Scott on “Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas”

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One of the questions, as authors, that we get asked most is:

“Where do you get your story ideas?”

For me, story ideas often come from “the headlines,” but in addition, I also luuuvvv to ask quirky fab fun “what if” questions to get crankin’ on a new book.

Here’s an example from my short story STUCK WITH A SCHMUCK:

What if you’re stuck with a schmuck on Cupid’s Big Day?

That’s the superfab fun question I asked to get my muses goin’ on STUCK WITH A SCHMUCK, which is also the prequel to STUCK WITH A STIFF (Book One of my new Stuck with a Series).

We know there are fabulous stories about being with Mr. Right on Valentine’s Day, but what if instead of the prince, you ended up with the toad? 🙂

You can read this story, along with several additional and terrific Valentine-themed short stories in one of my WG2E Anthologies (the Viva La Valentine Edition):

Or, you can catch the story in STUCK WITH A STIFF, where it serves as the prequel:

Both books are available on Amazon , B&N Nook , and Smashwords (so Sony, Kobo, iTunes and more too).

It’s Your Turn, RG2E Peeps: Let me know below which of my books you’d like to know the “where I got the idea” scoop on, and I’ll fill you in…

Also, let me know if you’d love an Ebook Gift Copy of either the Valentine Anthology or Stuck with a Stiff, and you just might win one!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

One Author’s Journey By RG2E Featured Author Alison Pensy/Adrianna Blakeley

Welcome to The RG2E, Featured Author Alison Pensy!

Take it away, Alison…

Thank you, D.D. for having me as one of your Featured Authors.  It’s great to be here.

A Summer Down Under is my first attempt at writing romance.  So, I’m still biting my nails a bit.  My usual genre is young adult urban fantasy, written under my real name Alison Pensy.

Although, this is my 4th published novel, it is, in fact, the very 1st book I wrote.  It was written in 2006 before e-readers were popular, and being self-pubbed was the height of distaste.  I never intended to try and go the traditional route back then because it was a book I just needed to get out of my head and share with a few friends.

I had embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, backpacking around Australia three days after my twentieth birthday, and ever since then I had wanted to write a book about it.  But, I didn’t want to write a memoir.  Who would want to read a book about some girl’s trip around Oz?  I put it on the back burner, where it simmered for a long time.

Fast forward 17 years and I had a light bulb moment.  What if I wrote the book as a romance and used my adventures as a back drop?  I um’d and ahh’d about it for a while until a friend encouraged me to just do it.  Okay, threatened to hit me over the head with a 2 by 4 if I didn’t shut up about it and just write the thing.

Once I started writing, it only took me a month to finish the first draft.  Back then, I knew nothing about writing, self-publishing, beta-readers, editing, getting a good cover designer, etc etc.  I printed a few books using Lulu.com and sold a few copies to friends.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it but that was as far as it got and I ended up taking it down (thankfully).  The writing itch didn’t go away though, and a few years later I was writing the first in a series that is turning out to be much more successful than I could have ever imagined.

With the success of my young adult series, I wondered if I would have some cross-over readers who may also enjoy a good romance.  I decided to dig out that 1st book and give it a good going over.  I cringed when I re-read it for the first time.  The fact that I had actually let other people read it made me shudder.  By now, I had an editor, beta-readers and a great cover designer.  The book got a thorough re-write and a new title.  I also decided that I should publish it under a pen name.  I have a lot of young readers and I worry that they may download it just because my name is on it.  Adrianna Blakeley, romance author was born.

I will go on record as stating that ALL the romancey, relationship stuff that goes on in the story is pure fiction.  If I had met a handsome Jackeroo who swept me off my feet, I would be in Australia right now and not the US.  The adventures my main character gets up to, though, did happen to me in one form or another.  Yes, I really am that clumsy.  I admit that some things were exaggerated upon, but I can get away with that sort of stuff, I’m an author.

Book blurb:

Sam, a clumsy, self-conscious young woman, sets off on a journey backpacking around Australia. Some would say she was ‘running away’. Sam would tell you she wanted to ‘find’ herself.  Whatever the reason for her travels, the very last thing she wants to ‘find’ is love, especially after her only other disastrous experience with it.

