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So what is Pinterest?

It’s a virtual collage or bulletin board where you can both pin and repin images that you like. You can comment on other peeps’ pins as well as follow fellow “Pinners” who you think totally rock in their image selections.

It is one of the best, most simplistic at heart methods I’ve found to totally help us all get to know each other!

Here’s what I mean by that…

If you want to know “just who is D. D. Scott”…all you’ve got to do is click-on my Pinterest Profile, and there I am…with a gazillion images that just scream ME!!!

For example, you can find out:

My Fave Superfab Philosophies & Quotes

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My Fave Musical Artists and Movies

My Book Covers

Bitchy Signs Galore (yep…I’ve even got my branded Bitchy Signs in another spot now too! 🙂 )

People I Admire

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My Style

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How can you learn all this about me…and I, in turn, about you?

Because I’ve created Pinterest “Boards” – i.e. Bulletin Boards  – where I “Pin” or “Repin” images I like on each of these topics.  And I can then check out images on your Boards that I then Repin on mine and can comment to you about!!!

How cool is that?!

What a brilliant and fun way to get-to-know each other, right?!

If you want a brand new way to connect with peeps who luuuvvv things u luv too…Pinterest is it!!!

“Happy Pinning”, as Pinterest says when they email you that someone as Repinned you, Followed You or Commented To You.

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For The Love of Reading with RG2E Guest, Award-Winning Historical Romance Author Kiru Taye

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We’ve got a wonderful For The Love of Reading treat for ya today with our Special Guest, Award-Winning Author Kiru Taye!

Take it away, Kiru…

Thank you so much, D.D for hosting me today on RG2E.

Hello, everyone! Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved reading books. As a child, as soon as I could sit up and hold a book, I was reading.

While reading and writing are sometimes taken for granted in the ‘West’, most African parents—literate or not—encourage their children to read and write as a means to a better future. My parents were middle-class Nigerians so I was very lucky.

My obsession with books was ignored if not actively encouraged. I read everywhere. I mean everywhere, including at the dinner table sometimes. 🙂

In boarding school, I would stay up to read novels after lights-out with my torchlight under my blanket when I had exams the next day. I guess my parents never bothered with my ‘obsession’ because I excelled in my school work anyway. Don’t ask me how I managed it. I can’t remember. 🙂

We didn’t have libraries to tap into, so apart from the books my parents bought for me as part of my school studies, my reading habit was fed through second-hand books and book-swapping with friends.

For an African child, that’s really the only way you can sustain reading if your parents can’t afford to buy you new books every time.

Some of my earliest memories of books were Famous Five and Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton, The Wind in the Willow by Kenneth Grahame. In secondary school, I was introduced to the African Writers Series and authors such as Cyprian Ekwensi, Elechi Amadi and Flora Nwapa.

However some of the most memorable books I read as a teenager were Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Cry My Beloved Country by Alan Paton and The Gods Are Not Alone by Ola Rotimi.

My love for romance novels also started in my teenage years. Guess what I was reading under the blanket the night before my exams. 🙂 So it’s a natural progression that I would write romance novels almost 20 years later. LOL.


My latest book released 20 July, His Princess (Men of Valor #3) is a historical romance set in pre-colonised West Africa.

On Amazon , Smashwords and Breathless Press

Price: $3.49

Here’s the blurb:

With the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders and his honour at stake, can a Prince truly love a slave?

Ezinne is dismayed when her mistress presents her to Prince Emeka as a concubine to cater for his every need for a few weeks. She’s a slave whose previous encounters with men make her fear their brutality.

Yet the more she gets to know the powerful yet honourable prince, the easier he breaks down the walls around her heart.  She soon comes to want him more than she wants anything else, even freedom.

But Emeka is the heir to the throne and Ezinne is a woman with secrets that threaten not just their budding relationship but a kingdom.

The first two books of the series, His Treasure (Men of Valor #1) and His Strength (Men of Valorn#2) are also available now. You can check out my blog to read Her Protector (Men of Valor #3.5) for free.

RG2E Peeps: Do you read novels by African authors? Where is the strangest place you’ve ever read a book? 

Kiru Taye is the award-winning author of His Treasure.

She writes historical, contemporary and paranormal romances. Her stories are sensual and steamy, her characters passionate and sassy and her settings atmospheric and exotic.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, hanging out with family/friends or travelling. Born in Nigeria, she currently lives in the UK with husband and two children.

You reach her via her Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest

Follow her blog for latest news, free reads & giveaways: http://kirutayewrites.blogspot.com

For a comprehensive list of her books, check out her websitehttp://www.kirutaye.com


(D. D. here):

Thanks Bunches, Kiru, for a fascinating look at growing up and reading in Nigeria!!!  Wow…what a story…

Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of His Princess? Let us know below, and you just might win one from The RG2E!

Also, you’ve got till midnight on July 31st to Enter to Win a Kindle Touch! We’re giving away not one, but two this month here at The RG2E! Enter in D. D. Scott-ville:


The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder