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We’re launching one of our new RG2E Blog Post Series called

RG2E Ebook Travelogues

For each of these virtual trips, you’ll be guided by an Indie Epub Author, beginning with the A-mazing Meredith Bond!

Take it away, Meredith…

I love to travel. I’ve been to a good number of countries in my life – mainly in Europe and Asia. I haven’t yet been to South America or Africa, but they’re definitely on my to-do list. But even better than traveling around the world, I like to travel through time.

Yup, that’s right, I have figured out a way to travel back in time and into the future. No, I don’t have a Delorean tricked out with a nuclear time machine – I’ve got my books. All I have to do is to walk over to my bookshelf or turn on my computer and within minutes I can be anywhere, anytime, from ancient Greece to the Regency to a post-apocalyptic world or soaring through space and time with Captain Kirk (oops, sorry, that one was supposed to be my little secret, but, yes, I have read some Star Trek books). Not only that, but I can even stay in the present, but live it with a vampire, a Vallen (my own invention), a werewolf, or in a world where people can jump in and out of books at will.

I love going places in my mind. I love to live, vicariously, where magic really can happen. I love the dresses, the food and the dancing. I want to solve the mystery or fight the bad guys and protect those who need protection. I love hiding in plain sight and running through the forest feeling the wind ruffling through my fur. I love it all, all that I find in my books. As I said, I love to travel.

How about you, RG2E Peeps: Where do you like to go? Do you prefer space travel (skip over to Switzerland for the day, or to Bangkok or Kolkata)? Or do you like to travel through time (medieval knights anyone? Ancient Greece)? Would you rather hang with regular people or those who can do a bit more? Where do you want to go today?

P.S. If you love magic and history as much as I do, travel with me to the Regency where Morgan Vallentyn is a Vallen trying to figure out his magic and how he’s going to get all that he needs by the deadline – his 21stbirthday – less than a month away! — And by commenting below that you’d luuuvvv to take this “trip” with me, in Ebook form, you might just win an Ebook Gift Copy of Magic in the Storm from The RG2E!!!

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I can be found at where I blog twice a week: something writing or publishing related on Sundays and a super-easy, delicious and nutritious recipe every Thursday; on Facebook at; and on Twitter @merrybond. 

Meredith Bond is an award-winning writer of Regency and paranormal romances — sometimes combined, sometimes not. She has been teaching writing at her local community college for the past five years and has written a non-fiction writing book too (“Chapter One”, available as an ebook at your favorite on-line retailer and in hard-copy at Amazon). She’s married to a wonderful, globe-trotting man and mother to two very busy, multicultural teenagers who love to travel as much, if not more, than she does (and speak way more languages too)!


(D. D. here): Thanks sooo very much, Meredith! What fun to “travel” with you and discover fascinating adventures between Ebook Pages! Be sure to let us know below if you’d like an Ebook Gift Copy of Meredith’s book and also Enter to Win our next Kindle Fire Giveaway! Enter Here:

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