When money runs low, Sam finds a job working as a Jillaroo (Aussie cowgirl) on a sheep station in the Australian outback. Little does she know that the station owner’s son just happens to be the gorgeous guy she sat next to on the plane over from England. The very same guy who tried to sweep her off her feet during her stopover in Bali.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with, she has her suspicions that the sheep have launched a secret vendetta against her. Not to mention the spiders, the snakes, and the shearers…Oh my!

A heart-warming romantic comedy that will have you wondering if this is what would have happened if Bridget Jones had met The Man from Snowy River instead.

About the Author:

Adrianna Blakeley is the pen name Alison Pensy uses to write her adult romance novels.  As the bestselling author of the young adult Custodian series, she decided to do this because she didn’t want to confuse her younger readers or get into trouble with their parents.

Alison was born and raised in England.  She grew up near the medieval city of Norwich, which is where much of the inspiration for her young adult books comes from.

A trip to Australia in her early twenties is what inspired her debut romance novel.

Alison moved to the States in 2001, where she eventually settled near a small town in mid Missouri with her hubby and menagerie of animals.  She also runs her own tax and accounting business and started writing when she became so fed up with the real world, she decided to create her own.

Please feel free to ask me questions in the comments section, I love chatting with readers.






Available at these e-book retailers priced at $2.99:



Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of A Summer Down Under?  Let us know below, and you just might win one from Alison Pensy. 🙂

Thanks bunches for being our guest, Alison, and for Ebook gifting all of our superfab RG2E readers.

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

Time to Meet the Mob with RG2E Featured Author Joe Bruno

Happy Monday, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!

We’re gonna kick-off the week with a fabulous “Meet the Mob” experience, thanks to one heckuva intriguing author…Joe Bruno!

I’m reading this book now on my Kindle, and it’s beyond terrific…

On Amazon

B&N Nook



Price: 99 Cents

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of organized crime and write about it in my fictional series, but Joe has lived it! Here’s the scoop about his series…based on his life experiences:

Introduction – By Mathew J. Mari

I have been a criminal defense lawyer in New York City for 34 years, specializing in organized crime cases. Like Joe Bruno, I was born in New York City’s Little Italy. Also, like Joe Bruno, I lived in Knickerbocker Village for more than three decades. Our neighborhood was filled with unforgettable characters, most of whom were criminals, and many of whom were in the Mafia. Joe got to meet and see many famous criminals during his years in Little Italy (in the 6th Ward), and in Knickerbocker Village (in the 4th Ward). It is no surprise to me that Joe was fascinated not only with the mafia characters, but with the entire history of Lower Manhattan, and New York City in general.

Joe Bruno’s book, “ Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 1- New York City” is a composite of characters and events, that weaves the denizens of New York City’s underworld with the rich history of New York City, from the early 1800’s, through the early 1900’s. Although Italian-American criminals are covered, this is not just another Italian mafia book. The book covers the Jewish gangsters as well (who truly were the pioneers of organized crime) and the Irish gangs, who were one of the first ethnic groups to run the New York City rackets. Joe even presents a few “lady gangsters” too.

Most of all, “ Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 1- New York City” is easy to read. The short-chapter format is a stroke of genius. It is interesting, informative, entertaining, and to the point. You won’t be bored reading it.

Joe Bruno has hit the mark in presenting Old New York the way it really was. Rough and bloody!


Luca Brasi said… Leave the cannoli, get the book.

From the Author

Having grown up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I’ve always been fascinated by my neighborhood’s history. I spent the first years of my life living in Brooklyn, but when I was six, my parents moved to 134 White Street, the corner of Baxter, about 50 feet from the city prison called The Tombs. I spent the years before I went into the military service hanging out in Columbus Park (originally Mulberry Park), which was built in the late 1890s. Before Columbus Park existed, the area and the streets surrounding it were the site of the notorious Five Points, which was formed by the intersection of Cross (first Park, now Mosco), Anthony (now Worth), Little Water (no longer exists), Orange (now Baxter) and Mulberry streets.In 1825, the Five Points is where the first known street gang was formed. It was called the Forty Thieves, named after “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” The Forty Thieves originated at Rosanna Peers’ produce store on Centre Street, just south of Anthony. Rotting vegetables were sold out in front of the store and there was an illegal speakeasy in the back, where Ms. Peers sold rotgut liquor at discount prices. Soon the store, under the rule of Edward Coleman, became a haven for pickpockets, murderers, burglars and thieves.After the Forty Thieves, other gangs sprung up in the Five Points area like weeds sticking out from a rotted landfill. Gangs with names like the Bowery Boys, the Dead Rabbits and the Roach Guards plundered, robbed, and sometimes even murdered. Not only did these gangs accost unsuspecting sailors, or people from other areas who just happened to wind up in a Five Points dive, but these thugs committed crimes against their own neighbors. No one, and nothing was sacred to the Five Point Gangs. If you had something of value, they wanted it and they took it by force. Their reign of terror ended after the Civil War, mainly because most of the gang members were drafted into the army. Some died miserably on the battle fields of the south, and others came home wounded and maimed, and hardly in any condition to resume committing their previous crimes.

Starting in the late 1860s, new gangs, the most prominent of which was called the Whyos, started cropping up again in the Five Points Area. In the late 1880’s, the most prestigious gang in the area was the Five Pointers led by Paul Kelly, real name Paulo Vaccarelli. Kelly’s chief nemesis was a crude, guerrilla-like individual named Monk Eastman, who ran a mob called the Eastman Gang. Kelly was a former boxer, who changed his name so that he could get more fights (Being Italian was not very popular in those days). One day, Kelly, at the urging of Tammany Hall, challenged the hulking Eastman, to a fist fight to determine who controlled the rackets in the Five Points area. Even though Eastman was 50 pounds heavier than Kelly, the two men fought to a brutal draw. When the fight was over, both bosses returned to their gangs and continued doing exactly what they were doing before, as if the fight had never taken place.

The New York gangs were not confined to the Five Points Area. To the south of the Five Points, was the Fourth Ward (where I lived for 32 years – in Knickerbocker Village, the same place where the Rosenbergs lived and were arrested). In the 1840s – 1850s, the notorious Daybreak Boys prowled the streets of the Fourth Ward and the nearby piers on the East River, killing people with the utmost viciousness and enthusiasm. Approximately one mile to the north, a gang called the Gophers fought with the Hudson Dusters for control of the West Side docks on the Hudson River, and the area called Hell’s Kitchen, which runs north from 23rd St. to 57th St, and west from 8th Avenue to 12th Ave.

Not all the crimes were committed by gangs, but also by individual gangsters, some of whom formed organized crime syndicates. Men like Lucky Luciano, Joe “The Boss” Masseria, and Salvatore Maranzano, fought for control of the Italian mobs. They were joined by such notorious Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Louis “Lepke” Buchalter. Then there were the brutal Morello brothers, who along with Ciro Terranova and Ignazio “Lupo the Wolf” Saietta, formed the vicious Black Hand, which robbed, tortured, and killed other Italian immigrants, who did not pay the extortion money the Black Handers demanded.

In “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps,” I also describe several riots and natural disasters that occured in New York City. In 1835, The Great New York City Fire took place, decimating the entire financial center in downtown Manhattan. It remains the worse fire in New York City’s history. When the three-day conflagration ended, 17 blocks and 693 buildings were entirely destroyed. Amazingly, only two people died, but the damage was estimated at $20 million dollars, almost $1 billion in today’s money. A year later, the area was rebuilt with stone buildings, much more resistant to fires. Some of these buildings exist to this very day.

There were also The Anti-Abolition Riots of 1834, The Grain Riots of 1837, The Astor Theater Riots of 1848, and The Police Riots of 1857 and the  The Civil War Draft Riots of 1863.

“Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps-Volume 1- New York City” starts in the period around 1825 and ends at approximately 1940. “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 2 – New York City,” will pick up at that point and continue up until the present time. Yet, there may be some miscreants that I didn’t write about in the time period covered in Volume 1, that may find their way into Volume 2.

The problem is, the more I look, the more felons I find.

After finishing “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps – Volumes 1 and 2,” I will start a third, and possibly a fourth volume, which will cover the criminals in other parts of the United States America.

Of course, New York City, having the most concentrated population in the country, has more than its share of mobsters, gangs, crooks and other creeps. Yet, the northeastern areas of upstate New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, have their share of lowlifes too. Cradles of criminality are also located in the Midwest; in cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Kansas City. And don’t forget, the states of Texas and California are teeming with hooligans too.

“Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 1- New York City” is written in alphabetical order, starting with “Ah Hoon – The Murder of Chinese Comedian Ah Hoon,” and ending with Max Zwerback (Kid Twist).

I hope you enjoy mingling with some of the worst human beings God has ever created. I know I enjoyed writing about them.

Joe Bruno

Website: http://www.josephbrunowriter.com/joe-bruno-books.html

Blog: http://joebrunoonthemob.wordpress.com/

Facebook Page- Mobsters, Gangs: http://www.facebook.com/mobstersgangs


Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of this first book in Joe’s fascinating series? Let us know below, and you just might win one!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

P.S. If you luuuvvv reading about the mob, like I do, also be sure to check out Joe’s fabulous blog:

Connecting to Readers through Wattpad – RG2E Featured Author PJ Sharon Shares How To Find New Authors

Welcome to The RG2E, Featured Author PJ Sharon!

Take it away, PJ…

Connecting to Readers through Wattpad

I’m very excited to be here today on the RG2E, and to show my appreciation to your readers I’ll be e-gifting a copy of HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES

to each of you who leaves a comment below. I wanted to share with your readers a great opportunity to connect to new authors and find some fun stories through a site called Wattpad. It’s awesome, and it’s FREE! You can find all kinds of stories there written by published authors as well as unpublished writers who just want to put their stories out in the world for people to read. Wattpad is an online community for readers and writers to get together and share their work, participate in contests, and join conversations through clubs and forums.

For authors, Wattpad is a place where you can offer readers a taste of your work. You can serialize or post one chapter at a time, as I’m doing each week with my YA romantic suspense novel, SAVAGE CINDERELLA, or you can put the whole book up for free viewing with the hopes that if readers like your book, they might just buy your others, similar to D.D. Scott’s “First one’s on me” promotion. I have a chapter of each of my books, ON THIN ICE and HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES up on my Wattpad page so that readers can get a preview of each of them before buying. Be sure to check back each week for new chapters of SAVAGE CINDERELLA

(there are currently 8 chapters posted), and stay tuned for the first chapter of my YA Dystopian, WANING MOON, set to release September 28th. I’ll be posting the chapter a week before the release to give readers a preview of Book One in THE CHRONICLES OF LILY CARMICHAEL trilogy.

I’ve heard from other authors that this site works especially well for young adult fiction since teens are voracious readers who don’t necessarily have much buying power. Wattpad is like a social network where they can read and “vote” for stories they like and spread the word to their Wattpad friends through “clubs.” One of my YA author buddies, Maree Anderson reached over 100,000 reads with her book FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH, which was then optioned by a Canadian TV network, and is now in production as a television series there last I heard.

But Wattpad isn’t only for YA fiction or for published authors. There are adult books listed there as well, although with an R-rating, they may not garner as many readers since young adults are rightfully restricted from viewing those books and they seem to be the biggest demographic of Wattpad users. Budding writers also have an opportunity to post their stories. And you never know who is browsing. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that an agent or editor might discover a new author by reading an unknown but fabulous story on Wattpad. When you put your chapters or book up on Wattpad, there is a place to add key search words, a rating, and a description so that readers looking for a particular type of book will find exactly what they are looking for and will be more likely to become a fan. There is also the ability to list your work as either “public domain” or keep it  “All rights reserved” so no one can legally duplicate your work. If you are a reader, you can join Wattpad, create a profile and jump right into the flow of community by searching the clubs for conversations and books that might appeal to you. How cool is that?

So how about you? Have you checked out Wattpad? Would you follow along if you only got a chapter a week, or would you follow for a few weeks and then HAVE to buy the book to see what happens? 

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